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Author Topic: Between a lizardman and hard place: the continued adventures of "Ohio" Smith  (Read 2849 times)

Offline Burgundavia

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When we last left our brave adventurers (http://leadadventureforum.com/index.php?topic=11357), the world was looking bleak. After a shootout in the jungle while searching for the entrance to the hidden city, Ohio's girl Marion and/or Debbie was captured by the Red Lily's henchman, but not before she knocked out Lily as well. Jim "Turkey" LaCross and his henchmen, hired by Lily as muscle as Ivan Evilski was still in an American prison, managed to find the entrance but were followed in by Ohio.

Thus the scene is set on the way to the hidden city. On one map edge, we have Ohio and his faithful bulldog Buster, who miraculously found his way through the jungle to his faster. On the far side, Turkey and Lead-foot crash through the undergrowth. Both are searching for more clues on the route to the lost city. Unbeknowst to both of them, there are lizardmen in the area.

The situation devolved quickly for both sides, as the lizardmen charged after Ohio and Buster while Turkey, in search of clues, tripped over a nest of compys. The compys kept Turkey and Leadfoot busy for quite some time while Ohio showed off his marksmanship, potting two lizardmen with headshots.

Finally Turkey beat off all but one compy and continued on his way through the jungle, finally finding another marker. But while he was fighting, the lizardmen were busy, triggering three more encounter markers and finding not only their idol but another four of their tribe. Thankfully Ohio continued to shot true, his bullets finding the heads of two more lizardmen (I had three natural 1's - a headshot and one moved from torso). Unfortunately Buster was speared through the head while fending off the lizardmen from his master.

We move back to Turkey, now most of the way across the board and while exploring a small metal disk on the hill were surprised by three velociraptors. Both Turkey and Leadfoot then had a bout of insanity, imagining themselves in the jungle. Likely it was the water. Regardless, this made their running like little girls from the raptors all the more heroic.

Back to Ohio, the fight has edge perilously close to the rivers edge and after a desperate struggle with the final three lizardmen, Ohio was forced back into the river, just grabbing the edge in time, with a lizardman looming over him. Thankfully he remembered his trusty whip and after quickly holstering his pistol, snapped it out in attempt to snare the lizardman and climb up. The cruel gods of fate intervened and Ohio's whip wrapped around the lizardmans neck, popping its head off with a meaty crunch. The body toppled forward and Ohio and it tumbled into the rushing river with the body. He fought the rushing current and saved himself but lost his hat and whip. As the hat drifted down the river, it was spotted by Turkey, who assumed Ohio dead.

Game notes: We had three players today, myself with Ohio, my brother (Madpilot) with Turkey and a new guy, Lawrence, with the dinos and lizardmen. I had amazing dice luck rolling 10s when I needed them and 1s when I needed those for all those headshots.

We were supposed to run the race through the lost city, with the steamboat at the rivers edge, but given Brian forgot his coastline and my forum isn't done, we delayed until next time.

As usual, we used .45A with a bunch of the addons. If you haven't tried this system, I highly recommend it.
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Offline Doomhippie

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Go Ohio go! You don't have any photos, do you? I just love these stories and I'm always willing to steal good ideas.  ;)
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Offline Wirelizard

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I took a few photos, haven't even pulled them off the camera yet to have a look at them... I'll do that later this evening and post anything that turned out!

Offline Bako

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It seems Ohio did well, but the loss of equipment and a trusted friend would seem to create a heavy burden to bare for next round.
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Offline Wirelizard

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Some pictures, finally!

Larger Version & Notes on Flickr.
Turkey & Leadfoot vs the Compies - or "those god-damned lizards" as the two thugs dubbed them.

Larger Version & Notes on Flickr
Ohio faces down the dino-men - later they would push him back into the river with their long flint spears!

Larger Version & Notes on Flickr
Overview of the table - we used a 3x3 playing area for this one. 2x2 would probably have worked just fine, actually.


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