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Author Topic: The Eye of the Sad Dragon  (Read 2648 times)

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The Eye of the Sad Dragon
« on: September 27, 2016, 01:47:03 PM »
We ran a game table on 10-11 September at the "Goblin's Fest Breizh" a geek and mangas convention in Pordic (near St-Brieuc, Brittany, France). Ruleset: Argad!

On the first day we did short demo games. On the second day I had prepared a scenario (RPG-like) for two players who had taken part in another game one year ago and wished to play the same characters again; so this new adventure is a sequel to "The Valley of the Sad Dragon" http://leadadventureforum.com/index.php?topic=77336.msg951870#msg951870

After this last adventure, people hear that the captain of the local garrison, Sir Grosvalde, ran away and headed north with a few men and two loaded mules; he probably feared to be punished by the king because of his misconduct and corruption.

– Dwarf player: the captain owes a large sum of money to the Dwarves. But there's something more important: since a long time the Dwarves have been looking for a magical red stone which had belonged to Dwarven kings of the past. They believe that this stone was a part of the Sad Dragon's treasure; but it was not found after the dragon's death. The Dwarves thought that some local humans had hidden a part of the treasure but they had no proof of that. Then they hear that, just before going away, the captain has stolen things hidden under the Priestesses' house…

– Human adventurers player: exploring the abandoned Goblin village, "Hans Stahlarm" and his group of adventurers find a very old Goblin sitting in the forest eating bugs. He tells them that the other Goblins went north and have abandoned him there by kindness of heart – it is cruel to force old Gobs to walk when the tribe moves away. He his quite happy now, but he his worried that bugs will be more difficult to find when winter comes. After some talking and mumbling he mentions that the Goblin group is carrying some newly acquired wealth. The adventurers spare him and give him a bottle of hard liquor.

The table (view from the south). The mountains on the right are far north of those in the previous game. The seashore can be seen in the background. Knights of the Royal Watch are patrolling the plain.

The table (view from the north). There is a small village (not appearing on the previous pic) in the south-west.

The human village:

A group of Dwarves, and a group of humans, walk in the morning fog.

The Dwarves walk proudly, as per custom.

Their leader rides a pony. He has sworn to find the red stone that the Dwarves call "The Eye of the Dragon".

The humans look like a troop of adventurers from two different ethnic backgrounds and cultures.

Half of them are probably from the western kingdom, as Gretchen Derweise the lantern bearer and Hans Stahlarm the leader:

The other half have an eastern appearance, as this monk and this swordswoman:

The adventurers hear a voice in the fog. The monk and the swordswoman cross a small stream, and find a muscular woman wearing a mail skirt (in fantasy terms: a barbarian) squatting for a natural need. When she sees them, she swiftly stands up with a sword in her right hand and a shield in the other hand, and faces them. A few seconds later, a male barbarian holding a two-handed sword comes walking.

The two barbarians seem very suspicious but they accept to talk with the adventurers. They speak with a strong northern accent, they say their names are Kønarl Dunørl and Kønnett Dunørl.

They are bored because they can't find big monsters to fight; so they accept to follow the groups of adventurers. They say they will walk behind the group because they don't trust anybody.

The group crosses a rocky pass, then climbs a hill… and meets some other humans who look like thieves. Both groups are surprised and a fight starts for no reason. Some men fall on both sides, the surviving thieves ran away but two longbowmen in the adventurers group have been killed. Hans Stahlarm is furious and tells his eastern friends to get revenge. The thieves are caught in a sunken lane…

…two of them, including their leader (who looks like a renegade nobleman) die there; the other two manage to escape.

The other adventurers, followed by the barbarian couple, climb a mountain path (the strange half-naked man holding a snake is an eastern shaman who is a member of the group).

…but… some creatures are hiding in the mountain heights… are they Goblins?

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Offline Patrice

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Re: The Eye of the Sad Dragon
« Reply #1 on: September 27, 2016, 01:47:51 PM »
The group of Dwarves, after having asked some information in the village, has crossed the plain and arrives on the top of a hill close to the seaside…

…and they see Sir Grosvalde, his men, and his mules, standing on a sand dune… surrounded by Goblins on foot or riding wolves or boars!

The Dwarves hope that the Goblins and the captain's men will continue to fight each other, but the Goblins have seen them and (not knowing why the Dwarves are there and hating them in any case) they withdraw at some distance. The Dwarves, still very eager to find the red stone, run towards the dune.

