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So, when I was 7 years old I would go to school on Saturday mornings. My parents had emigrated to Canada, just before my birth, from Germany and I was probably still working on my English. They had an assortment of Look and Learn magazines that I devoured.

Among the more practical, science based articles, what stuck out for me was this most beautiful, crazy, anachronistic comic series I have every seen. I quickly gobbled up every comic. I read them out of sequence, with large chunks missing and I had no clue what the plot was about. I knew there seemed to be plenty of typical Roman style intrigue. (That insight came much later when thinking about the comic).

This comic always stuck with me. Decades later (at age 64) I randomly came across a Don Lawrence illustration on the internet. I instantly knew what I rediscovered from my childhood. It was the Rise and Fall of the Trigan Empire. I even learned that it was Look and Learn that I first discovered this.

So the point of all this is: Does anyone make semi appropriate space Romans that would make for suitable Trigans?

Spinal Tap:
I think that kitbashing will be the only way to meet this aesthetic.

Looking at the pages you've shown dark age civilians would make a good start.

This looks cool - not a comic I know / knew

Maybe look at the Stargrave kits and even the Great Escape Games cowboys for weapons. Could give some very interesting results - while blending different eras to this the sludge and turnip conversions may give some inspiration of mixing out of period kits.

I don't know the comics, but I wonder if Bronze Age Minis sword-and-planet range might be any interest?

(The range contains some scantily-clad ladies, so the link may be NSFW.)

Who were their enemies??

Would the Bolt Action Konflict 47 Italians fit the vibe?


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