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Author Topic: Robin Hood - Final Plans aren't always final, more added, see pg 4  (Read 10820 times)

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Re: Robin Hood - the merits of playing miniatures for the 'legend'
« Reply #45 on: March 07, 2024, 06:34:20 PM »
I 'think' I resolved my dilemma.  I can just use figures from my Normans to give Richard a couple of foot units and one for John - heck, I even have a cavalry unit I can give John - and three of the four units that will fit what I want are already painted!  Might have to do some rebasing, though.

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Re: Robin Hood - the merits of playing miniatures for the 'legend'
« Reply #46 on: April 15, 2024, 06:13:18 AM »
Been back tinkering on this collection and this evening I sorted the Robin Hood side of the collection as in matching existing figures to the plan.  Still working on the Sheriff side of the collection - and just might be a little short of the non-combatant figures I'm hoping to include.  Probably live without but we shall see, still a good deal of 'exploring' to do in the existing in-house figures before deciding.

I now have 30 named warriors and another 36 unnamed warriors, 12 named women and another 12 unnamed women, 6 named servants and/or counselors and another 6 unnamed same, and 6 named clerics and 6 unnamed clerics. 

Was hoping to add another 36 unarmed villagers with 24 of them being women and children but that is where I might be light on figures, can probably get together 36 villagers but might be more men than women.  I really want to get more women to balance out the ratio of men to women a bit; I want the local village(s?) to look properly lived in.  I might get there with what I have but if not then I need to decide if I want to order some more figures which I'm trying hard to avoid.

If I get the 36 unnamed villagers sorted out to my satisfaction that would yield 150 people plus 14 horses and dismounts for the 14 mounted figures included above. 

All of the unnamed figures will be 3 to a base on round 1 1/4" bases, all the named get individually based on 3/4" round bases or 1" bases for the mounted versions.

One big step forward.

Quick edit: while hunting for options in case short, I was reminded I have an excess of Peter Pig's AWI civilians and some others that I can adapt to my medieval groupings - might not be a perfect fit but with the right paint jobs and maybe some minor modification I think they will work.
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Re: Robin Hood - the merits of playing miniatures for the 'legend'
« Reply #47 on: April 23, 2024, 02:47:40 AM »
I now have all the bases prepared and labelled - either with names where appropriate or a description of some sort.  Also decided to name the unarmed civilian mounted men [8] and women (4) which adds 12 to the number of named folk, counting named horses (10, pack horses and 'empty' horses only) and named dogs (13) that yields a nice round 160 named figures.  The following "paste" may not translate as well here as it does in my word processing program with its color coding but I will do some adjusting that might help.  Figures in bold have both a mounted and dismounted version.  Named figures are one to a base, unnamed figures are three to a base.  So, here is the Final Plan for figures with all the Named Figures shown - less some vignettes like people cooking or blacksmithing which will be multiple period use as will most of the civilians listed below:

Named figures individually based, unnamed warriors/others are 3 to a base:

6.0 Robin Hood, Will ‘Billy’ Stutley, Ulric + 3 more longbowmen (6)

0.3 Lady Marian (Robin’s lady), Maerwynn, Wren (her two ladies-in-waiting)

4.2 Slean, Offa (Robin), Duncan (Robin) + 3 more spearmen (4)

0.6 Joan Rye (pledged to give her life for Robin), Alice (Little John’s woman), Elga + 3 women

6.0 Akeem, Hamza, Jabir + 3 more swordsmen (6)

0.6 Yasmina (Azeem’s love interest), Zenith, Najma (her companions) + 3 women //33      
16 warriors (3 mtd), 15 women (1 mtd), 1 counselor, 0 clerics, 1 servant=16 figures +17=33

6.0 Little John, Ox, Bull + 3 more staff-men (6)

4.5 Friar Tuck, Francis, Dominic + 3 clerics + 3 staff-men (4)

6.0 Will Scarlet, Wulf, Alden + 3 more swordsmen (6)

6.0 Much the Miller’s son, Cedric, Egbert + 3 more swordsmen (6)

6.0 Alan-a-Dale, Grindan, Hollis + 3 more longbowmen (1* + 5)      

0.6 Caedmon, Benwock, Orvynn + 3 clerics             //39            
28 warriors (5 mtd), 0 women, 0 counselors, 11 clerics (1 mtd) 0 servants=28 figures +11=39

