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Author Topic: (COMMERCIAL) Minibits now stocking the MDF buildings from Impudent Mortal  (Read 1506 times)

Offline Leon Pendraken

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I'm very pleased to announce that Minibits are now stocking the excellent MDF buildings from Impudent Mortal!

Manufactured in the US, this range of 28mm and 10mm buildings has been brought to market through a series of Kickstarters (with their latest one ending very soon, so get in on it now: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1141913215/impudent-mortals-28mm-and-15mm-industrial-tabletop), and are very detailed and nicely designed terrain kits.

Our initial batch of stock arrived last week, containing the 33 main designs in the range, and we'll be placing a secondary order very soon to bulk out our stock levels on this side of the pond.  The real bonus for our EU-based customers is that you can avoid the shipping charges and potential VAT/handling fees incurred with international shipping these days!

We're really looking forward to working with Walt from Impudent Mortal in bringing these excellent products to our UK/European customers, and of course to all of the shows!  For more info on Impudent Mortal, head over to their website here: http://impudentmortal.com/

All of these are now available on the Minibits site, so head over and have a browse here: http://www.minibits.net/Impudent-Mortal-MDF-Buildings-c12/

Brick Buildings      
IMP-BRK-L1R   Level 1 Brick rectangle floorplan    14.95
IMP-BRK-L1L   Level 1 Brick 'L' floorplan    19.95
IMP-BRK-L1T   Level 1 Brick 'T' floorplan    19.95
IMP-BRK-L2R   Level 2 Brick rectangle floorplan    24.95
Gothic Buildings      
IMP-GOT-L1R   Level 1 Gothic rectangle floorplan    14.95
IMP-GOT-L1L   Level 1 Gothic 'L' floorplan    19.95
IMP-GOT-L1T   Level 1 Gothic 'T' floorplan    19.95
IMP-GOT-L2R   Level 2 Gothic rectangle floorplan    24.95
Steampunk Buildings      
IMP-PNK-L1R   Level 1 Steampunk rectangle floorplan    14.95
IMP-PNK-L1Ra   Level 1 Advanced Steampunk rectangle floorplan    19.95
IMP-PNK-L1L   Level 1 Steampunk 'L' floorplan    19.95
IMP-PNK-L1La   Level 1 Advanced Steampunk 'L' floorplan    24.95
IMP-PNK-L1T   Level 1 Steampunk 'T' floorplan    19.95
IMP-PNK-L1Ta   Level 1 Advanced Steampunk 'T' floorplan    24.95
IMP-PNK-L2R   Level 2 Steampunk rectangle floorplan    24.95
SciFi Buildings      
IMP-SCF-L1R   Level 1 SciFi rectangle floorplan    14.95
IMP-SCF-L1L   Level 1 SciFi 'L' floorplan    19.95
IMP-SCF-L1T   Level 1 SciFi 'T' floorplan    19.95
IMP-SCF-L2R   Level 2 SciFi rectangle floorplan    24.95
Stone Buildings      
IMP-STN-L1R   Level 1 Stone rectangle floorplan    14.95
IMP-STN-L1L   Level 1 Stone 'L' floorplan    19.95
IMP-STN-L1T   Level 1 Stone 'T' floorplan    19.95
IMP-STN-L2R   Level 2 Stone rectangle floorplan    24.95
Tudor Buildings      
IMP-TUD-L1R   Level 1 Tudor rectangle floorplan    14.95
IMP-TUD-L1Ra   Level 1 Advanced Tudor rectangle floorplan    19.95
IMP-TUD-L1L   Level 1 Tudor 'L' floorplan    19.95
IMP-TUD-L1La   Level 1 Advanced Tudor 'L' floorplan    24.95
IMP-TUD-L1T   Level 1 Tudor 'T' floorplan    19.95
IMP-TUD-L1Ta   Level 1 Advanced Tudor 'T' floorplan    24.95
IMP-TUD-L2R   Level 2 Tudor rectangle floorplan    24.95
Wooden Buildings      
IMP-WDN-L1Ra   Level 1 Advanced Wooden rectangle floorplan    19.95
IMP-WDN-L1La   Level 1 Advanced Wooden 'L' floorplan    24.95
IMP-WDN-L1Ta   Level 1 Advanced Wooden 'T' floorplan    24.95

And of course, some pics!

IMP-BRK-L1L - Single storey brick building, with 'L' shape floorplan. Dimensions: 8" x 8"

IMP-PUN-L1La - Advanced single storey Steampunk style building, with 'L' shape floorplan. Dimensions: 8" x 8"

IMP-SCF-L1T - Single storey Sci-Fi style building, with 'T' shape floorplan. Dimensions: 8" x 8"

IMP-TUD-L1Ta - Advanced single storey Tudor style building, with 'T' shape floorplan. Dimensions: 8" x 8"

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Offline fred

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Re: Minibits now stocking the MDF buildings from Impudent Mortal
« Reply #1 on: May 27, 2014, 11:43:15 AM »
Some nice looking stuff there, I can see the addition of a factory to my IHMN games.

Offline Dewbakuk

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Re: Minibits now stocking the MDF buildings from Impudent Mortal
« Reply #2 on: May 27, 2014, 09:00:41 PM »
The standard ones look quite flat but the advanced ones look rather nice.
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Offline Elbows

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I've got nothing to add other than I've met the folks who make this stuff - very nice people.  They had a nice big table at a convention I attended.  While they don't make anything I particularly need I went and spent my coupon on one of their paint holders.  The guy took the order and told me it'd ship after he got home from the convention.  Two days later I had the thing.  Really top service.  I hope they expand the line (tends to be aimed at steampunky crowd for the moment). 

So a thumbs up for their service.
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