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Author Topic: Paramar Project  (Read 3339 times)

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Re: Paramar Project
« Reply #15 on: December 07, 2022, 12:59:21 AM »
And the House Rahja banner is done.

Next up we'll get some loyalists done with House Coldshroud. 

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Re: Paramar Project
« Reply #16 on: December 09, 2022, 06:09:44 PM »
Here are the House Coldshroud knights.  That is probably the last of the models I'll get done before the game tomorrow, but I'd like to finish at least one more piece of terrain.

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Re: Paramar Project
« Reply #17 on: December 11, 2022, 02:07:04 PM »
With the Alpha Legion's attempts to end the Paramar campaign with a surgical strike in shambles there was no choice but to mount a full-scale invasion of Paramar V. 

The loyalist world had vast reserve of ammunition and fuel so a siege was out of the question for the XXth Legion. One massive assault with overwhelming force delivered as quickly as possible was their only recourse.  With the resources of an entire Astartes Legion, one Titan Legio, a Forge World and two knight houses behind them the coiled serpent struck.

A race was now on.  The Traitor fleet was well beyond the system and had to burn their engines without concern for safety to beat the Mechanicum forces of Gryphonne IV as they prepared to defend the system placed in their control.  The Alpha Legion long range auspexes could detect the erection of void shields across Paramar V and as they got closes the thrumming pulse of Titan engines starting and pumping energy through the body of the massive war engines. 

Slower moving traitor Mechanicum vessels were towed by the faster moving XXth Legion ships and soon the two enemies were obscured from each other by the detonations of planet rupturing lance beams on impregnable void shields and the explosion of ordinance in the thing atmosphere of the planet as counter batteries brought down anything the Traitors sent. 

The attack of the Alpha Legion was multifaceted, however.  Soon three frigates drove straight through the atmosphere of the planet, their weapons blazing but causing no more damage than the fire storm created by the friction between the massive ships and the planetary atmosphere. 

With no way to target such close, fast-moving objects, despite their size, the planetary defenses were of less use to save the loyalist forces than the intrinsic gravity of the planet. 

The massive ships started to come apart this close to the surface of the planet, ripped apart by their own massive weight. 

Only one escaped but the suicidal attack was enough to tear a hole in Paramar V's defenses. 

Soon massive landers were touching down on the planet's surface, their ramps shaking the ground as they fell to the ground. 

The ground would quake again as the titans of Legio Fureans marched towards their destination.

Hearing the war horns of their enemy the crews of the War Griffons were shocked to see that the enemy contained fellow Titan Legions.  As the sable and gold titans appeared the Legio Gryphonicus sounded their own war horns and stood their ground over the open desert near Landing Zone Secundus.

The Blood Hunger strode towards the right flank of the line of loyalist titans.  The heavy booming noise of the Mori Quake cannon firing overhead from echoed down the plain as the shells landed among the enemy, blasting knight armours to pieces and shaking the ground where they stood. 

In the center Cyra Bazhirr backed up a maniple commanded by Alfair Mustar.   The mighty Warmaster titan strode behind the Warlord titan the glow of its plasma weaponry heralded the destructive force about to be unleashed on the loyalist line. 

The deafening collapse of void shields ripped across the plain.  A War Griffon Reaver was ripped apart by the plasma weaponry of Cyra Bazhirr in one volley. 

But the loyalists were not helpless in the face of the tide of enemy titans.  The Argentum Lamina charged towards the enemy, smashing a massive chainfist into the torso of the Larine Mor, smashing through the armour before discharging its melta cannon at point blank range into the fusion reactor of the traitor engine.  The Tiger Eyes' Reaver staggered backwards as its systems overloaded, shutting down one after another before collapsing backwards, sending rust-tinged dust into the thin atmosphere. 

The rest of the loyalist center targeted Alfair Mustar, ripping away the void shields from the Warlord titan. As the smaller titans fell and the Warlord was vulnerable Cyra Bazhirr strode forward to take the brunt of the enemy fire. 

