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Author Topic: You can't Mesmerize me.....I'm British! Doug McClure and Peter Cushing  (Read 977 times)

Offline KD47

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Good Afternoon all,

So I've been watching old movies while in confinement.   At the Earth's Core, Land that Time Forgot, Warlords of Atlantis and such.   Those movies could fall within the VSF rubric or Pulp, so I had to flip a coin as to where to put this.    Here's where it landed.

So the Doug McClure fig is the Fortune Hunter from Crooked Dice, exhibiting excellent trigger discipline with his SMLE Mk4 rifle.  The Mk4 started its production in 1931, putting it a bit far away from Victorian times.   The professor from "At the Earth's Core" was played by Peter Cushing, and this model is from Antediluvian miniatures.   His character is pure VSF so very appropriate for this board. 

At any rate, here are the painted minis.   Have fun.

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Offline OSHIROmodels

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Lovely work  :)

Offline Sunjester

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Online gamer Mac

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Cracking Job :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*
How have you done the bases?

Offline Spinal Tap

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What fabulous painting.

Offline Grumpy Gnome

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Great sculpts, great brushwork! I.. must.. resist… new… genre…
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Offline MaleGriffin

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Your brushwork brings the Antediluvian sculpts to life! Bravo!

Offline KD47

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So here's my current basing method:

I base my figs on coins.   Pennies and nickels work well, and for the larger stuff I went down to my local coin shop and got some worthless foreign coins.   As long as the edge is smooth, they work well.   I use a dallop of green putty on top of the coin and then glue the mini into the recess that the slotta-base creates.  If the mini starts to lean over, then first push the slotta peg into the putty and pull it out.   Then let the putty set for a couple of hours and then glue it in.  Let it cure fully before you prime the mini.


Paint the mini fully.

Paint the base an olive drab color.

Flat/Seal the mini.

Glue small cork "rocks" onto the bases to taste.

Paint OD around the edge of the rocks, then dip into construction sand (handy tip - the construction/play sand is free.  Don't buy any.   I went down to my rock & ready-mix place with a cool-whip jar to "get a sample to show the wife".   I did this several years ago and still haven't run out).

Once this dries, paint a thick coat of Games Workshop Agrellan Earth technical paint on the other base surfaces.

Wait several hours for that to fully dry and crack.

Once that dries, dry-brush the Agrellan Earth in a light khaki.  Maybe give the rock tips a few dry-brushing swipes.

Glue on grass tufts to taste.

Paint the edge of the base

Give the whole mini a second coat of seal/flat.


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Offline Westfalia Chris

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Marvellous work. I quite like Antediluvian's "Dougies", but I'm always amazed by the likenesses the Crooked Dice figures manage to achieve, especially with a top-quality paintjob like yours.

And those bases are great. I wish I had thought of that for mine, that style looks very evocative of the "Earth's Core" filming sets.

Offline Commander Roj

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Cracking...literally cracking, job!

Offline The_Beast

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Well, VSF has gotten armament developments far stranger than pulling a rifle from the 30's...  lol

We appear to be quite of one mind on your lad...CRACKING!

Have you given thought to the lovely Dia? I seem to recall a lass in the same line as the good Professor.

Does anyone have something in a Mahar? Again, I think I may have seen an appropriate stylized parrot head, but could be me dreaming.

Last, is there an Iron Mole in contemplation?


Offline KD47

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Antediluvian makes a Dia miniature, but I'm waiting to see if Crooked Dice has something similar.  Caroline Munro is proof that this brave new modern age we find ourselves in doesn't have the lock on pulchritude.

If you need "not Mahars" then look at Fenris Games "Forge of Ice" Range.   They have something that would not be considered Mahars.    They also have Saleesas (not Sleestaks) if your tastes run in that direction.

Along with all sorts of barbarian Hyborian and earlier age themed stuff.

As for the Iron mole, well..... that'd be a heck of a project.   Probably need 2 models.   1 front end sticking out of the ground for a game starting point and another full model.    I'm currently working on my Post Apocalyptic stuff so this would be long-term build.   Anyone out there know of a pre-built model that'd be suitable?
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