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Probably seems like a stupid question, and the only reason I'm asking is because I like to add as much variety to my figures as possible.

Was the Guardia Civil allowed to wear mustaches or beards during the SCW?

Thanks very much for any info!


I'm not 100% but I gather they followed army regulations, so moustaches yes, beards no. If you want variation, the gorillo cap was very common in the field (same green/grey colour as GC uniform with iirc red trim for other ranks and gold braid for officers).

If your Spanish is up to it this might help

Thanks Jim!

I'll probably add another eight to the unit with gorillos, and a few with moustaches (my size  ;) )
Red trim as you said, in fact a wide band of red all around the cap.Looks good.

Come to think of it. The Anglian/Empress figures of the GC don't have the scalloped cuff patches.
Probably simple to just paint them, but how would you add the three silver buttons? Superglue gel? White wood-glue? Since the rest of the buttons are quite prominent I don't think I could get away by just painting them on.

You might get away with painting them, they sort of look to be flat rather than domed.

The red band in Bueno's book seems to be about 2cm, but I found this pic...

and one with a beard....

and these guys seem to have black belts etc instead of the 'yellow' leather normally depicted...

Thanks Jim,

I'm going to make an additional squad of 10 since I've got a spare NCO anyway. Two or three with moustaches and the rest with the gorillo cap will add a lot of variety. Think I'm going for the Bueno version simply because it looks so distinct.

Going to try painting on the cuff buttons tomorrow- red paint is still wet now and it's getting late.


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