6.3 King Richard, Philip (his son), Baldwin + 3 servants + 3 more swordsman (6)

4.2  Scrydan, Merlin (the King), Skar (the King) + 3 mace-men (1 sword-3 mace)

0.9 Berengaria (King John’s wife), Odelia (her lady-in-waiting) Guinevere (the king’s mistress)
   + 3 women and + 3 women

6.0 Larcwide, Kenric, Bearn + 3 crossbowmen (6)

6.3 Montgomery Longstride (Robin’s half-brother), Grimbold, Andwearde + 3 servants
   + 3 more warriors (1 sword-5 bow)
4.2 Dreogan, Pendragon (Montgomery), Tobrecan (Montgomery) + 3 spearmen (6)//39
16+28+26=70      17+11+19=47.  117   
26 warriors (5 mtd), 9 women, 10 counselors, 0 clerics, 0 servants=26+19=45

70 warriors total (31 named), 24 women (12), 23 unarmed men (12) (Friar Tuck counts as armed -staff)
(54 of 117 named) — 12 servants, counselors / 11 clerics (6 named / 6 named-Tuck as warrior)
117 people, 14 horses, 14 dismounts = 145 pieces  (70 warriors, 47 unarmed)
All 14 mounted figures (underscored) have a ‘matching’ dismounted figure
Named figures individually based, unnamed warriors/others are 3 to a base:

6.0 Robert de Rainault the Sheriff of Nottingham, Wybert, Wido (enforcer) +3 swords (6)   

0.3 Louvel, Perceval, Oswald the tax collector (3 servants, counselors)

0.6 Mortiana (witch), Macey (evil mistress), Adeline +3 women

6.0 Sir Guy of Gisborne, Talbot, Slade   + 3 spears (6)

6.0 Sir Godfrey, Giles, Haveron. + 1 sword, 2 crossbow (6.5 crossbow) //
18 warrirors (3 mtd), 6 women, 3 counselors, 0 clerics, 0 servants=18+9=27

0.6 William de Vere the Bishop of Hereford, Leotold, Tanchelm +3 clerics

0.6 Prior Vincent of Emmet, Pietro, Jacopo + 3 clerics

6.0 Captain Ralph of Huntington, Pridbor, Rene +1 club, 2 staff (6. 3 mace)

0.6 Stefan the Niedre de Mort, Tadg, Fedelma (female)   +3 more druids

6.0 Einar, Bjorn, Harald   +3 bow (6) //
12 warriors, 1 woman, 0 counselors, 12 clerics, 0 servants, 2 druids*=12+18=30

6.3 Prince John, Arlotto (henchman), Baynard   +3 swords (6)   
                  +3 servants, counselors

0.6 Morgana (prince’s mistress), Isabella (prince’s wife), Simone  +3 women

6.0 Baldice, Wandrille, Polydor   +3 spear (6)

6.0 Tancred, Laud, Henri   +1 sword, 2 bow (6. 5 bow)

0.6 Nora de l’Aigle (infamous courtesan), Everill, Veronica  +3 women
18+12+18=48      9+18+15=42.    90
18 warriors, 12 women,  3 counselors, 0 clerics, 0 servants=18=33

48 warriors (24 named), 19 women (10), 23 unarmed men (11) =48+42=90 (45 named of 90)
— 6 servants, counselors / 12 clerics / 5 druids (+1 woman druid)
90 people + 12 horses + 12 dismounts = 114 pieces (48 warriors, 42 unarmed)
All 12 mounted figures (underscored) have a ‘matching’ dismounted figure


70+48= 118 warriors      31 named, 24 named..55
24+19= 43 women      12 named, 10 named..22
20+23 = 43 unarmed men   12, named, 11 named..23 — 55 named, 45 named  = 100
204 people + 26 horses + 26 dismounts = 256 pieces


31 named warriors, 39 unnamed warriors (3 to a base)
12 named women, 12 unnamed women (3 to a base)
6 named servants/counselors, 6 unnamed servants/counselors (3 to a base)
6 named clerics, 6 unnamed clerics (3 to a base)
14 horses, 14 dismounts

