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Author Topic: Oldhammer In Moria: Sisters Of Sigmar, Order of Shai Hulud  (Read 81146 times)

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Very happy to hear the great news!

I'll be looking forward to seeing your new project.

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Oldhammer In Moria: Mordorheim is here!
« Reply #436 on: July 28, 2021, 05:07:37 AM »
@ everyone, thanks you all and welcome again to this travesty of Middle Earth.

@ Mister Frau Blucher, Hi there fellow Virginian! I am in northern virginia - Falls Church.

If you do something well, do it better and do it often.

So... I just cant leave fantasy in Middle Earth like this. Whew. But the focus of this blog will change. The Moria Reclamation Project is now Mordorheim.

So we move the timeline forwards to the future of Middle Earth, where its no longer so much in the Middle. Late Earth doesnt have the same ring as Middle Earth. Maybe Mid To Late Middle Earth.

Oh lets just say its now either the Fourth or Fifth Age and the forces of Evil were defeated and the Dwarves eventually reclaimed their great kingdom. To recap, gone were both Sauron and his master Morgoth. And the forces of the Dwarves had to battle a coalition of both Men and Elves. Again. Yup, sounds like the Hobbit but even more death and sorrow and yes... inevitable impending doom.

Why? Because the Dwarves distilled the power of the One Ring into the form of Bugmans Beer.  Thats right! The most powerful magic item reduced to a formula for an ice cold refreshing beverage. So of course the allied powers were concerned. On top of which the Dwarf Hero Balin and his mighty paladins were discovered to have become Chaos Dwarves.

To prevent total war, Balin and most Dwarvenkind elected to walk into the Void where both Sauron and Morgoth were cast.

Many years pass in peace, most of Middle Earth forgets the events of the past.

Enter Mordorheim... Its Mordor... Its Mordheim.

Small bands of adventurers face new horrors in a slew of new wargame rules loosely providing a new story for this blog!

And here is our first protagonist....

Meet the orphan witch known as Istriya. They call her the Witch of Pinnath Gelin. She studied at the Academy of Unseen Arts in Greendale. Her best friend forever was Sabrina Spellman, whose aunt had an uncanny likeness to Eowyn. Ahem - Miranda Otto. (See everything is indeed connected! Im not seeing conspiracies everywhere, really im not.)

She wears a flowery hat made of Black Lotus Giganticus. Apparently its a very rare Alpha card for MTG whatever that means. And she has a flowery dress to match. And a flowery spellbook. Her cousin is said to be the Knight of Flowers. Istriya is apparently a Tyrell.

But she has left Pinnath Gelin, her hillside homeland in South Gondor, to search for adventure and gold.

What is that ethereal tentacly thing that has materialized behind her?
I don't know anymore
Are the neighbors watching me?
(Who's watching?)
Well, is the mailman watching me?
(Tell me who's watching?)
And I don't feel safe anymore, oh, what a mess
I wonder who's watching me now (who?), the IRS?

For the rest of this post go to my blog here: https://mars-miniatures.blogspot.com/2021/07/mordorheim-is-here.html

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Oldhammer In Moria: Mordorheim
« Reply #437 on: July 28, 2021, 07:31:23 PM »
Hey buddies,

This coming weekend a battle report is coming to the blog!

Its going to be a small game or three using Sellswords and Spellslingers.  And perhaps a game of Nightwatch by Patrick Todoroff. I havent played these games before but Ive read Sellswords. I do like the premise of Nightwatch, just not sure about the actual rules system itself. But yes to small warbands of heroes fighting against the fiendish creatures inhabiting the dark corners of the world.

Here is another hero for our Mordorheim blog setting...

Meet Aly, an elf ranger. 

Aly is distantly related to the Record of Lodoss Elf known as Deedlit. Hence why her outfit is the same colors as Deedlit's. And there is no fan service allowed here on this blog! *sarcasm*

Aly spent many years in Mordor and found a larval stage Screamer on the beaches around the Sea on Nurn. She raised the Chaos tadpole to adulthood and named it Cosmo. It followed her on her many adventures in Mordor for the next several centuries. Centuries, you ask? Elves live a long time, as well as Chaos spawn creatures like Cosmo. They were instrumental in bringing peace to the Dark Lands, yet again. Their adventures were written in a book called "The Chronicles of Nurn-ia"

But tragedy struck when Cosmo was lost chasing after a Wainrider. Aly hopes to find her lost pet someday. In the meantime she has joined a mercenary troupe travelling across the lands of Middle Earth. Putting up "lost pet" posters everywhere in her spare time.

Aly: Halt, Witch! Have you seen a Screamer of Tzeentch chasing a speeding Wainrider?

 Istriya: Is this a riddle of some sort? I would need more clues...

