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Author Topic: By Fire & Sword "Forage supplies" Skirmish AAR  (Read 1009 times)

Offline Anatoli

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By Fire & Sword "Forage supplies" Skirmish AAR
« on: May 07, 2013, 10:21:57 AM »
Second Skirmish level battle played against Patrik this weekend, we still used the exact same forces as in our previous battle. Both Skirmish lists were maxed out in units and points.

The Polish 14 point Skirmish force was:

Colonel with 4 command points
Rotamaster with 1 command point

6 bases of Pancerni
3 bases of Pancerni with spears
9 bases cossack style cavalry
4 bases Volunteers
6 bases Polish dragoons

The Swedish 12 point Skirmish force was:

Colonel with 4 command points
Major with 1 command point

4 Bases of Mercenary Reiters
4 Bases of Mercenary Reiter Veterans (armored reiter models but played without armor)
8 Bases of New Type Infantry
2 Light regimental guns

Patrik was as such once again the weaker played and rolled for scenarios. This time he picked the "Forage" scenario, which is quite interesting and difficult for the stronger player if the weaker player makes the right decisions.

As the scenario in itself was worth enough points to bring both our armies to the same level of points, we both just rolled 1 additional effect per army. Once again, Patrik rolled "Delayed", this time my large Pancerni squadron was delayed and placed in reserves.

I rolled "Unexpected reinforcements" which fit this scenario perfectly, if you imagine the rest of the Polish army being camped nearby. In any case, my effect meant that every unit that fled or got killed could return as reinforcements on a successful skill test at the end of each turn.

Just like in the previous scenario I won the Reconnaissance massively, and once again could use all effects available to me. I choose not to deploy anything in Ambush, I placed my Pancerni banner with spears to make a Long Flanking maneuver, no unit made any pre-game move either.

Deployment & Victory conditions
The Polish force is split into two 20x20cm square deployment zones where they are foraging supplies. Each of these squares must contain at least 1 unit, and each square has a supply marker (in our case a haystack). To win, the weaker player (the Swedes) must attack and destroy the supplies, while the stronger player (the Poles) must defend their food.

In order to destroy a supply marker, a unit must have the order Move or Defend and be within 10cm of a supply marker and have no enemy unit within 10cm of the supply marker.

Crippled due to Delayed troops and the foolish choice of sending more men off to flank the enemy, the Polish troops were divided as such - Volunteer cavalry and Dragoons on the left flank along with the Rotamaster, all cossack style cavalry on the right flank with the Colonel.

The Swedes formed their assault in the following way - all musketeers and 1 3pdr artillery gun on the  left flank with the Major, all their Reiters on the Right flank under supervision of the Colonel.

Note:While being played a lot more correctly, we still made a mistake with the scenario/additional effects which could only affect units but where we delayed a full squadron of Pancerni, and I later brought in a full squadron of cossack style cavalry (the later didn't do anything once it came back though). We should have used more built up areas around the forage points as well, something to keep in mind for future battles. Can't wait to play this game again!

Check the rest of the AAR over at my blog:



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