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Cheap metal discs or 2 pence coins, how to get them?

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Rick F:
Go to your local Wilkos, as well as pick n mix sweets, they do pick n mix bolts, screws and washers. They've probably gone up recently, but a small bag was about £3 and a large one £3.50, you can cram in 100s. So they're cheaper than 2p pieces, they come in 20mm, 25mm and 30mm, I usually clear them out of 25mm a few times a year, so don't bother looking in the Lincoln branch lol.
Edited, just noticed you wrote "with no hole" the holes in these are quite small and have never been a problem.

Seaside trip to the penny arcade :D

would work too

Of course steel washers will stick to magnetic sheets.

So do modern “copper” coins due to change in material used.

Are you in the UK?


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