Strange Apparition: Take heed, daughters of  Middle Earth. I have news for the She-Elf known as Aly... One, your full name is Aly Greenleaf. Two, your ancestor was King Thranduil of Mirkwood. Three, he become a pawn of Thanos, but was blasted to bits by an Infinity Stone. Four, he left you Mirkwood Forest...

Istriya: I know how this ends, Aly.. Five and Six, Mirkwood is mortgaged and now you must must pay Gringotts or lose your forest home as well as lose your soul.

Strange Apparition: *nods*

Aly: All I really want to know is...  where could I find my missing pet, Cosmo.

Strange Apparition: *slaps her forehead*


So Aly is a descendant of the Greenleaf family of Mirkwood. Yes that means Legolas is one of her ancestors as well as his dad - The Elven King Thranduil. So Thranduil became a pawn of Thanos and was overthrown by a Mirkwood Were-Raccoon and a Shambling Mound. But that is a story best told elsewhere. Or Nowhere. Errr, I mean Knowhere.

Cheers, Mar

Taken from: https://mars-miniatures.blogspot.com/2021/07/more-mordorheim-characters-aly.html

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Re: Oldhammer In Moria: Mordorheim
« Reply #438 on: July 29, 2021, 08:44:20 AM »
great stuff - love it.

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Re: Oldhammer In Moria: Mordorheim
« Reply #439 on: July 29, 2021, 01:36:09 PM »
I remember Kyra! She was a banshee. Told Sleepy he would save all of the dwarves! I wish that tale had been told!

Great painting on her face! 

Glad to see things tie back into your previous work.

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Re: Oldhammer In Moria: Mordorheim
« Reply #440 on: July 29, 2021, 04:11:56 PM »
On top form sir!

Looking forward to more  :D

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Re: Oldhammer In Moria: Mordorheim
« Reply #441 on: July 29, 2021, 10:15:55 PM »
@ Frau Blucher Thats her indeed. But since I no longer have the mini for Sleepy, that tale might only be told in passing. How did the lesser Ring that he had in his keeping help the Dwarves? That tale... will have to be revealed in time....  *insert maniacal laugh*

 And the roster of painted figures for the blog goes on! I wish I had some terrain or a mat to give the pics a  bit more color. In time...

For now, let's say that the world is slowly returning from a Limbo state. A new slate. Kind of like the mist in Dark Souls.

And here in this post we have yet another strong female hero. A strange coincidence? Or has something happened in Middle Earth while we were away? Yes, this strange world lives on while we arent looking. We must decipher the mysteries of this place as we go along. In the previous world our focus was on the Dwarves and their journeys to reclaim their homeland. So in this new world we are finding a pattern emerging. Where are the men? Maybe the constant state of warfare has decimated the male population. It was called the War of the Ring afterall... Perhaps its climate change? Hormones? Saruman and his constant genetic meddling with his Uruk Hai has released magical pollution into the world. Or maybe its evolution itself twisting the lifeforms into something different. Afterall, in nearby Barsoom, the Warhoons have evolved to all come from communal eggs. Who knows? And we hear that Barsoom isnt so far from Mordor. Just a bit of a jog to the east. Maybe thats why the Easterlings keep coming our way. They were all being pushed our west by the Barsoomians. More mysteries for us to discover...

For now, lets bring our focus back to our latest female protagonist...

Meet Zorelle. From her hair you can tell right away shes a Targaryen. Somone should bring her a dragon egg and see if it hatches around her.

On her hip she carries a phial of some sort. It glows lightly at night especially when the stars shine. Or when someone whispers "Luthien Tinuviel..." It was a family hairloom. When she was young she heard that the phial might have been made in some ancient land called krypton.

Her childhood nickname was Kara. Yup, Kara.  Kara Zorelle.

She also carries an obsidian blade - The Black Sword of Erlech. Forged by ancient magicks from the Stone of Erlech. Many tales surround its properties that Zorelle knows nothing about. Yet.

Some one is coming! Zorelle has highly trained senses. She makes a good tracker. Or a "Strider" as trackers are known to be called in the common tongue.

Oh, its just Aly and a strangely dressed Witch of some sort.

Aly: Hey boss! I bring a friend and new recruit for our mercenary guild. And I havent found my lost pet yet. I ran out of "lost pet" posters when I ran into her. I need to print more copies.

Zorelle: Hail and well met Aly! And to you stranger!  I think I saw a Staples back there on Ithilien Avenue. Or it might have been an Office Depot. At any rate, its next to the Starbucks. This neighborhood sure has changed since I saw it last.

Istriya: I would like to join your gang. Err. Group. I need to make money quick. How do we do that?

Strange Apparition: I bring tidings to the Lady Elessar known as Zorelle of Minas Tirith. One, you are the One that has been prophesied about. The One who will bring peace to both Middle Earth and Barsoom. Two, your parents are just your foster parents - they only found you as a baby when your "ship" crashed on their farm. Three, your real parents come from Barsoom. Four, your last living relative has passed away in Barsoom and left you Castle Solitude near the City of Zodanga.