Named figures (54) on individual bases
Unnamed figures (63) are three figures to a base (21 bases)
All fourteen mounted figures have a dismounted figure as well (all on individual bases)


24 named warriors, 24 unnamed warriors (3 to a base)
10 named women, 9 unnamed women (3 to a base)
3 named servants/counselors, 3 unnamed servants/counselors (3 to a base)
6 named clerics, 6 unnamed clerics (3 to a base)
3 named druids, 3 unnamed druids (1 named druid is a woman) (3 to a base)
12 horses, 12 dismounts

Named figures (45) on individual bases
Unnamed figures (45) are three figures to a base (15 bases)
All twelve mounted figures have a dismounted figure as well (all on individual bases)

Cormac, Dara, Fergal, Killian, Niall, Senan + 6 unnamed (6 + 2 bases)

Beatrice, Celestine, Clotilda, Genevieve, Gisela, Mathilda + 6 unnamed (6 + 2 bases)

Pack horse handlers and pack horses:
Bardi: Aksel / Dagbjart: Bo / Fanal: Erva / Svartur: Helve (4 + 4 bases)

Dog keeper names and dog names (2 per handler):
Alaric: Ake, Astrid / Bahram: Baldur, Bein / Drogo: Freya, Frode
Gerold:  Holdfast, Loki / Lothar: Hagan, Nosewise / Osric: Olaf, Revna
Lorcan: Ulf (dog attacking master) (7 + 12 bases)

24 women - Robin
19 women - Sheriff

12 nuns
34 women - 23 children
46 (89) + 23 = 69 (112) women and children + 4 mounted women/4 horses (116 total)
  6 Druids (12 standing stones - includes sacrificial victim)
12 clerics
18 middle level men
18 workmen
18 workmen
72 + 8 mounted men/8 horses / 6 extra horses without riders (80 total)
46 women + 23 children + 72 unarmed men + 4 mounted women + 8 mounted men (+4 +8 horses)
153 + 11 pack (4 horses) men and dog handlers = 164 people Civilians, 16 horses, 13 dogs
Mounted unarmed civilians: Adriana, Isold, Odilia, Trie; Dagmar, Henryk, Knut, Ludolf, Norbert, Saxbert, Tiago, Wago
57 women and children
12 nuns
12 clerics
 6 druids
11 men - 4 horse handlers/4 pack horses // 9 men/13 dogs
54 men
152 + 12 mounted/12 horses unarmed mounted civilians unnamed , 4 pack horses, 13 dogs
                              = 176 pieces
Horse names: Baucent-white socks, Carbonel-coal black, Fauvel-tawny
Girsart-gray, Marchegai-proud walker, Sombra-shadow (for the six ‘empty’ horses)
Additional Warriors (based 3 to a base except heros at 1 to a base):
12 longbowmen            6 Robin   6    Sheriff
6 swordsmen                        6 Sheriff
6 spears                        6 Sheriff
6 leaders (2 staff, 2 standards, 2 horns)    3 Robin       3 Sheriff
3 heros (2 ax, 1 sword)   (2 heros & 1 anti-hero)   1 (ax - Roland)      2 (ax, sword)
                  10      23   (Hengist, Medraut)
33 total (10 + 3 individual stands)

“CAVALRY” individually based, half to Robin (King), half to Sheriff (Prince)

12 mounted men, 12 horses: fully barded
12 mounted men, 12 horses: half-barded or no barding

33 foot, 24 mounted, 24 horses = 81 pieces
70+10=80. 48+23=71.  80+12=92.  71+12=83. …175 Warriors, foot and mounted.
80 (32 named) versus 71 (26 named) / Robin versus Sheriff warriors plus additional warriors on foot or 92 versus 83 counting the mounted additional warriors (1+2 heroes)
Robin          145 pieces (117)          [14+14=28] [horse and dismount]
Sheriff          114 pieces (90)         [12+12=24]   “   “
Civilians       199 pieces (164)          [4+13+12+6=35] [pack+dog+horse+horse]
Added Warriors    81 pieces (57)         [24] [horses, added warriors mounted]
           539 (428 people)         111
539 total pieces to paint men (316), women (89), children (23), horses (72), dogs (13), dismounts (26)
            (includes babes and children in arm as single casting with mother)
126 named men and women, 10 named horses, 13 named dogs = 149 named total

