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The Diggerette LOVES Rumbleslam!  She tries to get a game in once a week.  So for our Anniversary I got bought a TT Combat Deluxe Ring and gave it a little makeover Digger style.
Hope you like the results....she sure did!!!


Looks great! One of my gaming buds is big into this, but I’ve not played.

A couple of questions, how did you get the ‘marble’ effect on the black? And is the area under the ring a storage space for figures etc after the game, rather than some under ring dungeon?

Hey Fred

Yes the underside is storage...though I do like the idea of an "under dungeon"!!! 
As to the marble effect...Black Semi Gloss rattle can spray, then I dipped a brush in gold paint and "flicked" the stripes on.  Seemed to come out ok.


Yes it is one of my favorite games.
I have some figures I haven't painted up yet.

The ring looks superb. I have looked at this several times of the TTCombat site, but not quite been persuaded to buy it yet. How does it play?


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