Istriya and Aly: And Five & Six, you now owe your soul and everlasting mortgage to the Bank of Gringotts. Yeah we get it! This bit is getting old.

Strange Apparition: Hey, its my day job. I am the Ghost of Mortgage Past, afterall. Dont shoot the messenger. You think I like bringing dark tidings to people day in and day out?

 Zorelle: I can see now why we all need to go questing for gold.


A bit of social commentary seems to have crept into our imaginary world. Pardon me. But its true! The Illuminati controls everyone! In case you hadnt heard the Illuminati is made up of Doctor Strange (who isnt a doctor at all, but a secret Istari wizard and a famous detective in his spare time), Iron Man (of House Stark), and Professor X (leader of the Dagorlad Marsh Mutants). Some real smart think tanks there.

So, Zorelle is a Kryptonian, Targaryen, Dunedain-ian, and Barsoomian messiah of some sort or another. Make sense since she seems to be the leader of our little group. And she carries a lot of heirloom level items and weapons. Is that the Phial of Galadriel? And is that sword... Stormbringer? So add Melnibonean to that long list of genealogies.

Our blog fluff is getting quite convoluted. If I make a mistake Im sure someone will point it out to me.

Cheers, Mar

From my blog here: https://mars-miniatures.blogspot.com/2021/07/the-roster-of-painted-figures-for-blog.html
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Re: Oldhammer In Moria: Mordorheim
« Reply #442 on: August 11, 2021, 11:47:25 PM »
From blog post here:  https://mars-miniatures.blogspot.com/2021/08/mad-alice-and-gates-of-mordorheim.html

Mad Alice and the Gates of Mordorheim

I havent yet run a game for Mordorheim but I know what rules to use thanks to my first game with Mr Joe P. and his friends Steve and Peter. Im talking of course about Sellswords and Spellslingers. Joe ran a Conan scenario based on those rules that was very thematic and immersive.  As Im writing this very blog post, I get an email that Joe has blogged about that Conan game on his blog: https://miniaturescrum.blogspot.com/2021/08/co-operative-conan-with-sellswords.html

What fortuitous timing! And it was my pleasure to game with them. A great game and I regret losing both Valeria and the pet dog we found. But what a hero dog he was, biting a sabretooth tiger in its rear end and distracting it for our heroes to do their hero-ing.

Im also working on a variant of those rules because of that Conan game.

Im going to call it Sellswords & Shoggoths.  Or perhaps Shoggoths & Starspawn?

Either way its going to be Mordorheim on this blog. Any game I play on this blog going forwards that is skirmish based IS Mordorheim. I know it should be Mordheim rules I should run. But Im totally sold on Sellswords. I lost my PC due to a crash about 2 years ago and I didnt back it up for years. So I lost alot of rules and on top of which I sold all my physical rulebooks and most minis as well. But I did buy sellswords on RPGnow or drivethru, so I could dl it again! I also have Nightwatch rules which I might incorporate parts of into my frankenstein rules set.  They still need work.

In the meantime lets introduce the last member of our burgeoning adventuring mercenary party - The Sisters of Merciful Fate! Thats right, on their off time in the pub they play as a all-girl goth/metal band.

Ladies and gentlemen, on stage we have the drummer of the Sisters of Merciful Fate.... Mad Alice!!!

Mad Alice is also known as the Mad Mistress of Laketown. Yes the place that Smaug burned down in the late troubles before the big troubles. Its not like she owns the town though, she just comes from there. But who knows, that age was so long ago that its not far fetched that Alice might be a descendant of Bard the Bowman, the Dragon Slayer.

With her trusty lantern, Alice has explored the Tulgey Wood and the Rabbit-hole south east of Laketown. Some say her adventures were wonderful. You could even say it was a virtual "wonderland". She has faced down Jub Jub birds and Bandersnatches. She has talked to the talking animals in the rightly named Village of Talking Animals. And tripped the light fantastic in the Fungal Forest with the friendly Mushroom-Men. She even had a Cheshire Cat as a companion, until it met a terrible accident by a land-sled pulled by rabbits! Oh that dastardly Radagast and his drunk driving antics! But who can blame him, Bugmans Brew at happy hour?

Speaking of which... Alice carries a keg of some sloshy liquid at her back. Radagast gave it to her as recompense for the tragic accident. She has never taken a sip of it, in memory of the Cheshire Cat. So broken-hearted was Alice that she swore never to drink from it or to ever love another pet again. Those things die, they do! Some one approaches! An elf! To arms... Fear fire foe! Oh its just...

Alice: Aly, its just you. For a second I thought you were a Jub Jub bird.

