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Samurai Miniatures: List of Manufacturers.

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In the process of creating a Samurai army and figured I would list up some of the manufacturers I had come across in my search for easy reference for myself and anyone else who is considering collecting them in the future. Feel free to comment any miniature ranges you have experiences with or add any I have missed. The prices below do not include shipping so that may affect the cost per miniature.

25mm-28mm-32mm (Ish)

Wargames Factory, Rising Sun:

Rough Price: 60p per Infantry 1.25 per Cavalry
Plastic multi part miniatures. Not the best quality in the world but they are good for cheap masses of units(Particularly ashigaru) . I quite like them some people hate them.
The range includes Yari Ashigaru (Pikes) and Missile Troops Ashigaru (Arquebus and Bows) and both foot and mounted Samurai. Be warned the horses heads look pretty bad in my opinion, and they are fiddly to put together.

Perry Miniatures, Samurai:

Rough Price: 1.20 per Infantry, 3 per Cavalry
Great range of metal models. Including a variety of types of unit including historical commanders. Nice Ashigaru and Samurai as well as some themed pieces such as casualties, Daimyo's seated as if in a Camp or committing seppuku after being defeated. Good quality varied range.

The Assault Group:

Rough Price: 1.64 per infantry, 3.50 Cavalry
Earlier period Samurai to Perry or Wargames Factory but fantastic quality metal miniatures. The range is good if a little sparser than Perry. Their Monks are fantastic.

Warrior Miniatures:

Rough Price: 1 for infantry 2.50 for Cavalry
Metal miniatures. I have only seen one of the miniatures in person and it was ok not great. A bit loose on the detail. A smaller range than the other metals but may be worth while to pick up miniatures that other ranges do not have. No pictures currently on the website to help you choose.

Kingsford Miniatures:

Rough Price: 1.80 per Standard Infantry 3.60 for Special infantry (Bannermen etc), 5.40 per Cavalry
Good looking Range of metal miniatures, haven't had personal experience with them myself but they look great in the photos. This is another range that gives the Samurai the historically appropriate small pony like horses rather than larger western warhorses.

Black Hat Miniatures:

Rough price: 1 infantry, No Cavalry
Black hat produces a small range of metal miniatures mostly unarmed and ronin. They have a lot more character some others models such as Perrys so are great for Skirmish games or characters but maybe less useful to make up the bulk of an army. The quality to price rate is very good. I am looking forward to getting hold of some personally soon.

Old Glory, Samurai Katana:

Rough Price:80p for Infantry, 2.40 for Cavalry
Metal miniatures for a cheap price. Very few pictures on the website and what is there is small. Yari and Sashimo are not included in these packs.
Thanks to "Byblos" for the picture.

Dixon Miniatures:

Rough Price:1.25 for Infantry 3 for Cavalry (1.75 for the horse, 1.25 for the rider)
Unique style meaning they wont scale with pretty much any other range. Large hands and heads. Very large range including some mythical creatures.

EM4 miniatures:

Rough Price: 1.50 infantry
Small range of Metal figures, some pre painted, some unpainted. They won't work great as an army but as individual hero's or unit leaders they will look good.

Kensei Miniatures:

Rough Price: 3.20 for infantry, 7 for Heros, 13.25 for mounted heros.
For more heroic looking than the above ranges. They look great though, may be good to add some variety and personality to your force, particularly if you have a Samurai theme army rather than an historical one.

North Star Miniatures (Ronin):

Rough Price: 2.5 per infantry, No Cavalry.
Created for the game Ronin. Come in a selection of Buntai sets including Sohei (Monks), Koryu (Sword School), Bandits and Bushi (Standard Samurai). They look like great quality miniatures not sure how they scale with other ranges.

