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Cheap metal discs or 2 pence coins, how to get them?

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Thank you all for your responses.
They are very informative and will most likely help me in the future.  For now, I cut the circles myself out of 0,5mm thick steel sheets Iíve got. For what I need them, it is not necessary for them to be perfect circles. Also, at this stage I needed only 4. Iíll describe the project in more detail in my other thread (that is buried somewhere on this sub forum) about magnetizing miniatures when I finish it.
Also, since a certain year the 2p coins are copper plated stainless steel.
And yes, I am in the UK.

Aethelflaeda was framed:
If you are cutting them out of sheet metal, look for a disk die cutter from a jewelry tool supplier.  you could cut out the disks in seconds where a saw will take you minutes.


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