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Author Topic: My Robotech/Macross Project : Battle Cry (Fighting Fives) - Battle Report Page 6  (Read 51894 times)

Offline Elbows

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It's not difficult, just a bit time consuming.  No worries...besides I'm enjoying figuring out some of the stuff on my own.  All I'm doing is editing images with colours...so they match the paint schemes.  Pretty simple.

Update: I received two Japanese shuttle models today, which I will be using to try to create my Glaug w/ booster pod model...yay!  (hoping it works). The second shuttle will be built and painted up as an RDF shuttle of some sort for scenarios perhaps.
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Offline Elbows

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I'm just turning this:

into this...

So it matches this...

Offline Elbows

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Tried selecting by colour etc., but have gone to simply free selecting (zoomed in about 1500% lol) and then colorizing.  The Queadluun-Rau there took maybe 30 minutes to do.

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I have done a lot of photoshopping myself, and I have always used the free selection tool.

There's a charm about manually selecting areas that I love.

I'm old-school, I know. lol
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Offline Elbows

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Yeah, I'm just using GIMP as a learning tool...I have done a couple images different ways, but the free selection is working best for me.  It's nice to be able to colour the images to match...now to start designing new cards! (groan...)

Offline Jaeger

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Amazing project.

Amazing paint job and very coordinated and determined handling of it. Models must have cost a fortune?
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Too many projects... not enough time...

Offline Elbows

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Yep...that's not an exaggeration.  I have way more money invested in the models than I'm comfortable thinking about.  :?

This project is on hold as I'm currently working hard on an Old West project which is going to be available for sale.  My issues right now with my Macross project:

1) I'm re-doing the rules which will be better and more entertaining.
2) Palladium finally got off their ass and are releasing 1/285th stuff, so I'm debating what rules to create...
3) As a Robotech product this is not something I can sell, so anything I create will be used for conventions/personal gaming only.

The good news is that Dropzone Commander (the 10mm game) has brought in a full 1/200 scale (10mm) city out of some nice quality board buildings for only $36.  I think I may end up with two sets of rules, one for 1/200 for conventions, and another for 1/285th.  The project is in an uncomfortable limbo right now.

Offline kalamadea

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Well, hopefully we'll get a real overview of the rules soon and not the convention quick-start version they posted. Either way, whether you go with official rules or make your own you could just increase the ranges by 50% when you use the 1/200 stuff. Squad size might be a bit off if you go official rules, but probably something you can fudge. We'll see in a few weeks, Ninja Division/Soda Pop didn't release full rules overviews until about halfway through the Relic Knights kickstarter either. Hopefully they'll have a good amount of depth to em, but if not then custom rules (especially at conventions) are pretty much a staple of wargaming going as far back as lead figures themselves.

Still, this project has been and continues to be all kinds of awesome and inspiring.
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Offline Elbows

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I appreciate the positive feedback.  I have been sneaking a little paint time into some models lately - when I need a break from painting cowboys.  I'll try to post up some more sneak-peeks.  My project isn't dying it just needs...a proper direction.  Having a comprehensive knowledge of all the Robotech mecha means I can do a rules set without having the Palladium stuff in hand.

I'm actually sitting here at work with a clipboard filled with Robotech notes on it... lol

This isn't dead!  :D


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