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Myself and my brother were at the Model Rail Scotland show on Saturday past. Ever since, I've trawling through model rail forums and tutorials. Its made me realise there's a wealth of stuff out there that would help us all be better terrain/board makers, but its knowing where to find them and the ones that give the best advice.

So this is what I'm hoping this thread will be about. Anybody who finds a tutorial or a walk through and thinks 'I never knew about THAT!' I'm hoping they post a link on this.  Be it blogs, websites or even our own beloved LAF, anything that inspires you to go that one step further and try and make your tables better!

I'll start with this. Its a link to a model train website. The stuff on there about building trees, hedges, simple things ( I originally thought were simple, but I'm clearly proven wrong here) like grass, to water effects and buildings. I reckon if I applied this guys theories to my own wargames stuff I could make it waaay better!!

Edit to mods: I hope I've put this in the right place. The 'How to...' section didn't seem appropriate due to not being full tutorials but links!

Captain Blood:
What a great idea.
Having been to Miniature Wonderland in Hamburg last week, I am very inspired by model railway quality standards!
I've always believed wargamers could learn a lot from the love and care (and techniques and materials) railway modellers put into their miniature landscapes.
Then again, for many wargamers, it's still all about the game - a few books for hills and a bit of green baize are quite sufficient.
Not how I see the world - and not what many of us here on LAF aspire to. But for some people, it seems that's what they like...
But building better boards is a great aspiration for my money  :)

exact one learns a lot with railway modellers. my father was one, and I learned a lot by reading the reviews.(loco revues) but it is a bit old, it has had to evolve since my childhood.

I also think the guys that do the scale model military dioramas have a lot to offer us, although sometimes they can spend TOO ling doing one thing to perfection!

Constable Bertrand:
Great resource Andy!

I dont have anything really to add, I'd just like to see what comes along, but Massive Voodoo has some great tutorials and ideas.

Like using wase electronic waste!
And realistic Spiderwebs!



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