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Author Topic: Cat's Test of Honour  (Read 700 times)

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Cat's Test of Honour
« on: June 19, 2024, 10:18:47 PM »
Since last fall, I've been cranking away on my game set-up for The Warriors (as seen over on the Pulp board), but bubbling under at the same time I've been working on getting Test of Honour to the table too.  I've thoroughly enjoyed ToH since it first came out, but valiantly resisted gearing up for it in the hopes that somebody else around here would.  We did have someone who had geared up for 1st edition, but he hasn't been active at the FLGS since the beforetimes of the pandemic.  With Shōgun on the horizon last fall, I finally succumbed and started purchases and modelling.
Mid-May, immediately following Huzzah and the first big game of The Warriors, I switched gears to getting Japan on the table (and still working on Brooklyn in the background).  A lot of the stuff was just waiting for final touches and flocking.
In the interest of getting it on the table quickly, I had started by focusing on mountain terrain and bits for a shrine.  Village buildings will follow.  My main modelling inspiration is western Kyoto, especially the fishing village of Ine Bay where the mountain meets the sea, and inland a bit at the village of Miyama in the cedar forests of the mountains.
Having settled on a geographic locale (and local flora), I started figure painting with the local Hosokawa clan, and neighboring Askakura clan.  I used Perry miniatures for these.  Since they come in packs of 6, they split very nicely for making a pair of starter forces.
Also in the interest of getting this on the table, I had someone else start with getting the block painting done on the starter forces, then I finished up the finer details.
There are of course a number of other forces and fun figures in the pipeline and a few of those are rolling off the painting bench now.  6 Perry Sohei are ready (although the bulk of my religious fighters will be Shrine Maidens and Nuns that are all prepped and primed), and 9 assorted Ninja (3 Crooked Dice and 6 Turnkey/Mega Minis).
Since Test of Honour is practically cherry blossom obligate, and I will be modelling spring foliage, the bases all got flocked with SuperLeaf Japanese Cherry blend as the final sprinkle.
To get started with quick and easy terrain, I made a plain bridge from a bamboo placemat and basswood supports, wide enough to support a group stand.  And I had a pile of plastic lanterns and small shrines from two sets of the Ninja All Stars boardgame that just needed painting.  Cut out some gel circles that can go under the lanterns to indicate when they are lit for night-time use.
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Offline Cat

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Re: Cat's Test of Honour
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2024, 10:28:47 PM »
I had picked up a couple of small terrain kits earlier in the year from Things From The Basement.  Then got their lovely tea house at Huzzah, which went straight onto the workbench when I got home from the convention.
This was my first crack at doing a thatched roof and also modelling pieris japonica (aka andromeda), and quite happy with the results.

The thatch is strips of cheap tan cotton towel from the dollar store, cut into strips and soaked in thinned PVA.  After it set, spray painted lightly with a couple of colours and then sprinkled with 3 colours of flocking for the moss.
Scratchbuilt the framework on the peak with strips of basswood.

Requested a special-cut piece of corrugated paper from TFTB for the tiles on the portico roof.

The andromeda is made from 3 layers of Wild Bush mat from Scenic Express, and green flocking glued around the base of each layer for the leaves.  This came out looking much more like the actual plant than I expected! (we have some growing in our back yard).  This grows in pink and yellow varieties.

The same technique will work for kerria japonica, a very similarly shaped yellow rose shrub (also just planted one out back).

The andromeda and kerria grow in thickets in the cedar forests of the mountains of western Kyoto, and are spring blossoming.  So all in full bloom during the requisite cherry blossom season.

These forests have a relatively short red cedar, cryptomeria japonica (radicans) ~30'40', which is a great height for the game table.  The cedars, and cherries for the village, are fully operational now too.
: 3
For the beacon light, I scratchbuilt a separate platform from layers of 1/4" balsa wood that can go under it to provide more height as a signal beacon.

Detailing the bulletin board was a fun evening's project looking up the style of historical documents and wanted posters from movies.  I squared off the edge of the roof on this as I don't subscribe to the theory that history is full of bad carpenters.

I might break down and adjust the roof over the well too if it keeps making me twitchy.

Lovely kits and fun quick builds!

Offline blacksoilbill

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Re: Cat's Test of Honour
« Reply #2 on: June 20, 2024, 03:50:44 AM »
Nicely done. The figure basing is really eye-catching.

Offline EnclavedMicrostate

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Re: Cat's Test of Honour
« Reply #3 on: June 20, 2024, 02:14:00 PM »
Shrine maidens and nuns, you say? Looking forward to those!


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