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I just figured out the basic difference between Teutonic Efficiency and The Proper Efficiency of an English Gentleman

Steve Dean:

The Professor:

Westfalia Chris:
Oh my god! The latter must be "The Workbench to end all Workbenches!" :o

Now that sets a benchmark that will be hard to beat! :lol:

Yup - been envious of the Prof.'s workplace ever since I saw the pics of it for the first time.

If I (and my family) ever get a house of our own, I'll try to copy that setup. Maybe then I can be just a little efficient, too...

Teutonic Efficiency means not being able to conceive of the idea of a messy desk.

I find that it isn't mentally healthy to make such comparisons.  Otherwise, we would all play with pre-painted by the Prof.  Wait a minute!  That's not a bad idea!  I'll take 2 Pirate crews, a host of Gladiators, a 3500 point GW Goblin army, and the whole range of Superfigs.  And the free-shipping is much appreciated.  I'll have them by next Tuesday, then?  Great!


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