Aly: Oooh, I like Jub Jub Birds. I hear they make great p...  oh sorry Alice I almost said the "P" word  (editor: pets)

Alice: Speaking of the "P" word... I found your p... Cosmo. He is being held captive in Mordorheim not far from here by a snakey witch of some sort.

Aly: We must save him before he is sacrificed to the Elder Gods, or the Chaos Gods, or worse...  the God of Hunger... supper!

Zorelle: Istriya this is Alice, our scout explorer and official lantern bearer. Alice meet Istriya, our latest mercenary.

Istriya: Hello! Oh... I sense magic on you. That Keg of ale... has a ancient spell cast upon it!

Alice: My keg of Ruin.... its nothing.

Istriya: It has a Greater Spell of Holding. It holds a far greater volume than can be guessed at by looking at it. And something else... something powerful and ancient...

Alice: Radagast says it once belonged to someone called Buggyman or something. An ancient brewer of some sort. I swore to never drink from it in memory of my lost p...

Istriya: Bugman! He is a famous Dwarf Hero! And that might be the famous lost "Keg Of Bugman". Its said to contain the last remaining Brew of Power. It has the distilled essence of The One Ring of He Who Will Not Be Named.

Alice: Valdemort?

Istriya: NO the other Dark Lord...

Alice: Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith?

Istriya: (facepalms) NO. Sauron! The Dark Lord - Sauron of Mordor!

Alice: Shhhh! Not when we are so close to Mordor.... we are in its shadow. The Ephel Duath!  And the place where we must go to save Aly's p... Cosmo.

Istriya: One does not simply walk into Mordor. The very air you breathe...

Aly: Oh, its fine! the Weiland-Yutani Corporation installed a atmosphere processing unit on LV 246.

Zorelle: With a loan from the Tyrell Corporation, I might add.

Istriya: There were colonists on LV-246! Families... Burke... and you signed the papers!~

All: Who is Burke?

Istriya: The guy from Mad About You...

All: Ohhhh...

Aly: You again!

Strange Apparition: Yeah you know the deal. Lady Alice, you now own Laketown, its monthly, and...

All: ?

Kyra the Strange Apparition of Ost-In-Edhil: Can I join your mercenary troop? Im tired of being the bearer of bad news. I need a career change!

Zorelle: Sure, we could use a Banshee where we are going! Now only if we could get a whole shipful of undead spirits who swore an oath to the Black Stone of Erlech...

All: If only....

Kyra of Ost-In-Edhil: Well maybe next adventure. I first have to give my 2 week notice to Gringotts. Those gobbos are real sticklers for paperwork and doing things by the book.

So off they go adventuring...

They reach a crossroads.

Istriya: Alice, bring your light over here, there is writing on the statue.

Istriya: Abandon hope all ye who enter here...

Alice: What that last bit written there?

Istriya: Take a penny, leave a penny...

Alice: And over there?

Istriya:  Samwise was here... Pippin was mission quest thing here too!

Alice: Damn graffitti hooligans!

So our four ladies stand before the Gates of Mordorheim, feeling the uncertain coldness of unease chilling their very bones.

Alice: I think its time to break open this keg and have a swill or two of this brew.

All: Zyor Round!!!


 Alice carries the last Bugmans Brew in Middle Earth. Word has it that it is distilled and bottled from the freshest water on any side of the Misty Mountains. From the very wellsprings of Fangorn Forest. Careful girls, the waters of Treebeard's Ent-Draught might make you gain in inch or 3 in height! Ask those pesky Hobbits! (Good excuse for the scale creep of these Kingdom Death minis!)

Also note my new game mat from DeepCut Studios. Its pretty fab, if you like need haunted desolate landscapes. And of course the famous GW Garden Of Morr terrain. (I dont recall their new fangled Age of Sigmar name). Oh and my handmade custom foamboard that I painted. Yeah, its not that great. I made it really fast for this post. I will make a better one for the next post which I hope will be a battle report. Oh actually, I might post my latest work on Shoggoths & Star-Spawn.

So there is the intro to Mordorheim... cheers ladies,


From blog post here:  https://mars-miniatures.blogspot.com/2021/08/mad-alice-and-gates-of-mordorheim.html

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Re: Oldhammer In Moria: Mordorheim
« Reply #443 on: August 12, 2021, 08:57:42 AM »

really like your photos too - very effective in meshing with the written narrative.

Offline Mars Miniatures

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Re: Oldhammer In Moria: Mordorheim
« Reply #444 on: August 12, 2021, 02:55:12 PM »
@Bloggard, Ah thanks buddy! having a matt, some terrain, and a background really helps. Better than the plain white of the last few posts, eh?
As for the narrative, the first few of the new posts felt a  little stilted but its starting to shape up nicely now.
Like an olde time engine, it just needed to idle for a bit to warm up.
The cogs are now running and we are ready to take the jalopy around the block.

