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3D Printing in NZ - Creality machines - Recommendations

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Hello, looooong time lurker looking for some assistance about 3D printing here in Aotaeroa.

I am about to take the plunge and get a 3D printer - My intent is to print architectural bits and details for foamcore buildings, windows, doors etc... and also miniatures. Vehicles probably won't be on the printing list, wagons & artillery are probably the biggest things I will print.     

I have briefed myself on the jargon, nomenclature etc...  so feel properly prepared to listen to the experts on LAF (and understand what they are saying  :D).

So I would like some advice from fellow Kiwis or anyone else about the following:
I think I want a Creality machine - the Halot One or the LD002H are in my price range and available onshore. Which would be a better choice for a newby? 
Is there a particular retailer that people would recommend? Especially in terms of after sales support - I have heard that sometimes the Creality machines arrive missing a bit or two so I want someone who would be responsive to any issues like that.
Consumables - Is there a recommended retailer for the resins, PEI, FEP films and so on?
Does anyone have a preferred resin type / manufacturer? Odor won't be a problem - the machine will be venting out the window of my spare room.
UV curing - I don't intend to buy a washing & curing station due to the size & cost. Does anyone recommend a UV lamp / bulb that could be used for this purpose 
Are there any New Zealand specific factors I should be considering? The environmental impact of these machines is obvious, but as I don't drive I consider that the impact of me owning a single machine would be substantially less than that of a single petrol head. 

I know I could probably google all of this, but there are only so many hours in the day and I know Beefcake and others here have probably traversed this ground already.

Looking forward to hearing anyones two cents / tuppence worth.
Ngā mihi


Hello fellow Kiwi,

If you're set on resin that's great I don't have a resin printer yet but here is some info for if you are interested in FDM. Kiwibots sells both resin and FDM printers from Creality.

1 - For starting out I'd probably just go for the stock standard Ender 3 or perhaps a CR6 as they are self levelling but the Ender is a lot cheaper.
2 - I just purchased another printer straight from the creality store. It took a few weeks to arrive but not an unreasonable time and they pack very well. I had some damage to the box but all the packaging keeps it safe (double boxed) You can buy from Kiwi3d though.
3 - In NZ I buy filament from bits4bots I bought filament from Kiwi3d but it was terrible. Liekly moisture damage but they accepted the return. Free shipping with Bits4bots though if you buy 6 rolls or more (which can be expensive)

My brother has a resin printer and thoroughly recommends the curing and washing station.
Sorry, not too much use with resin from me though. But for what you are after it is probably the way to go.
I'll be looking into resin in the future (in fact I almost bought one with my end of financial year earnings with my business).


Thanks for your reply Beefcake. Was a bit surprised that you use an FDM printer given the quality of your prints - guess I have been too focused on resin to motive the improvement in FDM printers.

After a lot of research I have gone with a Creality 002H and should receive it this week.

I will let you know how I get on - can't wait to get it into action.

Although the "missus" already wants me to churn out various bits & bobs for her dollshouse obsession. The pros and cons of sharing related hobbies I guess  ;)

Thanks once again,
Ngā mihi   

Haha, lucky you had the dollhouse obsession as an excuse to get one.
I'll be keen to see how you get on. Resin is the next one on my list and I've been wondering what brand to get. :)

I use these guys for my FDM filament and they are always good (I know its not resin or a Creality dealer). They also run printing courses if thats helpful.

In terms of NZ specific factors, getting spare parts can take a while (weeks from overseas) so its worth have a few on hand, otherwise your printer could be down for weeks. Also watch out for buying stuff from Trademe as a lot of sellers don't have the products in stock, and order from overseas when you buy from them. I only have a FDM so I couldn't help you with a list of use spare parts Also if your in Auckland then you have humidity issues to deal with.



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