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Author Topic: The Whatever Comes Along Fantasy thread  (Read 2624 times)

Offline pocoloco

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The Whatever Comes Along Fantasy thread
« on: February 10, 2016, 04:22:20 PM »

I haven't been that busy with fantasy related hobby stuff lately, like in years. That is about to change when the beautiful halflings from the Westafalia Publishing's KS start arriving  ;D
I recently bought also Frostgrave and Dragon Rampant rules, both will be used with the halflings. Well, used, if I ever get to play a single game but that is not important but building the forces and background stories is thus I started with the obvious, building the world.

I shamelessly used our own existing world, Europe even. I know it has been done earlier, ahem, but heck, this one is still my world ;) So I grabbed a pen and drew a map, then took a pic and tuned it a bit. Then the place names and here it is so far.

The red dots show the cities/towns - inhabited by menfolk and so called halflings - that form a somewhat loose trade and political alliance called the Kansaetic League, originally made up by the halfling tradesmen to protect their interests and business ventures in the great big world against hostilities, whether caused by man or beast, gold or steel. Later on they have allowed also non-halfling members to join up to bolster their ranks. In my world the halfling term is used by non-halflings, they call themselves Kansa (kansa in Finnish means folk/people). There are other cities and town, naturally, but now the focus is on the Kansaetic League (feel free to make suggestions on other places and geographical sites). And of these Kansaetic towns I will focus on the free city of Trefaborg, which is located south of the Fenmark Isles on the map. The technology level will be around late 15th and early 16th centuries, Kansaetic forces do carry firearms and wear plate armour :)

Places so far:

Elfinland – The land of the elven kind, dominated by ancient woods up to the northern parts where tundra gnomes herd their reindeers.

Sdvergrige – Land of the dwarves, who mainly live in the hilly and mountainous regions in the middle, eastern and northern parts of the land.

N’Orgre – Mountainous land of the northern ogres, of whom many find employment as bodyguards and mercenaries in the more southern countries. Several centuries ago the common phrase amongst the continental coastal lands was: Deliver us from the wrath of the N'orgres!

Feire – Emerald island of the fairy folk, seldom seen outside their island.

Heatherlands – Populated by seafaring manfolk, land named after the abundance of heather growing everywhere.

Fenmark Isles – Small marshy kingdom consisting of islands.

Bogland – Another marshy kingdom, one of the biggest in the continent, many local noble houses vie for the throne and spent most of their time squabbling over the crown, unless fighting against the Undead forces that rise every now and then from the Great Marshes by the sea.

Terduqartois - Human kingdom, current throne holders are related to ruling houses of kingdoms of Azury and Gallandy making the internal politics a true mess.

Azury - Human kingdom, ruled by the same line for several hundred years, their veteran units wear the blue colours of their king.

Gallandy - Human kingdom, home of the finest knights on the Earth, meddles with the interior politics of Terduqartois, claiming the island under its protection (a claim it cannot hold up to).

Thiudesche - Several human baronies, dukedoms, small kingdoms that claim common history and heritage. There has been no true High-king to join all the different factions together for ages but at least it is a good business to became a heraldist and be hired by yet another claimant to the throne, or even a status of prince... or a duke..., well, a count will do as well :)

Kyiwania - Human kingdom, mainly focuses fighting an external thread caused by the Gnollden Horde from the east.

Gnollden Horde - The hyena-faced warrior race from the east, they claim all the land to belong to them. Currently lots of infighting amongst different warrior houses and tribes. They have launched few small pirate fleets to scourge the seas without any great success... yet.

* * *

Miniature and terrain wise I will start slowly and proceed every now and then. I have some GW skeletons waiting to be built & painted and some bits of general terrain. We'll see how it goes, most likely yet another eternity project  lol

Cheers for checking this out :)

Offline Philhelm

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Re: The Whatever Comes Along Fantasy thread
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2016, 07:51:16 PM »
I assume the Gnollden Horde will attack in, say, June, with the release of the Frostgrave gnolls?

Offline pocoloco

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Re: The Whatever Comes Along Fantasy thread
« Reply #2 on: February 16, 2016, 07:17:48 AM »
I assume the Gnollden Horde will attack in, say, June, with the release of the Frostgrave gnolls?

Yes indeed, that's the plan :D

I hope to get preparations for the attack started earlier though and of course, also the defences... I have the GW/Citadel Fortress to paint, for example :)

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Re: The Whatever Comes Along Fantasy thread
« Reply #3 on: February 16, 2016, 07:49:58 PM »
Really cool project!  Im looking foward to see it geeting shape, the world is promising!  :D
''Its so much easier to build something new than work up the courage to actually paint some.'' -Wyrmalla (2015)


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