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December 02, 2022, 12:30:00 PM

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Author Topic: FoW early look at Early War and a board game about Operation Market Garden  (Read 3948 times)

Offline Arlequín

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I don't even play FoW and I'm looking forwards to the Early War book...  :)

Offline Calimero

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I don't even play FoW and I'm looking forwards to the Early War book...  :)
I don't even play FoW*... But I'm looking forwards to the Early War French minis and tanks...  ;)

* ...despite the fact that I have the rule book, the army list for mid-war and two painted armies (one British and one German/Hungarian)  ;D
A CANADIAN local hobby store with a small selection of historical wargames miniatures (mainly from Warlords). They also have a great selection of paint and hobby accessories from Vallejo, Army painter, AK Interactive, Green Stuff World and more.; https://www.kingdomtitans.ca/us/

Offline Mr. Burning

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I don't play FoW either (yet).

The early war stuff really does tickle my fancy, Its probably some ADD leakage from my brain but I like the idea of gaming early war and late war/Weird War and skipping the middle.

I like the idea of a board game based on Op Market Garden lots as well.

Offline Doc Twilight

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Assuming that our communications issues with our sculptor improves, the first of our Early War WW2 range should be out in May...


Offline commissarmoody

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Oh kool!  :)
"Peace" is that brief, glorious moment in history when everybody stands around reloading.

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Offline answer_is_42

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Just in time for me to leave for university.  :'( :'(
I told you so. You damned fools.
 - H.G. Wells

Offline dm

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 i could do with some new 15mm BEF and classic German infantry sculpts and might get some French too if and when they appear but dont game FOW and prefer PBI rule system. I might be tempted by some of this early War period though :)

Offline Capt. E.W. Brimmage

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Don't those Char B1s look cool!

Offline fastolfrus

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prefer PBI rule system.

Where are you based ?
We play a bit of PBI in the school club.
Gary, Glynis, and Alasdair (there are three of us, but we are too mean to have more than one login)

Offline abhorsen950

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Flames of war is just something im going to have to pick up....


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