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Author Topic: Cohors Cthulhu Adventure Wargaming in the Hidden Wars [Rome vs Cthulhu in 28mm]  (Read 646 times)

Offline modiphius

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    • Modiphius
Hi folks, Modiphius has been teasing about a wargame for the Cohors Cthulhu universe over the last few months. Whilst the Cohors Cthulhu RPG Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/modiphius/cohors-cthulhu-tabletop-roleplaying-game/ is coming to its final days, we've announced more details below for the miniatures game. The RPG Kickstarter does include a whole load of physical and STL miniatures of heroes from across the Roman Empire as well as a set of more heroic-style Legonaries.

The ruleset is based on the CLASH of Spears miniatures game by Alvaro and Francisco Erize and is a collaboration with Modiphius co-founder Chris Birch (that's me!). I approached the brothers to utilise the CLASH of Spears mechanics to create a solo and coop adventure wargame set in the Roman empire but where the legionaries and tribes must contend with cosmic forces, eldritch horrors, and former allies twisted to serve the outer gods.

This is a completely new core rule book. The CLASH of Spears rules have been stripped back to the bare essentials and meshed with an innovative new AI and narrative engine to power your stories on the battlefield. Designed for solo and coop play, the rules have been written to get you playing from the moment you open the book (there's a series of tutorial missions to introduce the rules step by step). Players will create their heroes and see them evolve as they follow a planned storyline and procedural campaign led by player choices unfolding as they play.

Starting with a lone soldier fleeing a terrifying ambush, you will lead a growing force of Roman legionaries, Tribal warriors and heroes from across the empire in a series of hidden wars against the armies of the scheming evil Outer gods. They have influenced and corrupted Germanic tribes, ancient Atlanteans and foul cults to fight against you and summon terrifying mythos creatures to fight by their side.

The game represents the skirmishes and battles the Roman Empire initially fought in the Germania region but will later expand to other regions and forces. The launch release will include 28mm scale high-quality resin miniatures (the same as our Elder Scrolls and Fallout range) and STL files with print-on-demand options compatible with other well-known historical ranges. The miniatures will cover heroes from across the Empire, The Cult of Mormo, the cosmic horrors they have summoned, and the powerful Herjan’s Horde. Popular mythos races like the Deep Ones, and MiGo will feature alongside giant creatures such as the Sheehad.

The capricious Elder gods sometimes intervene in your battles, represented by the familiar pantheon of gods. Maeren, an ancient descendant of a powerful galaxy-spanning race, the Hyperboreans, seeks to shore up the Roman empire and may bestow heroes with powerful magic like artefacts or provide help when it’s most needed, Atlantean survivors with powerful technologies that may help you hunt the enemies of their people. Still, the might of the Roman Legions and the bravery of the tribes and civilisations on the edges of the empire may be all that stands between this world and its destruction.

Modiphius is recruiting legionaries for the Beta Test of the rules, and you can sign up for this and news of Cohors Cthulhu - Adventure Wargaming in the Hidden War here:
Achtung! Cthulhu - Terrifying WW2 Roleplaying Setting
ONE WAR - New miniatures system for Achtung! Cthulhu

Offline Aethelwulf

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I'm really looking forward to this. Do you know when the the Beta rules will be available?
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Offline Tolemykus

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I love CLASH of Spears. :-* Unfortunately I rarely have time to play. I still want the Cohors Cthulhu game though. Nothing will stop me! Unless the book gets lost in the mail. But other than that. :) lol

Offline modiphius

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    • Modiphius
We're working on the final playtest docs and will be sending out more info soon


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