Does not include wagons and carts and draft animals or farm animals or additional herders, etc.
All of the civilians have triple use: Robin Hood, Jousting, or Three Musketeers
I hear some of you asking, "Who the heck needs 428 people for a Robin Hood game?!"  Perfectly fine question.  No good reason but I have them so I'm going to use them - though I've knocked out A LOT of figures, mostly armed, that were in place previously.  So not as bad as it might have been as far as excessive - but still, clearly, a bit excessive.  The three figures to a base will help a lot with managing that many figures and generally no one player will have to handle more than about 35-40 bases in total (games with 6 players). 

What about those 0.0 numbers?  That is warriors versus non-warriors for each line of the Robin and Sheriff contingents.

It might reveal an oddity in my personality but I had fun sourcing all those names - and trying hard to keep them more or less appropriate for the period - a job made so much easier by the internet.

Need to look through my period appropriate casualties and decide if I want to add some in - if so I'll need to ready some additional bases, have plenty on hand if needed.

There seems to be something about this period/collection that reaches deep into my hobby joy.  No idea why.  Just does.

edit: Many of the civilians will have quadruple use - also use for Vikings!
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Re: Robin Hood - "Final Plan" on page four 4/22/2024 US Style
« Reply #48 on: April 23, 2024, 04:53:07 AM »
I have been painting medieval peasants. Old Glory have a pack of Revolting Women and Children. 30 figures in a pack. Although the brooms and other household tools are raised, they are easy to convert to sweeping and cutting grain, etc. Not the greatest figures but they will work for what you might need. I bought several packs ages ago but have been painting them up this month for my medieval, viking and LOTR games. Your thoughts going into this game is impressive. Good luck.
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Re: Robin Hood - "Final Plan" on page four 4/22/2024 US Style
« Reply #49 on: April 24, 2024, 03:19:35 PM »
Hitman, thanks for the information on the Old Glory civilians.  Fortunately, I found enough figures in my own collection to build the list above and with 24, 19, and 34 women and 23 children, plus the 12 nuns and 4 mounted unarmed women providing 116 total women and children out of 428 people, or just over 27% of the people, I am pleased with the balance.  Then there are those unarmed men, the clerics, servants, and counselors with Robin or the Sheriff, and then the male villagers as well, and I am set and 'looking pretty' as far as people go.  Might add a vignette item here or there above what I already have if I find something really cool plus those leading carts and wagons (or driving them) but I don't really need any more people.

Might add some more buildings - like a convent and a monastery (see thread here) but I have most of what I need on that front.

In point of fact, except for some much hoped for new species for my East Africa setup, I don't need to buy a single figure for any of my too many periods.  For all intents and purposes, I am done collecting except for the - perhaps - new figures that come along that enhance what I already have.  And even then I will give second and third thought to it.  I am actively reducing many of my over-sized collections to more reasonable numbers; granted it is my version of 'reasonable' but reducing nonetheless.

Just not here with Robin Hood as listed - but that list is already greatly reduced as mentioned above in this thread.

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Re: Robin Hood - "Final Plan" on page four 4/22/2024 US Style
« Reply #50 on: April 29, 2024, 12:16:42 PM »
Tiny little update - a goodly portion of the Robin Hood and Sheriff contingents are now ready for priming and perhaps later today they may get primed and perhaps more bits readied for same.  No paint until end of May or later though, other matters prevent.

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Re: Robin Hood - "Final Plan" on page four 4/22/2024 US Style
« Reply #51 on: June 21, 2024, 06:48:49 PM »
Some additions: This all started when I pulled out a bunch of solid two wheel carts I’ve had for years and prepped them for painting, turned out they had a total of 14 carters to go with the eight carts, some pulled by bullocks, others by horses.  Sadly, all 14 carters are the same pose.  Then I decided I wanted to add some wagons, four wheel variety, for certain scenarios I have in mind and I settled on Museum Miniatures as my choice.  Then, when ordering, I noticed a few other items of interest.  Certainly, the ‘clutter’ items were a great find, make a nice addition.  Then there were the additional women, both mounted and on foot, 2 packs, ordered..  Then there were some workmen in varied poses, ordered those, too.  The extra carters in yet another pack were a minor disappointment since they only have two poses and they are the same poses as what came with the six wagons I ordered, only one pulled by oxen.  I named most of the new figures since I am basing them individually except for a half dozen women who are going to join King Richard or Prince John forces, one stand each, and then two sets of two workmen plus a wheelbarrow with one going to the convent and the other to the monastery, the figure groupings not named. 