Seeing that, the mounted Goblins ride to the hilltop. The situation is reversed!

The Dwarves tell Sir Grosvalde that if he gives them the Dragon Eye they will let him go with his wealth, otherwise they will fight to death. The captain hesitates… then tells his longbowmen to shoot!

The Dwarves attack!

On the hilltop, the mounted Goblins laugh and make bets.

After a short fight, human morale breaks. Sir Groswalde runs to a mule, opens a bag, seizes a big red stone and throws it to the Dwarves. The Dwarves take it and tell the captain he can go away with his men and loaded mules.

The human adventurers are in the mountain pass (picture: the cleric, the eastern shaman, and the female lamp bearer). An arrow flies towards them: a Goblin was hidden in a small cavern.

The adventurers don't want any Goblin in their back! The two barbarians don't take part in this fight, Goblins are not worthy opponents for them.

Down the mountain path, the adventurers discover some old stockades …and other Goblins.

…and more Goblins …and behind them: a Troll!

The adventurers recoil; the Goblins advance, and the Troll comes in the first rank.

As soon as the two barbarians have seen the Troll, they run forward to face him. Hans Stahlarm also wants his share of glory…

Kønarl the barbarian is wounded, but continues to fight.

This terrible battle lasts for some time… then Kønnett Dunørl gives a deathly blow to the Troll.

She dips her sword in the blood of the fallen monster "Tø Þank my swørrLd" and explains that it is a "+1 swørrLd vs males ønly if uzzed by female".

The Goblins who were with the Troll die too; except one of them, a pavise bearer who begs for his life and promises to serve the adventurers.

The adventurers think that he could be useful to protect their crossbowman: the lamp bearer puts him on a leash.

The humans are intrigued by the symbol painted on the pavise and they ask their new prisoner about it. The Goblin says that it's a very old and traditional emblem but that no Goblin remembers its meaning. It was probably a body part and source of power of a great magician of the past? Perhaps the eye of an evil sorcerer? Or private parts of a powerful sorceress?

The human adventurers find a few bags of gold and silver hidden by the Goblins in the mountain.

The other Goblins (those who were in the hills) shout dirty words to the Dwarves who walk home, and hesitate to attack them… but it would be too risky.

End of the adventure!
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Re: The Eye of the Sad Dragon
« Reply #2 on: September 27, 2016, 02:05:34 PM »
What a great game; thanks for sharing! 8)

A lot of fun must have been had; your (obviously hard work at) preparations certainly paid off.

And I just have to know who makes that Hans Stahlarm miniature; that cheesy grin and pose are just too hilarious! lol
Miniatures you say? Well I too, like to live dangerously...
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Re: The Eye of the Sad Dragon
« Reply #3 on: September 27, 2016, 04:57:24 PM »
That's cool and witty!

I also enjoyed reading the report of last year's adventures the post links to.

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Re: The Eye of the Sad Dragon
« Reply #4 on: September 28, 2016, 12:42:25 PM »
Great looking board.
Are the cliffs home made?
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Offline Patrice

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Re: The Eye of the Sad Dragon
« Reply #5 on: September 29, 2016, 01:13:42 PM »
Thanks guys.  :)

I just have to know who makes that Hans Stahlarm miniature; that cheesy grin and pose are just too hilarious! lol

I'll ask its owner. Most miniatures in this game are VERY OLD fantasy miniatures from different origins (except the village guards which are Front Rank historicals).

Are the cliffs home made?

Yes, they were made last year for the other game where we needed a line of "mountains" between two kingdoms:

It's layers of 4 cm thick polystyrene, sculpted with knife and cutter; then covered with this stuff (intended for walls:)

painted, and generously soaked with a wash of brown goo (used for furnitures).

I should probably add some more shades and vegetation; and removable flat hills underneath for greater height.
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Re: The Eye of the Sad Dragon
« Reply #6 on: October 03, 2016, 10:48:03 AM »
I just have to know who makes that Hans Stahlarm miniature;

Well i have this figure - I called Hans Stahlarm = Hans steelarms - for more than 20 years (or more...) and if i refer to the originally slot base, it's a Citadel creature, as well as his companion Gretchen Derweise (= clairvoyant sight, as she is wearing a lantern)  8)
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