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Accessories for Japanese villages/towns?

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Now that our group's Japanese terrain is well underway, I'm looking for items to make it looked lived in.  I have some of the rural items from Fukei and am going to purchase some from Oshiro.  Does anyone have any ideas for the little things like Tatami mats, rice bales, furniture, prayer flags, and paper lanterns?

Would love to find a sword/weapon rack and a suit of armor too.  Does anyone make those?  Haven't been able to find anything like that yet.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance!

Museum Miniatures have a few bits like weapon racks.
More choices in 15mm than 28mm, and not all have pictures

Perry have a few

Here is some armour but not on display

I dont know if it has specific japanese items but the ranges are so vast that you may find many suitable items.

4Ground has, at least, a cart if not more. Haven't really looked recently there


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