And here are the newly named folk, all individually based:

Four mounted women- Yvonne, Leontine, Celine, and Sulene.  And two foot women- ‘Alizee’ and Daphne.  So, an additional 12 women with the half dozen based three to a base.

The half dozen named workmen are- Fabien, Gilles, Matheo, Zachariah, Lyam, and Elias, carrying burdens or doing agricultural work.  With the four multi-based mentioned above that is 12 (10?) more men.

Then come all those carters, perhaps excessive in number (and with the same number more assigned to my Three Musketeers but not named), in three poses- pose one: Bruno, Klaus, Fritz, Aksel, Orson, Dirch, and Quinn; pose two: Leon, Finn, Wout, Gust, and Tour; pose three: Ivo, Rye, Ash, Ira, and Mac.  And the carters add 17 men to the totals.  The latter two poses are from Musket Museum Miniatures, the group of seven might have been from Hallmark, too many years ago to recall but their size suggests so.

I should have more than enough, literally more, to do pretty much any scenario I can come up with.  Oh, and I bought a copy of Ivanhoe, the 1952 version and it adds some ideas for scenarios.

Naturally, those carts and wagons - and most of the civilian figures, too - can be used for Three Musketeers or Jousting tournament games.  Except for the wagons - need to finish gluing on wheels - everything for Robin Hood and Musketeers is primed and ready to paint, the jousting collection not yet started on.
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Re: Robin Hood - "Final Plan" on page four 4/22/2024 US Style
« Reply #52 on: June 22, 2024, 07:41:45 AM »
Based on some of your previous efforts, I am really looking forward to seeing this project painted up!

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Re: Robin Hood - "Final Plan" on page four 4/22/2024 US Style
« Reply #53 on: June 23, 2024, 02:33:18 AM »
Sunjester, just the wagon wheels to glue on - and skipping superglue and going on to steel reinforced two-part epoxy to help the process - and then the figures will all be ready for painting.

Also, I went a bit crazy this afternoon when taking a peek at Dungeon Artifacts, a 3D printing company.  Turns out they were having a 25% off sale including a lot of very cool detail bits in 15 mm to add to this game.  Sure, I bought stuff unrelated to this game and some sort of related, like a jousting structures set up, but a big chunk of the far too much money spent was focused on Robin Hood gaming.  What the heck, can't take the money with us when we kick off so I splurged - to considerable excess but I decided I deserved it, especially since I've been hoping for a long time for a lot of what I ordered.  Somewhere, after wallet recovery, I will be ordering some more stuff but mostly buildings, though more detail bits if more show up and/or get converted to 15 mm.

There will be a minor delay before painting kicks off in earnest, need to finish prepping a pulp game figure set but a big chunk closer today.  Maybe the excess heat will drive me inside where painting will take precedence over prep and priming.

If all goes well, by years end I will have the following all ready for paint: Robin Hood (almost), Three Musketeers (done), Jousting, Pulp - Banana Wars (about two thirds or more done), and, maybe, the Stone Age figures and creatures.  Pretty close on all but the jousting setup, not too many figures and the Stone Age stuff.  But painting will be a nice break from all the prep work.

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Re: Robin Hood - "Final Plan" on page four 4/22/2024 US Style
« Reply #54 on: June 27, 2024, 04:27:23 AM »
Yesterday I pulled out all of my 'suitable' casualty and prisoner figures and cleaned them up, based them, and primed them: 96 total bases, 52 dead, 20 badly wounded, (the rest all 3 to a base, counting the horses) 15 human pin cushions (arrow wounds), 5 captives tied over horse attended by a man with a crutch each, 24 male captives and 18 female captives.  Multi-period use, not just Robin Hood games.

