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Author Topic: Fire in the Streets  (Read 3392 times)

Offline joshuaslater

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Re: Fire in the Streets
« Reply #15 on: August 21, 2013, 01:22:51 AM »
Great paint and battling!!

Offline SgtHulka

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Re: Fire in the Streets
« Reply #16 on: August 22, 2013, 09:18:45 PM »
Great paint and battling!!

Thanks, Joshua! I'm gonna try and post the next battle tomorrow.

Offline SgtHulka

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Re: Fire in the Streets
« Reply #17 on: August 23, 2013, 03:52:27 PM »
Satisfied that the slavers did not escape via boat, the Chivalric Killers decide to enlist magical aid in the effort of divining Horatio's whereabouts. Their first stop is the Temple of Solarrmys, where they discover a Knight in full regalia kneeling at the pews in silent prayer. They decide not to disturb the knight and seek out the seer, Sister Sonya. But the seer is missing. Goth the Bad Fairy concentrates on Sister Sonya's trace aura, and tracks it out of the Temple. But before they leave, the spriritual Knight asks to join their party, explaining that he has been praying for a worthy quest to bring him honor and fame. It seems that his prayers have been answered.

Hailing from Veraith, he is called The Silent Knight. Most believe this is because he has taken some vow of silence. That is not true, though he is quiet and taciturn. His epithet was earned not for his lack of speach, however, but for his ability to move silently even in full plate and mail armor. That skill was taught him by a Unicorn, who raised him from a child when his father, an evil baron to the South, left him for dead in a Veraith forest so that he would never challenge his father's title. Now he travels as a Knight Errant, accomplishing deeds of derring-do as his equine foster parent so taught him.

The Chivalric Killers successfully track Sister Sonya to a shanty town on the mudflats of the northern shore. Inside one of the decripit buildings they find Sonya, disheveled but unharmed, surrounded by five men in black robes. Sir Templar the Rock draws his sword, but sensing that Sonya is uharmed, Megan the Fey-Touched requests that he stay his blade. She convinces the cultists to give up their kidnap victim, and they agree, leaving out a back door. The Chivalric Killers learn that Sonya was attempting to decipher some strange paper with code-key on it. They escort the Seer back to the Temple.

Before they arrive, however, they are accosted by two hard men with heavy weapons and thick armor. They are Bravos, former robber-knights turned assassin.

"What have we here" ask the Bravoes rhetorically, "it seems our prey have arrived and our coin purses are about to grow heavier." They raise their weapons and attack!

The battle stats.

Goth the Bad Fairy interrupts their charge by throwing a curse that freezes the battle-axe wielding Bravo in his tracks! Sir Templar the Rock steps in front of Megan to protect his Lady Love.

While Sir Templar the Rock and the Bravo face off with sword and shield, Megan the Fey-Touched works her way around to stab the robber-knight in the back!

Meanwhile, Goth the Bad Fairy sucks the strength out of the other Bravo, leaving him a lifeless husk and replenishing her own magical energy.

The robber-knight proves little challenge for the combined swords of Sir Templar, Megan, and The Silent Knight.


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