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June 16, 2019, 12:25:47 PM

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Author Topic: The Thaw of '46  (Read 43503 times)

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Re: The Thaw of '46
« Reply #630 on: June 07, 2019, 09:59:15 PM »
See part 1 on the previous page. :P

Other Project Options?

Elsewhere I've been doing some research into the T-70 as a platform for conversion. Earlier some variants were discussed, and I've since found some more which may have potential.

My current intent is to have a go at making some vehicles which used the T-70 (or similar vehicles like the T-80 as a base, typically through extending the chassis). Currently I have two T-70s, one by Warlord games previously painted as a German vehicle, and another by Blitzkrieg. The German one an serve as a donor with a repaint.

As far as these variants, here's a few more which seem like they have potential.

VT-42 t-70

An attempt to increase the longevity of the T-70 chassis a concept seen on a few vehicles. Done by replacing its main armament with a 45mm long barrel gun with excellent armour penetration (purported to be able to take on German heavy tanks).

This would be a simple conversion just replacing the barrel on the existing tank. Obviously this project ignores the realities of the real vehicles (which sites such as the Tank Archives go into in more detail, as to why these projects failed), and in the fashion of World of Tanks or War Thunder which I'm somewhat aping, I don't tend to modify these prototypes to be a bit more suitable. So yes, the tank with the one man turret would get a larger gun and not address its other shortcomings. :)


This one is perhaps less outlandish a model, being a vehicle which did see serial production. The T-70 had numerous flaws, which the T-80 attempted to address. Particularly in increasing the turret to two men so the Tank Commander didn't have to deal with three separate jobs including operating the gun. It saw limited service, as the time for light tanks was over.

A bit more involved than the 45mm gun tank, but not that extensive a conversion. I don't believe that anyone makes a 1/56th scale, but I could be wrong and Die Waffenkammer may have it in their archives somewhere. This could also feature the VT-42 gun, though that may muddy the concept a tad. Regardless, the background of the T-80 and its obscure nature would make it suitable for this project even if it actually being real docks it some points.


One concept to use the chassis for an AA gun. Perhaps more competent than the dual DShK armed prototype, though maybe not as able a platform as those vehicles using extended chassis. It was armed with a 37mm gun and intended for usage against both air and ground targets though didn't see production due to its cramped interior.

Another potentially simple conversion of the T-70. This would involve creating a new turret from scratch and be open topped something I'm not too fond of as that means making an interior and crew. I'm more inclined towards the 45mm armed vehicle, however if I had the time the turrets could be interchangeable between these models.


When a request was made for a new SPG based on the T-70 chassis, two plants were tasked with the project. A third plant volunteered its own design, being the Grozny concern which had developed the Zis-3 gun. Their design was fairly simple a casement on the T-70, with hardly any modification to the rest of the vehicle. Concerns were raised on the limited access to the engine due to the casement extending a bit further than the turret's plate at the back, which among other concerns caused the project to be shelved (I'd note however that this is an issue on the original T-70, where you have to remove the turret and its mounting plate for the same task).

Among all the SPG on the chassis, of which there were a few (even more than the hand full I mentioned in my earlier post ...really, there must be a dozen), this one seems like the most expedient to make. Which is saying something for the nature of Soviet tanks. I like this vehicle as it would suit the Blitzkrieg T-70, which is now lacking a turret, and be something similar to that Panzer II Luchs SPG I made in concept. Just a casement built over the chassis.

There are those other SPGs on the table for conversions as well, though those will come once I can settle on how to do the tracks. I'm still inclined towards the vehicles with the more Hetzer style casements than the variants on the look of the SU-76 (and there were a few of those as well... honestly the amount of attempts at using this chassis for SPGs is silly, though given that we were still seeing conversions Post-War its not unexpected).

For one however, I am always in need of lighter vehicles for actual games. I find my collection filled with heavy vehicles which whilst nice to look at ...don't always offer the most balanced force for playing games with. I'm not want for concepts at least, its just finding the time and inclination to actually build them and for the moment at least my To Do pile for the Soviets seems to be filled with heavier vehicles as usual...

(Other) Other Project Options (not T-70s)

Otherwise I have came across some other ideas for vehicles not on the T-70 chassis which may be worked on down the line.


My continued effort to find something to do with this IS-2 may have finally ended. ...Its like the Soviets just jumped from the KV-1 to the IS-3 in terms of weird prototypes. I managed to find this prototype which seems to fit the bill an IS-2 with progressed towards the pike nose of the IS-3.

The vehicle seems to be largely an IS-2 just with a modified armour layout similar to the later vehicle. Presumably being a prototype which was rolled into a bunch of other improvements to create the IS-3. Luckily a good chunk of the IS-2 seems to remain intact (engine deck/ turret/ running gear) unlike on the IS-3, so seems like a viable conversion compared to just buying an IS-3 kit.

Sd.Kfz 222 in Soviet Service

(Uh, this, but with big stars on it I guess)

I'm also kind of inclined into making one of these. Yes, it would mean more German stuff but that's just a short term problem. As I finish more of the half built stuff I'll have plenty of actual Soviet vehicles and the captured German kit will be a minority.

Anyway, I like the look of the 222 and Rubicon now have their plastic kit. I was thinking of one armed with a PTRD Anti-Tank rifle done up with the usual green paint job and Soviet insignia. It could be interesting (and again I'm picturing some propaganda film where lacking actual enemy equipment older vehicles are used done up in their colours instead).