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Re: Oldhammer In Moria: Mordorheim
« Reply #445 on: August 13, 2021, 11:16:38 AM »
Yeah, things are starting to fall into place, Mar-Style!  lol

It'll be cool if Kyra joins our band of heroines!

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Re: Oldhammer In Moria: Mordorheim
« Reply #446 on: August 13, 2021, 04:27:47 PM »
@ Mr Frau Blucher, Kyra is the first of many other characters from the blog's past that will show up and play important roles in this new era. Im still figuring out how to bring back Pickles, Sleepy, or maybe even Baron Hawk. Or at least have flashbacks of them to fill out the missing years.

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Re: Oldhammer In Moria: Mordorheim
« Reply #447 on: August 20, 2021, 08:30:16 PM »
From blog post here:  https://mars-miniatures.blogspot.com/2021/08/mordorheim-rules-unit-stats-converting.html

Mordorheim Rules & Unit Stats (Converting WHFB Stats)

 Here are the Mordorheim custom rules set for this blog. And yes, you may have noticed that Ive updated the blog's top banner graphic.

To make games easier for me, I have simplified the Warhammer/Mordheim rules and stats. They are still I Go You Go, which is what I like. No charts "to-hit" or "to-wound" need to be used anymore, all info will be on the unit stats. I like d6's so that is the only die needed to play.

Combat: Attacker rolls Melee "To-Wound"(or Range if available), defender rolls To-Save. Only attacker may atttack during his/her turn.

Attacks stat is the number of dice rolled in Melee combat. Ranged attacks are not modifed by Attacks stat and are usually just 1 attack unless noted otherwise.

Health stat is the number of wounds a unit can take before being knocked out of the battle.

Leadership is now for overcoming fear or stun checks which cause inaction for a turn. Fear or stun checks are caused by special abilities as noted on unit abilities.

Charge: During movement phase, may move at double speed to base contact with enemy.

Magic: Each spell can only be cast successfully once per battle. Only 1 spell can be attempted each turn. A failed spell can be tried again in upcoming turns until it is successfully cast.

Turn Sequence: Move/Charge, Missile Fire/Cast Magic, Melee Combat


 To convert Warhammer stats to Mordorheim stats:

1) change Weapon Skill to Melee: WS of 3 = 4+, less than WS 3 = 5+, more than WS 3 = 3+

2) change Ballistic Skill to Range Attack: BS of 3 = 4+, less than BS 3 = 5+, more than BS 3 = 3+

3) change Toughness to Save: T of 4 = 6+ Save, T of 6 or more = 5+ Save, Light armor = a further -1 to Save, Heavy armor = further -2 to Save, Shield = further -1 to Save. Maximum stat of 3+ Save.

4) Change Leadership (old) to Leadership (new): LD of 7 = 4+, more than 7 = 3+, Initiative of 4 or more is a further -1 to Leadership.

And here are the new stats for our heroes (heroines):


Zorelle, Lady Elessar of Minas Tirith

Move 4"  Melee 3+  Attacks 3   Health 5  Save 4+  Leadership 2+

Phial of Galadriel: enemy ranged attacks are at -1 to hit

Sword of Erlech: vampiric blade heals Zorelle +1 wound per successful enemy wound

Lightning Reflexes: already added to Save stat


Mad Alice, Mistress of LakeTown

Move 4"  Melee 3+  Attacks 2  Health 4  Save 0  Leadership 3+

Rage: Double Attacks on turn in which Alice charges

Beer Keg: Heal up to 3 wounds per game for Alice or friend in contact


Aly Greenleaf, Elf Ranger of Mirkwood

Move 5"  Melee 3+  Range 3+  Attacks 2  Health 3  Save 5+  Leadership 3+

 Bow of Loren: Range attacks are 3 shots per turn

Blessed by the Goddess Isha: can reroll any 1 die roll per battle

Scout: May move up to 5" before battle begins

Waywatcher Reflexes:  already added to Save stat


Istriya, Witch of Pinnath Gelin

Move 4"  Melee 5+  Attacks 1  Health 3  Save 0  Leadership 3+

Regrowth Spell: Casting  2+, heal d3 wounds on self or friend up to 12"

Spectral Skull Spell: Casting 2+,  18" range to target in LOS and all enemy models in 6" of target, must roll leadership or lose actions next turn

Chain Lightning Spell: Casting 3+, 18" range to target model in LOS and 2 other models within 12" of target, causes 2 wounds to each model

Shield of Thorns Spell: Casting 4+, Remains in play, on self or friend within 12", each enemy who comes into contact with target suffer a wound on a 4+

 The Crows Feast Spell: Casting 4+, 24" range to target model (no LOS necessary) and 2 other models within 12" of target, causes 1 wound to each model

So I will have a small solo game this weekend with these rules.

