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Author Topic: More in hope than expectation...  (Read 4640 times)

Offline MaleGriffin

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Re: More in hope than expectation...
« Reply #30 on: November 01, 2015, 03:18:50 PM »
Hi David,

Brandon here. Long time gamer and mostly lurker trying to get out of my shell. ;)

I've been war gaming since the old Avalon Hill boardgames and then got into miniatures. (Actually, it the truth be told I was playing with miniatures long before I played boardgames, but didn't have any "rules" just a vivid imagination and a lot of plastic Airfix figures and marbles to use as artillery.)

I game in 15mm and 25/28mm but I don't really have a group of people to play with so I mostly live vicariously through sites like this and my favorite blogs.
Although I love the big battles, due to limited space and even more limited funds and time to paint, I do more skirmish games than big battles.

I do ACW in 15mm for big battles and 28mm for skirmishes. I also play Colonials, but once again, mostly skirmishes.

I know this is heresy for this topic, but I also do Bolt Action WWII. ;)
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Offline Norm

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Re: More in hope than expectation...
« Reply #31 on: November 01, 2015, 05:39:22 PM »
Lovely looking game. I am having a crisis of scales at the moment. I have 10mm / 12mm ACW but would love to do something with 28mm plastics, but I have a very small gaming area (4 x 3 at best at the moment, so would probably only get around 6 units per side in 28mm on such a table).

Is that towelling on the game table ? it is very effective. I have only ever seen it used once. Some blokes at a UK show had made 8" hexes (for a computer regulated ACW game) and they used towelling that had been dry brushed and it looked superb.

As for feedback, I think sometimes you feel compelled to give some, especially if you also have a question (as I do above) and you want to see more.

On of the things that can deter feedback is that a browser will typically sit down and browse across several sites for their wargame fix - but not be logged onto any of them or even be a member - so commenting will not happen. They might also be browsing on a phone or tablet, so significant replies are harder with a virtual keyboard.

I only partly accept that comments do not have to be made, some recognition of a persons work that goes into photographing, making notes and then writing up a blog article is a deserving thing, especially if you have enjoyed it - it is pretty much free, the reader could easily pay 100 a month on magazines (if enough magazines existed :-)  ) to get the same sort of variety  and volume of quality content that is currently available on blogs.

You have creative people and you have consumers. There is a balance, the consumers should in my humble opinion acknowledge work and effort that they have enjoyed at no cost. I agree that you don't want an auto list of thank-you's like someone is throwing you a sweetie ..... but something every now and then from those that get a substantial gaming fix from an article is surely a reasonable expectation.

I post across several sites and here produces the least number of responses .... as in none! although my blog has 170k hits. I am not complaining, just saying and only raise it now because it is part of the topic of this thread. Perhaps I should take that as constructive feedback - who knows?
« Last Edit: November 01, 2015, 05:45:49 PM by Normsmith »

Offline Yankeepedlar01

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Re: More in hope than expectation...
« Reply #32 on: November 01, 2015, 09:53:28 PM »
Yes, Normsmith, it's mostly towelling with some green teddy bear fur and odd bits of grass matting perhaps. It's basic green then over sprayed with car paint - British Racing Green and yellow. Phil made it all and will be along I imagine to correct me in a while...
Your observations on comments, or lack of, make interesting reading and give food for thought, so thanks for stopping by.
"There is no point in being stupid unless you show it!"


Offline Mad Padre

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Re: More in hope than expectation...
« Reply #33 on: November 02, 2015, 07:46:05 PM »
That's a terrific looking table and is precisely the reason why I persist in 25/28mm ACW gaming.  The range of figures on the market, both lead and plastic, and the continuing innovation in rules makes this a very attractive period, and besides, as you've demonstrated, it just looks so darn cool.   I sometimes wonder if there is a hard limit to how many figures I can put on a 4 by 6 table and have a manageable game, besides the related storage issues.   But I'm not there yet and I persevere, despite other periods, scales and ranges competing for my time. 
I wish I did your blog the justice it deserves.  Sometimes it's more than I can do to paint, game, maintain my own little blog and visit other folks' blogs as much as they deserve, but don't lose heart, mate.  The hobby needs you.
Blessings to your brushes!
Mike the Mad Padre


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