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Re: Neverending charge into 6mm - Update: French Foreign Legion Fort Painted

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I've started on some 6mm bits and bobs this week, all Time Cast bar the bunker which I made. Didn't realise how much I missed it until I found two shoeboxes of 6mm WIP and naked metal/resin. And a shoe box is a LOT of 6mm.

Nice painting! About to really begin my 6mm journey now, been sitting in boxes for a while but my sparetime is soon expanding :D

Good luck with them, the great thing is how quickly you can get them done.  8)

I've started to base these buildings now. For all my figures I use a harder plastic from a bloke called Brian off ebay - - and it's quite solid so he sent me a 100mm square sample to see if it would warp if I based buildings on it, and at around 1mm thick it's the perfect thickness.

It's very smooth and shiny so I've crosshatched it with a scalpel to improve grip.

Then added some pavement for the front.

Painted that up and varnished just that part.

For the gardens at the rear I'm using some Irregular Miniatures fencing, being metal it adds some weight, but it's also tough.

I worked out the layout with two gardens of the same size and one a little smaller, as such a microcosm of society, and the decorating of the gardens will reflect this...  ::)

It's then I decide there's enough room for a little bit more paving.

Then with the building just resting on the base I glue the fencing in place with gel supeglue, but mainly at the ends not near the building. I'm going to be doing some gardening so need full access, and not attaching the building yet allows this.

Then I add the paving for the gardens...

... and some miliput for detail. Truly flat surfaces are quite rare in real life, bar bowling greens, and even a slight uneveness really helps in my opinion.

Paint on the paving,

and paint on the soil

Next: Gardening!

While I'm waiting for the glue to dry on the gardening here's a radar station I finished.

von Lucky:
Lovely stuff. I finished a few 100x100mm bases of Irregular Russian buildings. 6mm is so quick and cheerful to get done.


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