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Re: Oldhammer In Moria: Mordorheim
« Reply #448 on: August 22, 2021, 05:57:21 PM »
Taken from full blog post here: https://mars-miniatures.blogspot.com/2021/08/first-battle-of-mordorheim-battle-report.html

First Battle of Mordorheim - AAR Battle Report

"The unpayable debt that I owe to C.S. Lewis was not 'influence' as it is ordinarily understood but sheer encouragement" - Tolkien

I didnt plan to interweave Alice in Wonderland into Middle Earth. And I had forgotten that C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien were friends. Both were professors at Oxford and had a literary club that met in a pub called the Eagle and the Child. Their club name? The Inklings, of course. Its interesting to think that even when I dont mean for there to be a connection on my blog, there is one. What other authors were buddies in real life that I could use in Mordorheim? Robert Howard and H.P. Lovecraft were friends, or penpals at least. So yes, on this blog, Alice will be clothes-lining Eowyn in the squared circle while Conan is suplexing Cthulhu on his tentacled head.

Onwards to a battle report! Havent done this in a long while and it happens to be a solo game. I dont have young cousins to draft into my wargames here on the east coast. And while this game should have been done with solo and /or co-op rules, I got lazy. Its so much easier to use rules I know. Plus I made them even easier (see last blog post).

Seth: Jacob, you're going to keep going down this road until you get to DiGallo. When you get to DiGallo, you're going to turn this big bastard left, and go a couple of miles until you see a bar called "The Titty Twister". And to my understanding, you cannot miss it.
Jacob: Then?
Seth: And then you stop, because that's where were going.

Alice: Im telling you they were right here. A snakey lookin' lady and her groupies. And they had Cosmo in a cage.

Aly tries to suppress a sniffle and fails.
Istriya offers a shoulder for support as Aly over the top dramatically bursts into tears.
Zorelle uses her ranger tracking skills and follows the trail of snake slithers, while Alice lights the way.

They come upon a dryad and a treekin and ask them if they've seen a bunch of snakewomen with a hostage in tow.

Zorelle: Hello there treefolk! Have you seen any snakewomen around here? They have taken our friend prisoner.

Truffles the Treekin Elder: These snakewomen are known as Melusai and their leader is a Medusa. And they are our most hated enemies. They burned our orchard!

Blossom the Dryad: Wicked leafbiters and rootnibblers all of them. Just to keep warm at night they made a bonfire of our home. They had roasted marshmallows over the chopped remains of our kin!

Zorelle: I propose an alliance. We destroy these Melusai and rescue our friend. And we make sure they never harm another orchard again!

The Treefolk nod.

Istriya: Hi there dryad. I have many dryad friends where I come from in Pinnath Gelin. I like the color of your leaves.

Blossom: Its always cherry blossom season for me, hence my name. And my owl friend up on my top branch is Archimedes. He belongs to some wizard that went north to fight in the War for Breeland and the Shire a long long time ago. He never came back so I kept him. They say he went into the future.

Istriya: A wizard's owl familiar? Pleased to meet you Archimedes. *owl hoots a reply*

Blossom: He says that if you cast spells in his vicinity you will have a higher chance of success. I know a few spells of my own. Like Tree Singing. And The Hidden Path.

Istriya: Sylvaneth spells! I'd love to learn those someday.

Zorelle: So the enemy is right up this road you say? I guess we should make a plan of attack then. Any ideas?

Aly: Yeah, win. And get my pet back.

Truffles the Treekin Elder: The clearest way into the universe is through a forest wilderness.

Zorelle: Thats nice and inspirational. But I dont know how that helps us in our current predicament?

Truffles: Into the forest I go to lose my mind and find my soul.

Aly: I second that plan!

Zorelle: *facepalms*

The medusa known as Santanica Pandemonium and her Melusai bodyguard are indeed up the road.

"I've had it with these mothafuckin' snakes, on this mothafuckin' plane" - S. Jackson

Unbeknownst to everyone involved, a horde of Flesheaters are approaching. And like all of their kind, the Flesheaters are delusional. Left to Right: Ser Imrahil VI the Strigoi (Imrahil the 6th of his name, the Lord of Dol Amroth and warden of the Bay of Belfalas) and Ser Selmy Barristan and their ghoul troops.
Dol Amroth was razed to the ground by a Southron army and their sorcerors unleashed a virus that turned the inhabitants of Dol Amroth into Flesheaters who believe they are still the same noble knights of South Gondor. They believe the Melusai are damsels in distress and will save them from the heroes who they see as evil monsters.

Ser Imrahil VI: Ser Selmy, a battle is near. I feel it in my bones. Will you fight beside me one last time?

Ser Selmy: As you wish my lord.

Imrahil: We should not underestimate these invading monsters. I feel our fate is nigh and our destiny... is to die saving the helpless and protecting the weak. Still we must be brave and just.

Ser Selmy: Mi'lord, I am a knight, I shall die a knight. Even now, I feel I could cut through our foes like carving a cake. And may it be a double chocolate pudding cream cake at that.

