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Cheap metal discs or 2 pence coins, how to get them?

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I am looking for metal discs like 2 pence coins
Itís exhaustingly annoying trying to find an answer to the question, how to get a pack of ordinary, circulation 2 pence cash coins. There is so many options to cash in spare coins but nothing how to actually get normal non collectable or toy coins.
Does anyone know?
Alternatively, is there a way to buy cheap metal discs 25mm diameter?
On eBay I saw listings of laser cut discs but they are very expensive, like £2 or more per 1 little disc. Also found out that I could buy a pack of 100 washers for as little as £6.50 but I donít like that they have a hole in the middle.
So, do you know of anything that would be made of metal, circular, with no hole on the middle and cheap? If you do, please let me know.

Citizen Sade:
I doubt that youíll find a cheaper option than 2p coins. Precision Wargames Supplies, for example, sell galvanised 25mm steel discs but theyíre 38p each.

Tried asking for coins in your local bank?

Taking cash £1 coins or £10 note to a bank or post office and asking for bags of 2p coins should be possible

Asking for £1 coins recently I had a slightly odd experience of being asked to pay money into my account then withdraw it. As I didnít have my bank card with me I came back the next day, different person (I think the owner of the shop) just changed the money without question.

On the MDF front Pendraken will do you 200n 25mm circular bases for £11. Which is 5.5p each. I do sometimes choose MDF bases over 2ps for smaller or lighter figures.

Age old debate. at the end of which the conclusion is usually.

go to bank, enter, go to cashier, withdraw money, in the form of 2p pieces, bags of..

postal services tiller should be able to do similar. but as others and  you have probably found thats no longer that straightforward


maybe not easy with all banks shutting down as many branches as possible.. finding one that provides such cash withdrawal option is  indeed tricky, and will depend on your bank

toy money - if indeed they are the same size:

Blank metal disks can be expensive. available all over, but of course not for 2 pence each.

Washers are easily available, but still cost more, as regards the hole - size of course varies, and bear in mind they are very popular option for others, both because they are cheaper than the metal disk blanks (usually) and readily have an available central hole for base magnetisation

examples, not washers

then back within our hobby space there are offerings for plastic, mdf, clear acrylic etc, depending on your tastes/needs and how much you want to spend.

If you have anyone in your area who manufactures in sheet steel, there's a reasonably good chance you can get them for free from their rubbish bins. The only thing is that you're going to be restricted by whatever size holes they happen to be punching out of things at the time.

Alternately, if you can find somebody with a lever-punch and die set, punching slugs up to a couple of millimetres thick isn't very hard. You'd just need to buy some steel.


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