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Author Topic: Flintloque AAR 09-01-12 Undead vs. Rats and Undead vs Dwarves  (Read 1750 times)

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Flintloque AAR 09-01-12 Undead vs. Rats and Undead vs Dwarves
« on: September 02, 2012, 08:34:09 PM »
Kyng George III has sent his emissaries to the Star Wraith to propose
an alliance, the 1st Foote of the 71st.  The bleak, unyielding, and
very cold landscape gave way to what seemed to be an empty city.
After the entering the city it stirred, came to life.  The hidden army
came out in droves, and they were dead, the possibility of an alliance
was over.

After being routed the Joccian forces gathered outside the city, for
one last attempt to take the city.

"Vermin!"  Lt. Hargus intoned harshly, his hatred of the coward showing.

"Ye, whoot ya need?" casually.

"Sir.  That's Sir."

"Aye, tis sir ta ye."  Vermin replied, taking a drink of his home brew.

"I sha gee ya ta the feering squa!  Now gi ya men ta the front.  We go
in tat eek tha city, now!"  anger flaring in his eyes.

Drawing from his flask Vermin nodded.

The 1st foote moved out into the city, ready to face the dead, some of
which were recently their brethren.

As the two forces closed ranks it became apparent that there was a
greater darkness within the city then they had recently faced.  A cold
mist settled over the battlefield and in the distance they could hear
it, another Vampyre.

"Nathrakul Deezenti Nar!"  Gwen intoned a spell of protection, perhaps
they would be successful.

As the two forces moved in to engage one another, a shot rang out,
Dang Broktal had taken aim and unleashed his shot.  Coat and grey skin
from the near hit flew off the shambling creature.  "Coover meh, I
need ta relude!"

Answering the call Lt. Hargus moved to protect the young recruit.
Unbenknownst to him the Vampyre, which had been lurking in by the
clock tower moved to intercept him.  Eyes wide the lieutenant knew
death had come to call.  The creatures fetid breath washed over him as

Raising his sword of exquisite quality he struck.  "Now mortal you
die!"  Zar Von Stradovich said laughingly.

Eyes wide Lt. Hargus barely deflected the attack, and stumbled back.

"Lieutenant!"  Dang Broktal yelled.

On the other side of the field, in the middle of the city the 1st
foote moved to take the town.  Uthar the Knife Donagin, Ye Lil Neepur,
Bre Ye Crooker aiming at the approaching enemies.  Biding their time,
preparing for the perfect shote.

As Huggin Hargis stepped away from Gweneth she intoned her spell,
calling for the lightning, "Kargul Neshe Tighitle!" And dual lightning
arced forward, striking two of the lurching figures.  Skin crackled,
and was set on fire.  Soon they would fall.

The three compatriots, having aimed and prepared, fired.  Thunder
echoed out across the battlefield, and knocked the creatures back.

Lt Hargus, having lost and knowing he was dying, realized he needed
Gwen.  Perhaps, if he were able to reach her, she could do something.
Leaving Dang Broktal to fight the Vampyre he set off, running towards

"Gwen, I need ye!"  he yelled out, Gwen in sight.  "We ha lost, tha
darkness ha the city."  his words trailing off as he crumpled to the
ground by her.

Scanning the field, she knew it was true.  Vermin was drinking, again!
Two of the youngest soldiers had fallen in battle.  It was time.
Hargus had fallen and she knew his eyes were closing on the world for
the last time.  Reaching into the fabric of reality, her eyes locked
on the nature of life, Clotho.  Hargus' skeen was in her hand and she
was preparing to cut his thread, taking him from her forever.
"Nateeches Clotho, nad Hargus nadeeney!"  An explosion of energy
rippled the battlefield, turning she pointed at Hargus, and then moved
to point at another part of the battlefield.  "Nada Hargus, hegarta
leeve!"  As his body disappeared he reappeared at the edge of the
city.  Blood poured from her ears, it had almost cost her, her life to
bring back her leader.

"Retreat!" Lt Hargus yelled loudly. With two fallen men, it was
apparent they'd lost and this city would forever remain in the control
of the Star Wraith.  "Dam ye Vermin, tis ye fault." Lt. Hargus
murmured under his breath.

As they retreated the Vampyre smiled.  It hadn't been a total loss, he
now had two fresh Zombies for his army.

Pics by myself and Republics Fury, commentary and story by Republics Fury. Afterwards we reset and I took on the Dwarves run by Republic's Fury's brother.

I was bad about remembering to take pictures on this game but this one was a draw leaning towards dwarven victory as time sort of ran out on us. We got in two games of Flintloque in about three and a half hours so we've certainly got the system down pretty well.

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Re: Flintloque AAR 09-01-12 Undead vs. Rats and Undead vs Dwarves
« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2012, 07:38:50 AM »
Another great looking game.

Thank you for taking the time to post the images.


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Re: Flintloque AAR 09-01-12 Undead vs. Rats and Undead vs Dwarves
« Reply #2 on: September 03, 2012, 01:31:16 PM »
I love it!   Thanks for that.


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