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Author Topic: Blucher rules - multi day battle  (Read 361 times)

Offline jon_1066

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Blucher rules - multi day battle
« on: December 04, 2023, 12:48:51 PM »
Hi all

Has anybody used Blucher for a multi day Battle (eg Aspern Essling or Wargram)?  If so how did you handle the night?

I have an itch to try and complete the 1809 campaign having got to Eggmuhl.  I'm half way there painting for Wagram using multi player Bleucher but the question is when to start the scenario?

If it is some time on day 1 then how to handle the night?  Same for Aspern.

For a night turn my thought is as follows:
Units in BUAs stay where they are.
Units in the open within 4 base widths of the enemy withdraw to 4BW distance (both sides withdraw so move both 1BW at a time)
If in cover or out of sight units don't withdraw unless within 2BW of an enemy that is also in cover.  In which case withdraw to 2 BW apart.  If that takes a unit out of cover then keep withdrawing to 4BW.
All units over 4BW away from the enemy (so not the ones on the front line that have been withdrawing) go back to reserve status (ie flip their cards back to be able to make a reserve move next day)
Any unit that has lost more than 1 fatigue roll to Rally for each lost fatigue but the last
Artillery are resupplied with Ammo back to full strength
Units that retired may be used as reinforcements from the board edge they retired from the next day with a reinforcement rating of 4 (they also get to Rally / resupplied with Ammo)

It means anything in reserve coming to the last turn could be moved 12 BW then return to reserve in the night and move another 12 BW the next day as part of their new reserve move.  For something like Wagram that is going to be needed to get reserve units into position on day 2 given the likely size of the battlefield.

Offline vtsaogames

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Re: Blucher rules - multi day battle
« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2023, 02:14:41 PM »
You could do worse than BBB night interval rules. In each phase, scenario attacker moves first.

Withdraw to cover or out of small-arms range.
Other infantry/cavalry units may move up to 12" where no enemy is closer to them than a friendly unit.
Formation changes.
Redeploy guns up to 12", staying beyond 12" of enemy (this is 2/3 artillery with smoothbores).
Generals move anywhere.
resupply ammo.
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Offline jon_1066

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Re: Blucher rules - multi day battle
« Reply #2 on: December 05, 2023, 08:46:35 AM »
Yes, that was the first thing I consulted but wanted to try to keep as many of the existing mechanics from Blucher as possible.  So instead of being able to reposition troops they can effectively make a second reserve move the next day.  This effectively represents the same thing at some undetermined time.

Generals and formations are irrelevant to Blucher so can be ignored.

The rally is again taken from the Blucher rules, you get one go for each lost fatigue but the last.


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