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Author Topic: Aztec Fantasy Five Leagues From The Borderlands  (Read 843 times)

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Aztec Fantasy Five Leagues From The Borderlands
« on: July 11, 2022, 11:27:18 PM »
OK, so my wife Leticia offered to play a game with me. I immediately thought it would be great to have a living opponent instead of the AI for my first actual campaign battle of Five Leagues From The Borderlands, 3rd edition. So I excitedly set up a board of jungle terrain last night in anticipation of today's skirmish.

I then prepped the game, and determined the opposition force. Legion of the Wolverine! Seven armored guys with three crossbows amongst them. Now, I don't use crossbows in my Aztec Fantasy games, but I use those statistics when called for on the atlatls my models are equipped with.

As she and I were getting ready to play, there was a delay of game as my kid ate lunch. Thanks, Ellis!

Once we finally got underway, it turned out my wife is a pretty good tactician (which I have noticed in other games we have played) with a firm grasp of ranged vs. melee methods. I have always maintained that good rules will reward good tactics, and that was certainly the case today.

She held back her melee troops and positioned her ranged guys to shoot my warband as it was forced to advance to close the distance for melee. Her atlatls accounted for four of my guys, and she killed the other two in melee. My warband was annihilated!

Congratulations on your win, babe!

I'm not sure if I am going to pursue this warband further, or start over with this experience under my belt and build a more competetive team. I had intentionally held back a bit on this group based on my 2nd edition experiences, and as it turns out this newfangled 3rd edition is pretty brutal with some decent die rolls and intelligent direction for the opposition.
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