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Painting Orange Monk Robes

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Bravo Six:
Taking some time out from my British Horror project to paint some Fantasy Japan characters, and one of those is a monk figure.

Has anyone painted orange robes with a degree of success? Looking for a recipe for the orange (and maybe the yellow) seen in this excellent example.

I don't think you need a recipe as such, so long as you have a nice orange paint you like, or even just a decent pairing of primary red and yellow to mix to your preferred shade. The important thing though is that you start from white underpainting.
 If you prime black, paint the orange parts in a good opaque white first, then your orange over that. Very few orange/yellows are opaque enough to go over black without being seriously darkened. You could go with an orange-brown over black undercoat, but it will be kinda dull looking. Going from a white undercoat will allow your yellows and oranges to be more vibrant.
Dull or vibrant are both legit choices depending on what you want of course.

A flesh tone such as Vallejo Beige Red works really well as a base under oranges and yellows especially if using black primer.

Mad Lord Snapcase:
I don't know if this would be any good for you?

I did mine with a light grey primer. The orange is Foundry Orange 3B and the yellow is Foundry Ochre 4B. Then I washed the orange colour with Army Painter Red Tone and washed the ochre with Army Painter Light Tone. Works for me, might be too bright a colour compared to your posted image?

I did mine with craft paints over a black primer. If you like the look I can check my painting diary.


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