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Author Topic: Blood on the Sands **NEW** Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears...  (Read 186491 times)

Offline Furt

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Sounds like my last annual performance appraisal...  :D

At least you get an appraisal mate.

Thats me on the close left furiously trying to capitalise on the momentum of my retiarius. By the sheer luck of the gods I did not win :P

It felt amazing to play again. I've known the game and Furt since 2013 and my god I'm excited to see him move this closer to being seen! I painted these during lockdown and I'm hoping to have more games soon.

One of the best wargames I've ever played. Next project will be a colosseum!

Damian is an old pro at this and even brought his own contubernium of real life Legionary reenactors to play. Can't ask for better playtesters than that right? So grateful for you coming along mate and being such a stalwart supporter for so many years. I really appreciate all the help you have given me.

And those glads are looking the bomb!
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Superb result mate. Glad it went well  8)



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Enjoyed a brilliant evening with 'Blood on the Sands' rules author Frank running 4 new players through the game. My first bout was an epic matchup between my Thraex, Hector, and Drusa the Hoplomachus.

Drusa was a machine, keeping the lighter armoured fighter at bay with his long spear. Hector tried to rush in but tripped - stayed on his feet but lost momentum and was deeply wounded in the lead arm for his troubles. Naturally, the crowd loved it!

Bleeding badly, Hector circled the Hoplomachus looking for a way in, but Drususís spear struck like an adder - another deep wound to lead arm! With 2 bleeding wounds on the same arm, and fatigue building, Hector was in real trouble. And when his leg was wounded also, he options were getting limited (ie lost an action dice).

Calling upon Fortuna and his Brittanic ancestors to aid him, Hector mustered his fading strength to dance in and deliver a series of lighting fast attacks with his curved blade, finally drawing blood with a deep wound and tripping the Hoplomachus. Drusus tried but couldnít get to his feet and fought desperately from the ground with his spear.

Using the last of his reserves, Hector went all in for one final attack on the prone Drusus. His weapon slipped past Drusus defences! With the sica's blade resting on his throat, the Hoplomachus appealed for mercy. Being most entertained after this epic combat, the crowd were pleased to give it! Spent, the victorious Hector was barely able to acknowledge the adoration of the crowd.

What a match! With a couple of bad rolls, the game went south for me from the start but I felt I always had options, though they did diminish as my gladiator degraded. The impact of fatigue was a key factor and a real push your luck mechanism. The impact of my double wounded arm was also interesting as I tried to protect it while my opponent tried to target it to knock me out of the fight.

And it was a VERY close fight and there wasnít much left in the tank by the end - and if my last all-in attack hadnít worked, I would have capitulated in the fatigue phase that followed. A thrilling match that demonstrated what a great game system this is. 

Thanks again Frank - a great night and a great game!
Also a great baptism for my newly painted Thraex, playing in your fabulous Arena :)
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