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Author Topic: Cold War/Modern Canadian Armour Question. Availability of 25/28mm Vehicles?  (Read 1873 times)

Offline Viper4Dan

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Esteemed gamers, can any of you direct me to a manufacturer of 25/28mm (or close to this scale) Canadian Cougar, Grizzly, Bison, or LAVs?

Offline Lowtardog

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Empress do LAVs and I think a yank company do some of the others cant think of their name at the moment. What figures would you use for canadians though?

Offline Viper4Dan

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  • There is only success and opportunity, not failure
There is always a bit of conversion to do. For 1970's I use TAG Vietnam Australians with the FN, or Gripping Beast Argentine Falkland infantry (in Fall or Winter jacket). For more modern Canadians TAG US Vietnam infantry (late 80's) or TAG modern US with a weapon swap (scope and pistol grip. Not perfect, but close enough from 3 feet away on the table.

Offline Mike Bravo Minis

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If you're not wedded to 28mm, there's an upcoming kickstarter aiming to cover 1985 era Canadians infantry and vehicles.  https://m.facebook.com/groups/1110307275667754?view=permalink&id=1136125139752634

And edited to add Full Battle Rattle and their 28mm modern Canadians on thd way: http://leadadventureforum.com/index.php?topic=86206.0
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Offline jamesmanto

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You won't find a LAV III Dan.
Go 20mm like me!  ;)

If you can find a Stryker then put the turret from a LAV 25 on it and use the LAV 25 hull for a Bison.
A LAV 25 could also proxy for a Coyote Recce vehicle.
Might be close enough for jazz....

Full Battle Rattle miniatures is planning to commission a LAV III if their infantry make money.
But that's a couple years out and just wishful thinking for now.

Offline commissarmoody

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Some modern 28mm Canadians next to a Empress modern Brit.
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Offline Queeg

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Yeah Empress do a Leopard 2A6, LAV25 and Stryker. You could make a passable LAVIII by using the LAV turret on the Stryker hull.

Offline grant

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Modern Canadians would be good. The 2A6 needs slat armour for Afghanistan. Otherwise looks excellent.
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