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Author Topic: Undead zombie giant, grave kings, wolves & wraiths (Reaper Bones 5) [PICS]  (Read 1637 times)

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Hello all! After my last output of zombies it was time for a quickie: the undead from the Reaper Bones 5 kickstarter.

Painted, photographed and posted a mere three weeks since my last update this is probably a personal record in recent years. Ah well, it's only eleven models anyway after all.

The group consists of five grave kings, two wraiths, three wolves and the absolute centrepiece: a zombie giant.

The giant was the prime reason for me to get these models. The set was worth the money for this model alone so the rest was a bonus. A friend kindly let me use their pledge manager so I could get these without getting the whole kickstarter.

I mounted the giant on a 50mm square base and left off the third vulture (which was supposed to go on the base) for future use. I painted him in my usual zombie recipe and painted the vultures as lappet faced vultures.

He can be fielded as a bone giant or something similar in undead armies. Not that I needed more undead giants, but I hardly paint any models because I 'need' them anymore.

The set included two wraiths which were rather large and far too big for a 20mm square base. I decided to paint them as 'giant wraiths' and mounted them on 40mm squares.

I don't really have a practical use for 'giant wraiths' but they could double up as any kind of undead monstrous infantry (like ushabti) or possibly even spirit hosts or bat swarms.

Being bones models I prepared all the models in the following steps:
1. wash in soapy water
2. soak in boiling water
3. bend to shape and let cool
4. freeze
5. file the mould lines while keeping the models wet in ice water. This helps to keep the plastic tough and prevents the filed plastic gribblies from sticking to the model.

Despite all the preparation the bones models still have more mould lines, less undercuts and less detail than 'proper' metal miniatures.

They still feel like an inferior product to me but when I remembered the base price for the whole set was fifteen dollars it kind of figures...

The wolves in the set are distictly undead wolves with damage and rot going on.

I painted them like I paint my wolves combined with some techniques and colours used on my zombies.

The final models of the set were five grave kings. Undead in various stages of decomposition (well, one zombie and four skeletons) and different types of armour. I wasn't too motivated by these models and they are much larger than my classic undead so they got a bit of a rush job. Now that they're done of course I'm still happy with them.

I have no idea why this guy is floating but he has some sort of undead paladin or warrior priest thing going on.

To get an impression of scale I photographed the models next to comparable classic models. The results were not as bad as I expected.

The two wraiths go well next to my other giant wraith. Even though the middle one is the tallest I think they make a nice group. They are obviously much larger than classic 28mm wraiths.

Mr. Zombie is my favourite Grave King of the lot. I was afraid they were far too huge to use. However, even though he is two heads taller than Citadel zombies (partly thanks to the integral base) he fits in better than I thought and can stay.

The same goes for the wolves. Even though there is an obvious size difference compared to the classic Citadel wolves (from the goblin wolf riders) the mixed models don't look nearly as bad as I thought they would.

That is all. If you want to see my older posts follow the links below.

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Pictures of my army:
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That zombie giant came out beautiful.  I was not sold on the sculpt during the kickstarter but you have done it justice.
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yessir very good sir, in an orrible undead way.

Cannot agree more, I keep pushing that giant aside, but seeing it with some colour, makes a big difference

nicely done the lot of them

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Yeah, I dig the gritty and dirty vibe you have on all these undead.
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A great set of models - they look really good.

I also like your photography of them, the different backgrounds work really well

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Excellent stuff and very atmospheric pictures!

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Great work! 👍
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Great painting, and I'm taken with the giant and the grave guard. Can't find them on the main Reaper website though.  :?
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