Steel Fist Miniatures: Updated

Rough Price: 3 for Old range infantry. 15 for two cavalry, 15 for 4 infantry.
Available in pairs of character figures and various group packs at approximately 3 each. I'd guess you would use most of these as leaders and characters rather than rank and file. I understand they are slightly taller and bulkier than Perry but not hideously so. (Thanks to Elk101 for the information)

Steel fist have just brought out some cavalry and infantry with separate heads and sashimono allowing you to customise the look of your troops by mixing and matching different heads, bodies and sashimono.


New infantry

Bac Ninh miniatures, Boshin War:

Rough Price: 2.20 Infantry, No Cavalry
Very Small ranger but great looking unique miniatures. A much later period than other ranges that I don't think anyone else has covered. Can see the western influence in the technology and the uniforms. Very interesting period.

West Wind Miniatrues:

Rough Price: 1.50 for Infantry , 3.50 Cavalry
Another nice range of earlier period Samurai, typical boxy armour of the time. Range of heads you can buy as well that may work well for conversions of other Samurai.

Andrea Europe, Legends of the Samurai:

Rough Price: 30 for character both mounted and on foot.
Probably the most expensive miniatures around these miniatures will likely stand a little larger at 32mm. They are a series of well known Daimyo's from the Sengoku Era such as Oda Nobunaga, Date Masamune and Uesugi kenshin. Each Daimyo comes with a version on horseback and another on foot. Probably more suited to a display piece than actual gaming but look really nice.

Wargames Foundry, Samurai Heroes collection:

Rough Price: 2 for Infantry, No Cavalry
Wargames Foundry has a range containing 5 different packs of 6 Samurai themed miniatures. Certainly closer to the Heroic Skirmish end of the scale than the historical army end. Still a nice looking range.

Museum Miniatures:

Rough Price: 1.60 Infantry, Cavalry 6.25 (With retainers)
Unique of Samurai and Ashigaru, they seem to be all unarmoured.

Eureka Miniatures:

Rough Price: 1.70 Infantry
Small range of miniatures including some kind of rocket launcher.


Steve Barber Models:

Rough price: 3-5 infantry, 10 Cavalry
Nice Range of larger models included one commissioned user Evilcartoonist of this forum. Very reasonable prices for the size and quality of the miniatures. They also sell a rule set.



Rough Price:20p for Infantry, 50p for Cavalry
Nice quality hard plastic miniatures. Decent stopgap between the more detailed larger 28mm models and the smaller 15mm miniatures. Decent for creating large armies for relatively cheaply. Zvezda are the only guys I have found in this scale, so bear that in mind when purchasing.

If anyone has experience with any other ranges and scales or has anything to add to what I have written please let me know and I will add it to the list.

Here is a comparison of a few of the miniatures I have mentioned.

EM4: Unarmoured Samurai > WGF: Ashigaru > Perry: Samurai > TAG: Monk > WGF: Ashigaru Kneeling > WGF: Ashigaru > Warrior Miniatures: Ashigaru



Oshiro Model Terrain:

Great selection of Japanese terrain and Scenery from LAF's very own JimBibbly. Primarily in Resin terrain includes a variety of buildings as well as other scenery such as Boats, Gravestones and even an outhouse. Seems to be intensely researched to ensure authenticity.

They also do scratch built commission work the image below is an example of this.

4 ground Pre Painted Japanese terrain:

Pre painted laser cut terrain you build at home yourself, I head they are very easy to put together. At the time of writing they only have 2 available kits but they have more available for pre order.

Plastic Craft games, Fukei - Kensei Scenery:

Variety of Scenery made from a several materials such as foamed PVC, Resin and Cardboard. Seems very reasonably priced. Haven't seen it in person.

Good list!

There is also Steel Fist who do some interesting armour styles:

Steel Fist

Available in pairs of character figures and various group packs at approximately 3 each. I'd guess you would use most of these as leaders and characters rather than rank and file. I understand they are slightly taller and bulkier than Perry but not hideously so.

I forgot about steel fist. They are fantastic.

Not my area of interest but convert this into a  sticky?  (Though after two or three they become an irritant to me personally this has merit.)



black hat miniatures:
We produce a small range in 28mm as well....



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