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Okay... I've looked again at this following Brent's suggestion for a similar thing for Cold War. I had the bright idea that producing a poll, to include the requests people have thrown up so far and any subsequent ones, will also allow our resin pushers to be able to gauge the potential popularity of such suggestions too.

You can vote for more than one... all of them in fact, but I'd respectively ask that you only vote if you would actually be prepared to buy one in the event it was made. That makes it much fairer all round and of course makes this somewhat useful to manufacturers.

I'll try and keep on top of additions and deletions as appropriate... but I might have to set a limit at some point if it gets too unwieldy.


I've tried merging the two threads, but it doesn't seem to want to do this, so I will lock the other and we'll carry on from here.

As a re-cap, here's the rules;

1) It has to be a real vehicle, not necessarily anything more than a prototype, but there do have to be photos and/or plans etc. for someone to work off. It would be great if you could actually include a photo along with your suggestion too.  

2) It can be any scale, but clearly identify which scale you are interested in.

3) Try and include a small amount of description (made by, wars used in etc). It helps people research the vehicle if they choose to have a go at it.

4) It must not already be in production in the scale requested. Mistakes are inevitable though, so where there is one available to buy, I'll edit the post to indicate this. If a suggestion is posted and you know where there is one available, don't hesitate to point this out!

I know that I am down for two  Stridsvagn L-60

More info on the British motorcycles please.  Without giving anything away, I'm currently working with a 3D artist /metal casting expert on some 28mm spoked motorcycle wheels (pre 1940)

We have a design that will give the impression of spokes and cast in metal.  So alternate styles of spoked wheels for additional models would be something to design right now while we have this project in progress.

Now, riders are another thing and expensive...but if anyone would like to partner to produce riders please let me know!

By and by, I like designing models like this.  I can fit several kits into one spin cast mold, and it's very quick to go from napkin sketch, to 3D, to printing, to casting. 

As for the others, I like the L-60 as well!

Company B

The Norton 16H was the most common general type pre-WW2 and used for dispatch riders and other various roles. The Norton Model 1, or 'Big 4' as it was known, was used in the motorcycle battalions, with or without sidecar. Prior to Dunkirk these were the most common in service machines, although not the only ones.

There's a good thread here:

and there's plenty of reference material in the form of photos by searching by the make and model...  :)

Just remember that British sidecars go on the 'other side' of the bike.  ;)

Memories! Well, not my own. My granddad was a scout rider on Nortons (and another bike, but I can't recall what at the moment) with the Manitoba Dragoons before he wound up as a gunner on a Staghound.


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