BMP Prototype ...Things

There's a 1/56th BMP-1 somewhere in my collection which isn't being used. Whilst this is more wistful thinking than something which will likely be turned into anything it is a thought.

Similar running gear to the BMP-1 appears on many earlier Soviet vehicles. If I could use the tracks from the kit which I already have (Sloppy Jalopy I think) then that could work for some of those vehicles and prototypes to complement the T-44s period wise giving the Soviets some more post-war equipment in opposition to the lighter E-Series I suppose. Just a musing. :P

[size=18]Closing (yup, seriously I had to add bloody headings as this was getting too long)[/size]

Here's another of my usual "I've not touched a project in a while, deal with this content dump" posts. Um, I could ask if more shorter consistent posts are preferred, but I know I can't keep to a schedule, so well, deal with it. :)

For the moment I'll try and wrangle some of the guys at my club to run another tank game at some point. The main thing putting that off is that I want more vehicles for the Soviets so that its less of the "German Civil War" battles we've been playing with all my Axis vehicles, so I'd like at least a few more painted before that happens. Another zombie game ideally will be on the table too, which may be less involved depending on how things are balanced (i.e. Not a repeat of the last game where we just unloaded AKs into the horde and it turned into a shooting match).

In either case more terrain is in order, namely those ruins, more soldier corpses and tank traps (the latter two being stuff I'd lost in a box and only painted a portion of). As we've been playing mostly tank games the sparse boards are all right, and I have enough terrain from the rest of my collection to fill in the gaps on your average board, but my preference has always been to fill my boards with about twice as many pieces as every other board in the club that night put together, so there's always more work to be done...

Anyway, more crap to paint. :P

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Re: The Thaw of '46
« Reply #631 on: June 08, 2019, 08:28:16 AM »
Wow, that is a lot of creative stuff.

Interesting about TWD:AOW having problems with mass firearms. I would have thought it would cause the threat level to reach "Game Over Man!" very fast

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Re: The Thaw of '46
« Reply #632 on: June 08, 2019, 09:11:49 AM »

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Re: The Thaw of '46
« Reply #633 on: June 08, 2019, 10:18:01 AM »
Ah, yeah, TWD doesn't like guns. We found that with a squad of 8 or so models on each side armed with a mix of Assault Rifles and Bolt Actions the threat level didn't reach the Herd point even with everyone shooting every turn. Some models did begin to break near the end, but most seemed to hold out even with middling nerve (the Leaders had better stats).

Though to be honest, TWD's nerve system can be exploited. There's one character who has the highest nerve and can give it to any survivor within a certain distance. In one game I just stuck him and the rest of my survivors on a bus roof and shot at random Walkers - increasing the threat level every turn. The other player's Survivors panicked, mine just stood about with their meagre loot then escaped before the Herd showed up. ...That no name character breaks games. :P

There's a larger version of the game coming out apparently which may be worth a look. As the base game doesn't seem like it wants to scale beyond a dozen at most survivors at a side and a handful of guns without breaking itself. We tend to only play with a hand full of pistols and bolt action rifles in our games so players are forced to be sneaky - but once enough guns have been secured we're still able to start blazing away at the zombies without much concern.

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Re: The Thaw of '46
« Reply #634 on: June 15, 2019, 12:24:44 AM »
Meanwhile... I've had less time than I thought this week to work on things. Meaning that bits from last week which have been painted, or mostly painted aren't really a focus as I try and come out with more tanks for a game this Tuesday.

Currently the plan's been to give the Soviets more models so they have a bit more choice for figures in this World of Tanks style game we're playing. The Germans have dozens of options (though oddly only one artillery piece...), the Soviets are stuck with 3 Heavy, 2 Lights, and ...that's it.

Which is fine, I've not worked on them for long. Still, its come down to adding three more vehicles to that list this week (I hope).


Here's what's become of this idea. The details are guesswork, as the real vehicle didn't make it past the rough blueprints stage. So they make look the part at least, but could be wildly impractical. Which is fine. Outside of that one blog post I found this thing in nobody probably even knows what this is...


This has come along further, now with extra details. Its not perfect, but I'm calling it good enough for some paint.

One of the pair of Maus I have is receiving a repaint too. The turret's been stripped and will be done in Soviet colours, and the hull's having the German insignia painted over with black rectangles & red stars. Along with a general update to the painting, like with the T-44, as I'm not happy with how it looked (too much dry brushing).

These three vehicles then count as a SPG, Medium and Super Heavy Tanks. The first two are going to receive the same all green paint job as every other Soviet vehicle I have (maybe slightly different - I'm running out of a particular shade of green paint...).

I'd rather keep things simple and have each side easily identifiable. The Soviets will be a simple Green, the Germans coming in White or Tan. We had enough issues identifying the living soldiers from the dead in our Zombie game this week. ;)

There'll be a post up at some point in the future with those things I painted last week, probably some shots of the Zombie game's table, and it'll likely run on into what we play this Tuesday as well through all my rushing to paint these last two models.

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Re: The Thaw of '46
« Reply #635 on: June 15, 2019, 03:49:31 PM »

 Always interesting to see your scatchbuild/kitbashes, they often provide inspiration :)

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Re: The Thaw of '46
« Reply #636 on: June 15, 2019, 05:44:05 PM »
Another great batch of weird war vehicles.

Very creative. I look forward to seeing them painted.


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