Ser Imrahil: Well said, old friend. well said. Guards, knights, squires... prepare for battle! and pudding cake?

Overview of the gameboard.
The marker token on NE corner shows which crypt holds a caged Cosmo . A PC in base contact with said crypt can free Cosmo. There is also a treasure chest full of precious gems and a mysterious book on the grave under the token.
On turn 4 = Ser Selmy and 3 ghouls arrive. Roll d6, 1-3 NE corner 4-6 SW corner
On turn 5 = Ser Imrahil and 3 ghouls arrive. Roll d6, 1-3 NE corner 4-6 SW corner
On turn 6 = Kyra arrives
And Variable Turn Length rules apply after turn 7

Medusa and 5 Melusai setup in 12" from NE corner.

The 4 heroes, Truffles the Treekin, and Blossom the Dryad setup in SE corner.

Aly, Truffles, and Alice head north.

Truffles the Treekin: Winter is coming!
Alice: We need to stay frosty people
Aly: I will sing you the song of my people

"Some things in life are bad
They can really make you mad
Other things just make you swear and curse
When you're chewing on life's gristle
Don't grumble, give a whistle
And this'll help things turn out for the best

Always look on the bright side of life
Always look on the light side of life

If life seems jolly rotten
There's something you've forgotten
And that's to laugh and smile and dance and sing
When you're feeling in the dumps
Don't be silly chumps
Just purse your lips and whistle, that's the thing

Always look on the bright side of life
(Come on)
Always look on the right side of life"

Zorelle, Istriya, Blossom (and Archimedes!) take the southern route
The southern route is blocked by two Melusai!

Blossom the Dryad attempts to cast The Hidden Path spell on Zorelle. Good idea to protect her from the Melusai arrows. All Blossom has to roll is 2 or better, she rolls a 1. Fail! Zorelle says "no worries" and takes out her Phial of Galadriel.
Istriya attempts to cast a Chain Lightning spell and also fails. Istriya looks at Archimdes who shrugs his shoulders.
Zorelle hold up her phial and the Melusai are blinded, the Melusai let loose with arrows. One misses, but one hits Zorelle who fails an armor save and takes a wound.
Zorelle charges in and only manages to wound one of the Melusai. the Melusai strikes back and Zorelle is wounded again!

Aly peers through the rusty gate in the wall and sees the 3 Melusai waiting for them.
Aly says they made a mistake "If its a gunfight they want, well ok then! btw thanks for the cover..." and fires at them thru the gate. 2 hits and a Melusai fails her saves. So one snake lady goes down. The Melusai return fire, one arrow gets through the gate but Ally dodges it. Then the Medusa moves up and stares at Aly. Aly fails her LD test and will be paralyzed next turn!

Blossom: *senses danger approaching* Be on guard friends, the presence of evil wilts my leaves

A Strigoi and 3 ghouls arrive closeby

Blossom the dryad charges in to help Zorelle while Istriya stays closeby to benefit from Archimedes bonus "To-Cast " ability. Istriya casts chain lightning on the incoming flesheaters. The lighting strikes and kills 2 ghouls and wounds the Strigoi Ser Selmy. The strigoi survives the spell but is down to his last wound. Zorelle feels her sword hunger for enemy blood. She hits twice but the Melusai makes both saving throws! Zorelle could've used the healing from the Sword of Erlech.

Truffles charges the 2 Melusai archers and slaughters both! Truffles smash! As Aly is frozen in place, Alice decides to charge thru the gate... into combat with the Medusa! Her charge triggers her rage ability and she rolls 4 attacks of which 2 hit the Medusa causing 2 wounds. But the Medusa still has another 4 health!

Selmy the Strigoi flies up in the air and charges down on Istriya and wounds her. Blossom takes a wound from a Melusai.

The Medusa wounds Alice with 2 wounds which leaves Alice with 2 wounds left. Then the Medusa turns her gaze and attempts to petrify the approaching Treekin but fails.
Imrahil and 3 ghouls arrive on the NE corner

Zorelle slays a Melusai and her sword drinks deep and restores 1 wound to Zorelle. Istriya attmpts to cast The Crows Feast spell, but fails.
In melee Istriya has to roll a 5+ and succeeds! The Strigoi falls over and is knocked out of the battle!


(Sorry the pic for the following portion was not taken - editor)

Meanwhile in the north, Alice drinks from her beer keg and heals 2 wounds. Since she is already in contact she doesnt get double attack bonus from her rage. So she only rolls 2 dice which fail to hit the Medusa. Truffles charges in to help Alice and scores 3 hits on the Medusa, who makes all 3 of her save throws!

