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Author Topic: INEPTT Genre 2 - Island off of Java Part 2 - Return trip!  (Read 671 times)

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INEPTT Genre 2 - Island off of Java Part 2 - Return trip!
« on: May 26, 2014, 03:15:24 PM »
So the lads wanted another kick at the Island of Java, taking over from where they left off. So, the island was devoid of humans as they had all been evacuated or eated. But it the intervening three weeks (game time not real time) some changes had occurred to the island. Nothing major just a few bits and pieces.

There was a wall built near the pyramid (but by who?) as well the earth had become raised almost like soemthing was burrowing underneath from the sink hole to the edge of the pyramid!

Raised tunnel or mound - not sure what did this in three weeks!

Who the heck built this wall around the research station? And why?

Learning some hard lessons from last time on the Island, the teams loaded up with SMG's and Grenades, although the Soviets and 1 British team did take snipers with them.

The teams come ashore and immediately spot a giant bee and a giant grasshopper. Fearing the attacks from the last time they opened fire immediately and took out both of the giant insects. INEPTT 2 Bugs 0

Moving inland, the teams spot a giant Dragonfly that was watching their progress inland.

First but attack! A praying Mantis explodes out of the dense jungle and grabs a soldier. Luckily his equipment meant he did not get wounded, but he was in the arms of a carnivorous giant bug!. Magic attacks stunned the Mantis and then concentrated knife attacks cut it to pieces rescuing the agent before the bug could eat his head!

The Teams close in on the research station and notice the wall around it. This was also where they met the giant Ants and were reading themselves for another onslaught.

At the wall, the Ghurka agent noticed a trap door at the base of the Pyramid, something to remember for future reference.

Strands of webs were noticed in the research station, so a few agents move in to see what is in the building.

Well look at that, good reason for the webs. Opening fire with his Sten gun the agent causes a lot of damage to the Spider.

Yikes, a second Mantis, and this time the bug grabs a Soviet agent and causes a fearful amount of damage, but not quite enough to kill him.
A wild counter attack ensues with the Bug being stunned by magic attack and then a number of melee attacks which badly cut up the bug. A Brit sniper cracks of a shot but hits the Soviet. Luckily for the Soviet agent the bullet doesn't penetrate his armour breast plate.

A second spider in the other room of the research station.

OMG here come the ants again!

A withering fire explodes into the ants, including a well directed blast froma PIAT! The ants are cut down in the huge amount of bullets fired, but they keep coming!

Bad time for the Soviets, the Mantis recovers from being stunned and kills one agent and then 4 ants over come the Soviet leader! More bullets are fired as even more ants are killed but still they push forward towards the agents.

The ants are starting to thin now, with most of them dead and the Brit demolitions expert closing up on the Ants nest to destroy it (out of picture).

The last of the ants are killed, but not before they take down a Brit and another Soviet Agent. One British team had a total of 5 wounds from ant bites, no deaths but a close run thing. The Demo expert paid dividends on destroyed the ants nest.

Ants nest destroyed!

Using the trap door, the Agents enter the Pyramid and find an exceptional artifact! The artifact heals wounds and weakens evil!

Search is on for the entrance to the mound/tunnel below the sink hole!

Entrance found, artifact is close, just in case.

The beast is found - a Snake Lord, identified by one of the Occult Experts as the Snake God of Java. Not someone you want to mess with. The Snake monster shoots out of the sink hole up into the sky and space, but before he left he told the Agents that he would be back!

A picture of the Snake monster as he would look standing on a hill - just for identification purposes.

Victory to INEPTT (SOOF). The cost was high, 3 Soviet agents killed and 1 Brit. But success in all three missions!
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