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Author Topic: Wanted: one semi-crazed cyborg guerrilla, last seen near secret lab in Congo...  (Read 1798 times)

Offline strawbuk

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In a version of the standard Bad Bob scenario with Catch the pigeon random movement, this was me and my 12 year having some light fun.  I post this to see what fun we mere mortals can have with IHMN as well as those geniuses wiulfgar and silbuster   :D

Here we see Specimen 47 aka Bob, spotting the hated Hun' or rather their steam walker Otto, coming to return him to their evil science lair. Luckily for Bob, the African Defence League aka Tarzan and friends are also in attendance to rescue the poor,mistreated creature.  

Algernon Halfmane, Her Majesties liaison to the ADL, takes a commanding view of the action on the old temple but has obviously been at the hip flask as couldn't hit a barn door all game.    He sees his team split up, Chief Wonga and the lads head for Bob, while mighty Kerchak, Tarzan and Jane sweep around the flank.  The Hun lobbed a few congreves from Otto the walker as the Imperial Marines move forwards but to little effect.  However, hanging back near the tree line was a bad option it turned out....

..as Kerchak emerges form the trees to deal with the 'strange cranky tin man'.   As He does, the Warriors, having taken some losses from Marine rifle fire, have split into two groups: one successfully subdues Bob, the rest go hand to hand with the Boche.  

The Kerchak vs Walker man, (perhaps lacking the Tokyo skyscraper background it called for ...) went three rounds, with the mighty ape briefly stunned by half a ton of steam claw, but then getting up and hitting back hard - I actually scored a 'driver hit' result on the walker damage table but we read that as Kerchaks enormous fist reaching into the walker hatch and pulling the driver out like a cork....

With Bob in my hands and the walker driver doing a Faye Wray impersonation, my opponent called it a day.  
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Offline Silbuster

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I take it that Kerchak is a bit kerchunky then.

Offline wulfgar22

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Splendid! Nothing stands in the way of the Mighty Kerchak!

Offline strawbuk

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One day I will understand why my dropbox links appear upside down...

Kerchunky is only a few points more than the 'standard' list (tougher hide armour 9 but only 3+ pluck) but the sheer presence of the model is a real psychological edge on opponents!


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