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Author Topic: Rough Riders (RR) rules query  (Read 1137 times)

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Rough Riders (RR) rules query
« on: February 01, 2011, 04:26:30 PM »
Reviewing rules to replace the TSATF that I sold (Okay but not for me; I'll play when Blake runs games so I don't hate them - I just don't like some of the results of the system in games in the past at conventions.)

I will be asking some questions on the rules for non-skirmish (i.e., Battle level) play.

I consider Matchlocks on the Warpath, Good Day to Die, Swordplay, Gutshot, (possibly) Valor & Steel & Flesh, Gloire, Fire and Steel, and (skirmish level/mode) Comancheria to be skirmish/semi-skirmish games.

I consider Colonial Adventures, Rough Riders, Splendid Little War, and (Company level/mode) Comancheria to be battle level gaming. Questions on CA, SLW, and Comancheria may follow in later posts.

So my question is – if RR uses a 1:25 ratio for figures to men, with (San Juan Heights solo game) the six potential player running multiple (2-3 depending on support weapons) Regiments/Battalions [16-34 15 mm figures in the write up] each) than the obvious conclusion is that the six players each represent Brigade Commanders? Is that the intent/design or am I missing something in the write up?

If so than the San Juan Heights Scenario represents a Division or more sized assault?


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