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Author Topic: Jagannath's 28mm Rogue Trader - Noverian Constabulary and Bounty Hunters 20/3/21  (Read 18871 times)

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Re: Jagannath's 28mm Pulp/Rogue Trader - Finished Fogou Buildings! 22/8/20
« Reply #120 on: August 23, 2020, 01:10:28 PM »
Lovely work  :)



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Offline Jagannath

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Hello all, been a while since I boxed off any sci-fi.

I've been working on a new style for a while - detailed in my fantasy thread here https://leadadventureforum.com/index.php?topic=127014.msg1604391#msg1604391 but I don't bother with the gloss stage anymore.

I've also - finally - cracked pigments! I wanted dusty, martian-ish bases inspired partly by the dusty scenes in the Drifter comics. I think they've come out really nicely though now I need to work out how to take pictures of them effectively!

First up, Noverian Constabulary - enforcers and inspectors for the guild collective, they can be found inspecting shipments and harassing caravans across guild territories.

These are the Artisan designs steampunk police, with Crooked Dice heads - I'm really pleased with how they turned out. Although they ended up different I was really inspired by the mining guild guys in episode 9 of the Mandalorian, and tried to capture a bit of that vibe.

Next up, a bounty hunter  kitbashed (digitally) from the various bits I've accumulated across Anvil Industries patreon. The head is from somewhere else though, that I can't remember.

Finally a Heroforge bounty hunter checking his wrist computer for the next job. I was trying to capture a a Strontium Dog vibe with this guy, which I think worked OK. This was the first print off my newer printer and it shows - I've dialled it in now and don't get the artifacting anymore.

Anyway - getting nicely warmed up for Stargrave now!

Offline Diablo Jon

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Love the Noverian Constabulary they are brilliant.

Offline Captain Blood

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Lovely work Rory. The bounty hunter is terrific. Love the touch of the skull languishing half buried in the planetary dust.

Offline blacksoilbill

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Great stuff: the constabulary are very effective conversions.

Offline Jagannath

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Thanks gents - I’m trying to capture a bit of Pascal Blanche with the basing, plus I’ve always like the visual contrast the Mars-ish bases provide.

Plenty more to come - next is a sci fi Caravan I knocked up, and a little farmstead I want to knock up - like the spot K visits at the start of Blade Runner 2049, but sci fi-er.

Offline Ockman

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Brilliant stuff, friend!

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great additions!
In hoc signo vinces

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