Aly decides to go thru the gate but instead of attacking the Medusa she maneuvers into LOS of the approaching flesheaters, turns around and fire arrows into them. Aly takes down 2 ghouls. The surviving ghoul shambles forwards as Imrahil swoops down and charges Aly and causes 1 wound on the elf. Medusa contrates her attacks on Alice and causes 3 wounds! Alice is down to 1 health. Alice has survived (barely) and she still has 1 gulp left in her beerkeg to heal 1 wound.

The surviving Melusai knocks out Blossom from the game. A ghoul charges Istriya and wounds her. istriya is down to 1 wound.
And things are down to the wire, both Istriya and Alice are down to 1 health. Aly is down to 2 health.

Zorelle: Kyra? Show yourself. Ohh she is here all right, she wont show herself. Tell the dragon to weave a mist to hide us.

Kyra: I have walked my way since the beginning of time. It is mine to know which and when. Actually there was traffic on Ithilien Avenue, better late than never though, eh?

Kyra charges the Melusai who cowers in fear from a failed LD test and should lose her next turn but wont live to as Kyra strikes her down in melee combat. Kyra then unleashes her banshee cry and slays the ghoul facing Istriya. The battle in the south is won!

Meanwhile in the north, Alice and Truffles team up and hit the Medusa and take her out of the battle. Aly gets lucky and manages to cause 1 wound on Imrahil. She is great for ranged combat but in melee? She needs some help!

The last ghoul charges Alice and knocks her out of the battle!

Istriya heads north and finds a gap between a crypt and a wall then casts a Regrowth spell which heals Aly back to full health.
Kyra comes to the rescue and scream kills the last ghoul. Trufffles wounds Imrahil which leaves the Strigoi down to its last wound. Aly has 2 attacks in melee. One fails and the last attack of the game is rolled... it is a success! Now for Imrahil's Save throw... it fails and the heroes have won the game with a decisive win with all villains slain.

Seth : [talking about the Titty Twister]  You've never been here before?
Carlos : No. I drove by it a couple of times. It's a rowdy place, it's out in the middle of nowhere, there'd be no cops and it's open from dusk till dawn. And didn't you say you wanted to meet in the morning? Here we are.
Seth : Well since you just picked this place out of a hat, my brother is dead, that girl's entire fucking family is dead!
Carlos : What, were they psychos? Or...
Seth : Do they look like psychos? Is that what they look like? They were vampires! Psychos do not explode when sunlight hits them, I don't give a fuck how crazy they are!"

Aly gets to the crypt where her pet is imprisoned

And out flies Cosmo the Screamer of Tzeentch.
Aly: Cosmo! *hugs Cosmo*
Cosmo: *telepathically* Master!
A girl and her dog (a floaty fanged many-eyed daemon dog)

Istriya and Truffles gather up the fallen and wounded for a makeshift on-site medical facility
Istriya helps Alice drink some of her Bugmans Beer which heals her back up, while Truffles spreads some healing spores on Blossom.

Truffles the Treekin Elder: Blossom, I must return to Fangorn and collect more seeds to plant a new orchard.

Blossom the Dryad: I think I will stay with these new friends and help them, if they will have me. Maybe along the way I will find Archimedes masters' fate.

Zorelle: You are most welcome to travel with us We could use the extra help.

Istriya: Yay! We can trade magic spells too!

Zorelle goes and opens the treasure chest and discovers it has gems and a strange book.
Istriya: Hey, that book was a Necronomicon. When you removed the book from the cradle, did you speak the words?
Zorelle: Yeah, basically.
Istriya: Did you speak the exact words?
Zorelle: Look, maybe I didn't say every tiny syllable, no. But basically I said them, yeah.

Upon seeing Aly cup a handful of precious gems saying "Oooo shiny!", Blossom the dryad gives a handful to Istriya: "I wish they were acorns..." (Ronnie B's version was better than the original. Also, Rest in Peace Fez Whately. Radio legend. Ron and Fez, Noon to 3. Nuff said.)

 Aly atop her beloved Screamer of Tzeentch.
Beware future foes. This duo is fast and a tad shooty.


So Zorelle now has the Necronomicon in her possession, but did she say "klaatu verata necktie?"

Istriya has made a Dryad friend with an Owl familiar nested in her branches.

And that owl is Merlin's familiar. Did he ever make it to the White Towers after the Shire campaign was lost? What was so important about the White Towers anyway?

I dont know about you all, but I really like the Flesheaters fluff even if it is Age of Sigmar. Flesheaters are the most noble unwitting tragic villains ever. Ser Selmy deserves a better death. And he will have many more noble deaths on this blog.

Kyra is a beast in combat, isnt she? But she was lucky in this battle report. She is a heavy hitter and the girls will need that in the battles to come.

As for battles to come, Ive heard rumors that we may be headed north again. To some place described as "the long dark road" or "older and fouler things than orcs in the deep places"

Enough teases... till next time, buddies.


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Great stuff! Warms my heart to see Aly back with her cute little Cosmo!


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