If I didn't provide it before, here is a link to my blog with some photos of all the primed figures for this set-up: http://steeplechasingzebras.blogspot.com/p/robin-hood.html

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Re: Robin Hood - "Final Plan" on page four 4/22/2024 US Style
« Reply #55 on: July 03, 2024, 04:51:50 AM »
Oh, bother, a bit, not too much. 

Seems that I didn't quite have all the figures primed and ready for painting.  Stumbled upon an 'out of sight, out of mind' box of Battle Valor figures.  There are now about 25 more figures to prep, some men, some women, a couple of bullocks to go with the 'executioner's wagon'.  The cooler bits are a couple of women a bit on the 'untoward' side of things, probably use as harlots - and they will also have a place with my musketeers, most likely entertaining Porthos and his close friends.  I suspect many of the figures will get assigned to the convent and monastery, agriculturally inclined or serving girls sorts, but some might be a little up the feudal ladder a bit.  Oh, and one figure with a lute on his back which will be a fun addition.  Not sure the executioner is 'fun' but he sure will add some scenario options!

More to paint.  Happy to paint.  Will add some extra 'character' to it all.
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Re: Robin Hood - "Final Plan" on page four 4/22/2024 US Style
« Reply #56 on: July 05, 2024, 08:43:33 PM »
Turns out there were a few more than 25 figures to add in under the Robin Hood umbrella:

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Re: Robin Hood - Final Plans aren't always final, more added, see pg 4
« Reply #57 on: July 06, 2024, 10:31:45 AM »
That should keep you out of trouble for a little while  lol

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Re: Robin Hood - Final Plans aren't always final, more added, see pg 4
« Reply #58 on: July 09, 2024, 05:59:59 AM »
Just a quick note: those six stands on the left towards the top in the last photo above have been removed from the Robin Hood setup, moved to Banana Wars since not really appropriate for my variation of the myth. But they may prove fun in that other setting.  ;)

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Re: Robin Hood - Final Plans aren't always final, more added, see pg 4
« Reply #59 on: July 16, 2024, 06:58:52 AM »
I have now added names for all of the individually based figures in the photo above for July 5th, see above.

There are 15 women: Bia, Carlotta, Catalina, Eira, Fia with Sif (a girl baby on her back), Fiora, Gilma, Gunnora, Hawise, Iolanda, Odelgarde, Revna, Yrsa, and Irene (at the stake).

And another 43 men: Crispin, Drago, Elric, Hawk, Njal, Orvyn, Piers, Svend, Torsten, Wilkin, Bertolf, Bernt, Gelfrid, Jorgl, Heinz, Jodokus, Lodwig, Nenker, Ramwold, Vasold, and Wolferam.  Also: Alardus, Bertolf, Dirske, Eckel, and Gotfridus - special characters if a bit 'unusual', the conceit is that they are dressed up for an event (perhaps an execution?).  Peter and Colin, dog handlers.  Then: Bazzu, Cabi, Durr, Galib, Hamdun, Ishraq, Jalid, Maymun, and Sumayl.  (Those last are joined by 39 unnamed men on 13 groups of 3 to a base).  Finally: Jack Kanketchum - the executioner, Eli - the evil priest, Wyglo - the torturer, and Harry - the somewhat dimwitted assistant who is strong as two oxen.

The dogs with Peter and Colin are: Jangelor, Mouse, Knave, and Trusty.  The eight WarDogs are: Sturdy, Whitefoot, Clenche, Grisly, Thunder, Ballsbiter, Jenny, and Simone.  When these canines make an appearance on the table I can just use the existing dog handlers.

I do believe that is all the figures I will be naming.  That adds 58 (43 male, 15 female) named figures and 39 unnamed men plus 12 named dogs.  I will have to review this thread and my blog postings to ensure I've recorded all the names - and that spellcheck hasn't screwed them up!  I have all the names recorded, just need to verify they show either here or on the blog or both.

Why all the named figures?  Well, as games make it to the table for this collection, each iteration can focus on a particular figure or small number of figures to keep driving the narrative without being excessively repetitive.  Or such is the hope.  The main characters may, mostly, be the drivers of the narrative but all the other figures can spice up scenarios.  Also, the names just might help in inspiring the painting; hope so.


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