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Author Topic: Spanish colonial army/ uniforms 1808-9?  (Read 1929 times)

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Spanish colonial army/ uniforms 1808-9?
« on: August 21, 2014, 09:05:19 AM »
 does anyone know what  Spanish colonial regiments, militias or volunteers were in  Cuba, Santo Doningo and Puerto Rico   during the 1808  Spanish  rebellion against the French ?
  What uniforms were worn ?


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Re: Spanish colonial army/ uniforms 1808-9?
« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2014, 11:22:16 AM »
Tricky one. It is a period of many severe remodelings for the Spanish forces on America.
The garrison at Cuba in 1808 is as follows:
   -"Regimiento de la Habana"
   -"Regimiento de Cuba"
   -"Batallon de Fusileros de Montaña"
   -"Escuadron de Dragones de America"
   -Two Veteran Companies
   -One "Compañia de Auxiliares Morenos"

Since 1810 several troops were sent from the Peninsula, and as early as May 1808 new Militias were raised on the island (e.g. the "urbanos voluntarios de Fernando VII"). So, after the December 1814 remodeling, the Infantry was composed of:
-Regimiento de la Habana
-Regimiento de Cuba
-Batallon del 2º Regimiento Americano
-Batallon de Fusileros de Montaña
-Compañia de Cazadores

You see, the same applies for Puerto Rico:
Early XIX:
-Veteran troops:
   -"Regimiento de Infanteria Fijo de Puerto Rico"
   -2 Artillery Companies
-"Milicias Disciplinadas"
   -"Regimiento de Infanteria de Puerto Rico"
   -"Regimiento de Caballeria de Puerto Rico"
   -Two "Compañias de Milicias de Artilleria"

By 1815, almost all the Artillery had been integrated in other units.

Not easy to spot uniforms of these Regiments by 1808. All I've found is from the 1780's:

The first two ones (from left to right) are from the Philippines Army. The third one belongs to the "Milicia de Morenos de Puerto Rico" (c 1785). Forth one (riding) belongs to the "Escuadrón de Caballería de Puerto Rico" (about the same date), next one is from the "Compañía de Morenos de La Milicia de Santo Domingo". Last two are from the Milicias Provinciales de Nueva España (c. 1795) and a Dragón "Cuera" de la Línea de la Frontera (c. 1795 too).
I'm afraid all I can spot on these troops is from about the 1780's or so. From that I cannot find anything until 1824, sorry.
Hopefully someone over here can provide more accurate info on this :).

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Re: Spanish colonial army/ uniforms 1808-9?
« Reply #2 on: August 23, 2014, 08:45:14 AM »
In Rene Chartrands book "British forces in the West indies"  (Osprey MAA) it mentions the reconquista of Santo Domigo city in  July 1809 , British forces plus  the Puerto Rico  Spanish colonial regiment  plus Spanish volunteers/militias.
  The wikipedia entry for the  Palo Hincado battle Nov 1809    mentions 1700 regulars , militia and Puerto Rico tercios.

  Not too sure if  Rene Chartrands  3 Spanish armies of the Napoleonic Wars books  have colonial forces included.
  His 3 Portugese books do.



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