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Author Topic: Jumping in!  (Read 564 times)

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Jumping in!
« on: March 26, 2016, 10:59:21 PM »
So I made the leap, a calculated leap.  I read plenty of reviews, watched tons of battle reports, and looked at initial investment amount.  I then purchased the main rulebook along with the campaign book, and devoured their contents!  I then did the next logical thing, and ordered up some minis for use in my warband of treasure greedy DWARVES!  I decided to hit the ground running with an all Dwarf band, led by a pair of Dwarf wizards/apprentices.

Below is the list I purchased from Reaper, and it stayed under my $100 limit I set for myself!  For that amount I will be getting 16 minis that I selected.  They are all named below, of course their roles will vary depending on what I use them for.  But I have 3 Thieves, a bowman, crossbowman, a thug, a couple Knights, Templar, Barbarian, warhound(using the Boar), and maybe an extra or two of various type.  

14633: Gilok Onyxfist, Dwarf Wizard
 03099: Klaus Copperthumb, Dwarf Thief
 03564: Horgun Blackfletch, Dwarf Bowman  
 03125: Bailey Silverbell, Dwarf  
 03455: Dwarf Wizard  
 02384: Gord Ironhead  
 14173: Gargram, Dwarf Sergeant  
 03413: Nalila Goldhammer, Female Dwarf Paladin  
 03435: Dire Boar
 02397: Quimby Copperthumb  
 14019: Durgam Deepmug, Dwarf Hero
 03399: Lydia Copperthumb
 60186: Staunton Vhane
 14304: Logrim, Dwarf Captain
 03371: Brock Battlebow, Dwarf Ranger
 03434: Hulgrif, Dwarf Barbarian

I look forward to their arrival in the post and snapping a photo pre-paint.  I am currently deployed, so will more than likely be unable to do any real work on them, but I wanted to have them just in case.  

With the Breeding Pit expansion as well as the Dark Alchemy expansion coming, I need to snag a few more models.  But for now that can wait. An alchemist would be awesome to get ahold of though.


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