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Author Topic: Chaos Marauders: emancipation reaches the Northern Wastes...  (Read 2711 times)

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Chaos Marauders: emancipation reaches the Northern Wastes...
« on: August 14, 2010, 06:22:09 PM »
I've been slaving away on a WHFB Warriors of Chaos army inbetween the lines for over a year now. Yes; I'm notoriously slow... ::)

I will have to post the rest of the army later, just to give you an impression of what I'm up to. Let's just say that it is pretty standard, out of the box, except I've committed myself to a couple of restrictions; plastics only (*gasp*), and modelling putty only when absolutely necessary. Oh; and no visible faces, which is explained fluffwise, and why they all have Chaos Warrior helmets. What can I say; I'm just masochistic that way...

At least I'm back working on them right now, not in the least because I got my 7th ed. book and now everyone in my small group is in Fantasy mode. And I can't be seen lagging, now can I? Also, all of them think I'm actually building a High Elf army, whilst this is in the works. Hey; they like to tailor their lists to squash everything I bring, so it's only fair. Only works for one game, but still... :D

The recent bout of activity got me to base 2 units already; they're now ready for undercoating. I need at least one more large block to round out the force and I was planning on getting another Warriors unit, but then I got thwarted by the first Ebay issue in over 7 years of buying online. The guy offered two boxes of Warriors, I bought them both. Then he came back and told me he had only the one and then radio silence ensued. After umpteen emails, I finally escalated the case with Ebay and got refunded. After 2 months...  :(

So, now I'm still short one infantry block, and since there's no store nearby, I got to experimenting a bit. With my bits. No, not those; the ones in the box. Oh dang it.  ;D  I suddenly got to imagining how an all female Marauders unit would look. I fiddled around with some Dark Eldar bits, as well as some High Elf stuff etc. I was torn between a skirted version and one that looks more like the male Marauders, in boots and leggings.

Then I searched all bits sites and catalogs for suitable legs, to finally end up finding the best solution in the Dark Eldar ones. ::) And let there be a huge stack of those stored away for a stalled Dark Eldar project... Yay!

So; here she is:

And finally a comparisson shot of the classy girl inbetwwen a male couterpart and my first Chaos Sorceror (proudly buit completely out of the bits box, which is why I have dubbed her B'tz Bhocz. A suitable name I think... :D)

I used: Dark Eldar Legs, torso (female of course) and arms, Chaos Marauder weapon and shield, Chaos Warrior helmet, a Cadian(!) shoulderpad and some Marauder spikey bits and gubbinz to finish it off. I had to slim down a lot of the bits for them to properly fit and I am quite satisfied, sve for the weapon, which seems too large, even to GW standards. So I might switch this one out for something out of the Empire range. I also ordered some MaxMini Amazon torsos, for variety. Well, that's one down and 17 or 23 more to go... ;)

What do you think? Would a large block of these look nice and suitable on the table? Do you feel the weapon is too large as well? What about the helmet? It might require some more trimming...
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Re: Chaos Marauders: emancipation reaches the Northern Wastes...
« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2010, 08:32:28 PM »
I think the hand and weapon look a little out of place - I would definitely go for something 'slimmer' or so...

Otherwise the build is great - and a unit with lots of variation would look splendid.
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Re: Chaos Marauders: emancipation reaches the Northern Wastes...
« Reply #2 on: August 14, 2010, 10:37:04 PM »
I think the weapon would look a little better with a shorter shaft, apart from that I can't find much wrong with it.

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Re: Chaos Marauders: emancipation reaches the Northern Wastes...
« Reply #3 on: August 16, 2010, 09:22:58 AM »
Nice looking model - looking forward to the other 23.  :)

The hand and weapon are a little large to my eye.


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