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Author Topic: Ahhhh yes, it's going to be the new "insert favourite game title of the past"  (Read 3749 times)

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I really know nothing about Frostgrave but if allows use of stuff already in my collection maybe I should find someone in my game circle who has the rules.  Surely in the multiple hundreds of dwarf and hundreds of goblins from the 1970s there might be a party potentially?   lol

Time to go search my favorite forums for AARs of this game.   o_o

I don't want to buy anything new in larger figures (well except Reaper Mouselings) but I have problems with using current figures.

Hey, could I field some Mouse/Mouselings figures for a party?  Then my wife may be drawn in... Better yet, Bunnies and Burrows figures...  Why not?   8).
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Yep.  You can field whatever you want essentially as long as the models/equipment match up with the character's.  If you have big fantasy armies laying around definitely pick up Dragon Rampant while you're at it - another "use whatever you have" game.  Cheap and wonderful.

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Yep.  You can field whatever you want essentially as long as the models/equipment match up with the character's.  If you have big fantasy armies laying around definitely pick up Dragon Rampant while you're at it - another "use whatever you have" game.  Cheap and wonderful.

Absolutely. My frostgrave are old gw figures with another using minis from northumbrian tin soldier. Dragon rampant, anything goes on the mini front

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Edit: Maybe I can say it this way, if you like a game like Necromunda or Mordheim I don't see why you cannot just play it even if it is not "officially" supported.  Why replace a game if it works.  It is not like a popularity contest, is it?

Man. I did play GW games, especially the Specialist Games*, and this used to be one of my mantras in recent years when people would moan about the games being 'dead'.
Games out of print? Well they're available as free downloads.
Minis OOP? There are lots of proxy suppliers popping up and producing alternatives. That's when you don't already have big collections lying in the attic, doing little but gathering dust.
Games 'unsupported'? When that's not just a euphemism for 'GW stopped churning out stuff to spend money on'; well, aside from the proxy minis, the game communities refine the rules, put out new lists, and arguably achieve much better balance than GW was ever interested in, let alone able to produce.
Games refined by the community? Oh, well, you see, these people in this part of the world use than version, and those people in that part of the world use that version, so that means it's completely impossible for our gaming group to use either... ::)

People just can't seem to grasp it, or want to hear it. It almost seems like it's preferable to sit back and lament about 'when all this was fields', than to put in some effort to reinvigorate their old favourites. I think it's because they're still stuck in the GW culture, which has carried over to other games. Game producers have to create gaming opportunities - if you can't get a pickup game in a GW store or LGS, it's not worth it. Game producers have to have worldwide appeal - if stores and clubs two cities over, or two countries over, don't play it, then you can't get yet more pickup games when... you're on holiday or something, so it's pointless. Game producers have to keep churning out extraneous crap to buy - how else are they going to keep your interest? Good, deep, balanced games? Pfff. What's more, without constant releases, kids won't buy it in future so it's meaningless for you and your buddies to try and get some enjoyment out of it in the present.

As soon as there's any hint that GW's attention on a certain game or edition is wavering, it's dead, and people flee it like rats from a sinking ship. They're so utterly in thrall to what GW - or other 'big' gaming companies - dictate, that it seems any other way of gaming, let alone taking a little control for themselves, is inconceivable. Not shocking or undesirable: just... inconceivable. Like trying to explain colour to a blind person.

I wish I was exaggerating more than I am. I've had people all but tell me to shut up, give up, and stop interrupting their SG pity party because they've already tried it, only to run up against blinkered GW culture. Maybe so, but that doesn't make the latter any more right, and there are few indications that they've tried much more than walking into their hardcore GW/40K group to say "Hey guys, remember that Epic game, with the tiny... oh, oh right, okay then."

I've moaned about historical gaming's culture in another topic, at least in regard to big games, but one thing I think is absolutely right and brilliant is organised games, or hosted games. Or simply having a gaming group and not giving a fig about producer-led 'fashions'. Going beyond just turning up with your army in a case to see who brought theirs, and using the store's terrain. Providing armies, providing terrain, choosing rules and even a scenario, setting dates, setting venues. If good, older games have a chance of being played in the middle of a marketing whirlwind, it's because of people who espouse that attitude.

* My games were centred more around Epic:A, though. I had a couple of games of Necromunda and it didn't grab me. Too fiddly, even for skirmish. And I hear too many complaints that the campaign system was utterly broken. Continuing n the vein of McFonz's OP, I'm not 100% tied to Epic:A, much as I love it. I'm looking at LaserStorm and Horizon Wars with interest, too. (I like titans, but my 6mm gaming isn't centred around them. :P )


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