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Author Topic: Dread Pirate LeChuck - Innkeeper, hearth and grog 12th of June!  (Read 16353 times)

Offline Poiter50

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Re: Dread Pirate LeChuck - Innkeeper, hearth and grog 12th of June!
« Reply #60 on: June 28, 2012, 02:02:35 AM »
drool!  :-*

Offline Jakar Nilson

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Re: Dread Pirate LeChuck - Innkeeper, hearth and grog 12th of June!
« Reply #61 on: June 28, 2012, 04:39:28 AM »
More pirates - some of them can dubble as Royal Navy Crew.

One of them is a victim of society! (and halitosis...)

And the captain looks quite electable!
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Re: Dread Pirate LeChuck - Innkeeper, hearth and grog 12th of June!
« Reply #62 on: February 22, 2013, 05:30:17 PM »
So after last year's completely and utter fai... uh.. success! We've decided to make yet another Pirate outing this year. This is what I wrote all the players:

Hear ye, hear ye!


This year pirates! will come to Åcon!


Oh well, in fact we’ll just carry on from last year’s campaign, so it may not exactly come as a surprise to some of you.


So what’s the story this year?!

Well, basically what’s happened is that Sir John Glutton has been fired as the leader of the Red Coats after last year’s debacle. Glutton was a lenient and fair leader of the colony, but the crown’s spies didn’t appreciate his affiliations with pirates, natives and weird voodoo creatures. His much heralded birthday party, to which everyone on the islands was invited, was the last straw that broke the back of the mule.

Naturally the pirates, natives and weird voodoo creatures of Port Røvede are quite frustrated with the outlook of a new administration in the colony.
First and foremost it would mean that they’d all be outlawed and secondly the new red coats would probably be a lot bossier than the old ones. God knows they might even try to uphold law and order!

It goes without saying that the new administration must be stopped!


The pirates, the natives and the weird voodoo creatures have tried to think about what to do.

At first the pirates, the natives and the weird voodoo creatures decided to go on a general strike (the Skeleton Pirates eventually joined in after a brief discussion of the nature of striking, which was voted to be generally evil and misgiving, and thus in keeping with the Grand Skeletal Charter that dictates that Skeletons may only be party to evil and misgiving dealings).

However it soon turned out that the Crown cared little for the strike. In fact it seemed to think that it was doing its job all right and that the pirates, the natives and the voodoo creatures (and the skeletons) had simply given up the fight.

Thus the pirates, natives and weird voodoo creatures (apart from the skeletons pirates who decided that this was pushing it with regards to the charter) joined a league with Glutton and his red coats. They vowed to assist him in fighting off the Crown’s redcoats and reinstating him as the proper administrator of Port Røvede.

So this year you have to choose which side you’re on!

Either you fight for Sir John Glutton or against him. OR with the skeleton pirates!

We are going to need some more red coats but it is my hope that between us all we will have enough to field a side of red coat gangs.

You are all welcome to add extra stuff/terrain to the different islands as well or strange contraptions that you think will lift the game.
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