Alone the Warmaster titan was able to destroy the loyalist Warlord but couldn't be everywhere and the Argentum Lamina attacked the vulnerable rear of the Alfair Mustar.  After suffering repeated damage the Warlord couldn't sustain any more punishment and shut down when the melta-cannon from the loyalist reaver ripped away the internal structures of the titan's legs, power conduits hung uselessly and drained all the energy from the massive machine, its arm weapons sagged as the machine shut down. 

It wasn't enough and, undamaged, Cyra Bazhirr strode towards the Nexus it's weapons undiminished in their destructive capabilities. 

On the traitor right flank the waves of knights and titans met with success after success as the light loyalist maniple.  The loyalists pushed back and the Tiger eyes were not unscathed as they caused the collapse of the Loyalist left.

The Alpha Legion tank column pushed on, moving to full speed now that the titan battle was over, eager to get into the Nexus itself to end the fighting in the Paramar system for good.

However, while their approach was devoid of titanic opposition, it was not to be uncontested . . .

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Re: Paramar Project
« Reply #18 on: January 11, 2023, 02:44:14 PM »
I got the last of the Predators done for the Iron Warriors. All that is left for them now is the Land Raider Spartan.

This gives me 3 Sicarans, 3 predators, 1 Kratos and 1 Land Raider proteus so far. 

I'm working on some Alpha Legion troops now too.  Hopefully I'll have 10 infantry and a rhino done before the weekend.

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Re: Paramar Project
« Reply #19 on: January 13, 2023, 05:34:52 PM »
And the first Alpha Legion contingent rolls off the line.

Alpha Legion colours are pretty easy to recreate with contrast paints now. All I did was spray them black, then metallic and then used the contrast Turquois on them.  Then it was just the details left.  I finished all ten figures sans basing in a day and I was on-call that day.   

I'm working on a rhino for them now too.  Hopefully that will be done by the end of the day today.  I haven't decided whether to concentrate on that or the Iron Warriors Land Raider Spartan. 

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Re: Paramar Project
« Reply #20 on: January 18, 2023, 09:14:35 PM »
The Iron Warriors force is finally finished with 10 days to spare.

The last element is this Land Raider Spartan.  I've had it the whole time, actually, it was the first model that I had for this force.  I got it in one of the four starter sets I bought.  This is the last of the Spartans of those too.  I've done one for my  White Scars, my Thousand Sons and my Rout as well.

I'll have to take a picture of all of them when the weather improves, but this gives the Iron Warriors a total of 9 AFVs: 7 tanks and 2 APCS.

I also bought a land raider proteus when I was at my FLGS yesterday, just in case we need one for the XXth Legion force, if not my World Eaters can always use another Land Raider.

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Re: Paramar Project
« Reply #21 on: January 22, 2023, 04:40:23 AM »
The Iron Warriors force is finally finished with 10 days to spare.
Time for another army?  lol

Nice work on the LR.
2022: B:168; P:56;

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Re: Paramar Project
« Reply #22 on: January 22, 2023, 06:19:43 PM »
Or time to get back to my White Scars so I'll have enough to fight these guys in a Tallarn game later.

Meanwhile, as promised, here are pics of the lot of them.

This is the whole force.  It is a tank company backed up with two squads from an armoured infantry company.  The Sicaran in the front is the commander.  There is a platoon of three predators and behind them a platoon of two sicarans.  There is also a Kratos platoon of one tank.  On the right is a tactical squad inside a land raider and on the left is a Siege-Terminator squad inside a land raider Spartan.

A close up of the leader and the terminators. 

The predator platoon and the tactical squad.

In less than a week they will be taking the field against the Alpha Legion traitors defending the Paramar Nexus. 

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Re: Paramar Project - Third Game battle report up.
« Reply #23 on: January 29, 2023, 04:22:48 PM »
Our third Paramar campaign game was yesterday.  We had 8 players during the course of the game. 

