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Chinese / Martial Arts figures round up

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I was inspired by Carlos' samurai round up, so I did one for Chinese (including Korea, Mongols, etc), Fantasy Chinese, and Kung-Fu

I thought it might be useful to some of the folks here, and of course if you know of anything I've missed, feel free to let me know:

White Metal Fist!


Great round up mate. Disappointed that you can't buy similar figures from the northstar packs as there are very few whole packs I weans but plenty of models from individual packs I would like.

Useful resource  :)

Newline also do Warring States Chinese and they are (I would say) true 25s

Redoubt have the Boxer range that a good portion of which would be suitable for other periods.



Edit - Now set as a sticky  :)

Excellent Nate, a great load of figures and a forum I didn't know about  ;D

I found these from a Chinese company ~ 3D Model Studio the 28mm '3 Kingdoms' range looks really nice, I have ordered a couple to see what they are like in the metal, will report back when I get them.


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