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Jason and the Golden Fleece (Matakishi)
選've Got a Bad Feeling About this' (Blue In VT)

Author Topic: ROUND 10 Jason and the Golden Fleece vs 選've Got a Bad Feeling About this'  (Read 6328 times)

Offline Captain Blood

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Offline D@rth J@ymZ

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Star Wars  :-* (duh.)  ;)
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Offline Fire Broadside!

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Ooh! Nostalgia. I remember painting that exact set of SW minis when I was a kid. And I remember being fascinated by Jason and the Argonauts. Especially the above skeleton scene. Excellent stuff!
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Offline Pil

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Oooh, tough decision and the votes to prove it (24 to 24 after my vote). I love the work on those Argonauts and skeletons, where are they from? The painting ion the Star Wars models is spot on even if they don't really play out a scene, well done!
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The figures in my pic are all from Bronze Age Miniatures, the fleece is from Steve Barber.

They're great figures, I've been painting them whilst listening to an audiobook of the Iliad :)
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Offline Pil

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Thanks Matakishi!

Offline Blue in vt

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I have to say that I'm quite surprised that I had the only Star Wars entry....I figured it would be a very popular theme.

Anyway...Yeah...as I'm a Painter and not a gamer (though I'm trying to rustle up a game or two) I don't have any scenery at the moment...something I will have to rectify before the next LPL...assuming my wife lets me even think about competing again... lol (just kidding honey...you have been very patient)

Mataakishi...excellent work on your entry...a very dynamic scene you have created there...I love your shield icons as well.  Best of luck...looks like we are in for a tight race if the early numbers  hold up.


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Fantastic job both of you... tough call on this one.
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Offline LeadAsbestos

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:-* the Bronze Age Greeks! So despite being a huge SW fan, I went for them!

Offline dampfpanzerwagon

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A great match-up.  And just to prove the point both entries were drawn after my vote.  Great work and well done to both.


Offline Heldrak

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This is an excellent match-up.

I love the Star Wars figures Chris, but I do wish I could make out more detail on Darth Vader.
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Offline Blue in vt

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Yeah Darth didn't photograph so well...of course black and more black is hard to paint! (for me anyway... ;D)




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