The Alpha Legion force was:

1 Land Raider Spartan
1 Land Raider Proteus
   10 Alpha Legion tactical squad
1 Land Raider Proteus Explorator
   10 Alpha Legion tactical squad
3 Rhinos - each with 10 Alpha Legion tactical squad
1 Sicaran
3 Predators variously armed.
10 Jet bikes in two squads, 1 squad with 5 multi-meltas, 1 squad with 5 Heavy bolters

The Iron Warriors had 3 Sicarans, 3 predators, 1 land raider proteus, 1 land raider spartan, 1 Kratos, 10 siege terminators, 10 tactical marines as pictured above.

The scenario.

4x8 foot table.

Alpha Legion goal - get more than half their infantry off the far side of the board, they start 24" on the short board edge.

Iron Warriors come in staggered

Sicarans first turn
Predators second turn
land raiders and kratos third turn.

They arrive in the middle 3 feet of the long board edge on the flank of the XXth legion line of march.

The three IVth Legion Sicarans arrived and ran into trouble right away.  They managed to push the jet bikes with the multimeltas back, which helped but were just able to position two of their tanks to get mostly snap shots on the approaching Alpha Legion.

The Alpha Legion advance on a wide front attempting to shield the more vulnerable rhinos with the Land Raiders.

The first round of Alpha Legion fire proves especially deadly.  The Iron Warriors commander is cooked alive in his tank as a predator conversion beam pierces the hull and causes the ammunition to explode.  The other tanks are damaged in the fusilade.

When the second wave arrives two Iron warrior tanks are already burning.  The initial attack from the Predators proves largely desultory, and while some damage is done, no enemy are disabled.

The Alpha Legion push on in an attempt to get to the other side of the table, always keeping their Land Raiders between the advance of the Iron Warriors and their rhinos.

The predators fail to make much of an impact on the XXth Legion column and soon many of the reinforcement tanks are burning as well.  At this point the Iron Warriors have lost 4 tanks and have not destroyed a single Alpha Legion tank in exchange.  They have killed two jet bikes. 

The final wave of reinforcements arrives with the Land Raider proteus driving straight into the enemy formation, the marines within charging forward to attack the Alpha Legion Harrowmaster. 

But it was just some Alpha Legion shenanigans and the commander was not where he appeared. The Iron Warriors were somewhat stuck but tried to make the best of a bad situation by firing on the remaining jet bikes. 

At this point the Iron Warriors have managed to move one of their Predators into a position to fire on the vulnerable rhinos, destroying one.  The Alpha Legionnaires inside escape their wrecked vehicle and run towards their objective undaunted. 

As the Land Raider Spartan moves into position, the IVth Legion finally starts being able to punch back with some force.  A second rhino is destroyed and the predators are forced to move into position to defend the advancing infantry. 

The two Alpha Legion Land Raiders surge forward to try to get to their objective and make themselves a more obvious target than the remaining rhino but not before the Iron Warriors destroy one of the predators.  Meanwhile the Iron Warriors infantry engage the Alpha Legion bikers and the Harrowmaster moves to pull the jetbikes out of the melee. 

The last of the Iron Warriors' predators is destroyed while the Kratos takes to the high ground to be able to target more of the enemy force. 

The scrum with the bikers comes to an end when the Alpha Legion Harrowmaster kills three of the Iron warrior marines. 

With all but two of their AFVs destroyed, the Iron Warriors are still not finished.  Emerging from the Land Raider spartan is a force of Siege Terminators.  They barged their way forward reducing a unit of Alpha Legion to scattered pieces of ceramite and shattered bodies.

After weathering the return fire of almost the entire remaining Alpha Legion force the last of the Terminators strike causing serious attrition to a second unit of Alpha Legion. The Spartan and the Kratos, almost unhindered, take advantage of the enemies distraction by destroying the final rhino and one of the enemy Land Raiders.

The Alpha Legion still surge forward and manage to destroy the Kratos.

With only one remaining APC the Alpha Legion force has been significantly slowed on their way to their objective but still have significant force to make a difference. 

Overall it was a minor Alpha Legion victory. 

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