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Author Topic: A small summer (weekend) campaign - Campaign report page 2  (Read 8472 times)

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Re: A small summer (weekend) campaign - Building a downtown area
« Reply #15 on: July 03, 2013, 02:58:34 PM »
Once those buildings are put together properly that will look absolutely brilliant

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Re: A small summer (weekend) campaign - Building a downtown area
« Reply #16 on: July 04, 2013, 11:10:45 PM »
Once those buildings are put together properly that will look absolutely brilliant

Thanks for the remark! I'm just posting work in progress shots to keep myself motivated as well as to show how everything was made.

Just been gone for a few days to sunny Germany for a Seminar and fled back home when the weather turned  :lol:

Managed to glue a few more building sides on the foam. Only three buildings to go before I'll need to print out more. Though for filling up a 4x4 table I'm as pretty close. I might build some replacements for the warehouse sometime, but for now it's a nice filler for the downtown area.

Here are the latest pictures:

After the weekend I can hopefully start work on the public squares and mayhap some sidewalks.
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Re: A small summer (weekend) campaign - Building a downtown area
« Reply #17 on: July 07, 2013, 08:12:43 AM »
looking good.

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Re: A small summer (weekend) campaign - Building a downtown area
« Reply #18 on: July 07, 2013, 05:56:56 PM »
Filling out nicely, keep it coming!

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Re: A small summer (weekend) campaign - Building a downtown area
« Reply #19 on: July 10, 2013, 11:01:26 AM »
Another small update. I've been busy locking the buildings together and when that was done and they were placed back on the table I put down some of my older sidewalks to see how they look.

While I think that they look pretty nice, however they are not the right size... So either I cut them down to the correct size or I make a completly new set. Probably I'll just cut them down, make some more and give the entire lot another drybrush to make them a bit lighter as I think feel they are a bit on the dark side.

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Re: A small summer (weekend) campaign - Building a downtown area
« Reply #20 on: July 22, 2013, 09:32:12 PM »
For our Gorka Morka based post apoc game we planned to play a number of scenarios in which players could visit different location in an attempt to score as much loot as possible.

Sadly due to circumstances only two people managed to show up for the campaign instead of four, so we decided to switch to a more storylined campaign.

To start of each of the players could make a gang with a value of 1000 bottle caps (using restricted Gorka Morka vehicle and Necromunda gang list with a different selection of available weapons).

The first scenario was a dash toward the "looting grounds", an abandoned city in wich the radiation levels had dropped far enough that some scavenging can be done if gangs would not stay too long. Each gang was trying to find as much loot as possible, since loot that is found on brought back, can make a gang very wealthy, especially if any chocolate was found...

The gang participating were two Road Marshall gangs and one set of skirmishers. A short overview follows:
Kaleb his Road Marshalls brought a trukk and a trakk, respectivly armed with a heavy machine gun and a flamer. Next to this he brought eight men into the campaign.

My Road Mashalls entered the campaign with a trukk (Police van) armed with a heavy machine gun and two bikers with uzi's. My gang also consisted of eight men.

FreekFM his scavanger brought two trukks, one armed with a spear gun and euhm...  something more that I forgot :)

First scenario
The first scenario was a mad dash towards the city (rolling road). All three gangs participate in this scenario and the first to get over half of his gang at the far side of the table would get D6 loot counters as they arrived first and could already search for soe loot before the rest arrived.

We rolled to see who had to start in the centre, which was FreekFM his gang, after which Kaleb and me dopleyed on the sides. After having played a turn, FreekFM deployed his models and we rolled to see when he would start.

Scavangers ride straight through the middle at a very high speed. In the distance Kalebs trukk can be seen.

My Road Marshalls also went at a high speed, via the flank.

By making some turns, I had FreekFMs trukk in my visor and managed to slow it down severly after some nice shots with my heavy machine gun

The Trukk with the spear gun was trying to avenge the damage wrough upon him, but the biker got away and my entire gang sped of the table faster than the other gangs, ending with a victory for me and claiming two pieces of loot.

2nd scenario

The second scenario was in a suburban area. the outskirts of the big town, where Kaleb and my gangs fought it out in the hope of claiming some of the six pieces of loot that culd be found.

Kalebs forces deploy on one side of the suburbs.

It's so quiet in the suburbs that one can envision tuble weed blowing to the streets

On the other side suburb my gangs deployed out of sight.

Both gang had some gang members scrambling around the buildings to find loot, while both vehicles went over the main road heavily shooting at each other without doing any damage at all except for jamming Kalebs heavy machine gun for a turn. Putting the pedal to the medal, my van went high speed for Kaleb's trukk in the hope of doing quite some damage. The resulting carnage after some swerves was clear...

Heavily damaged, my van lay smoking on the ground.

Kaleb has his flamer and heavy machine gun (which is not jammed anymore) aimed on my last few survivors. I try for one more turn to rescue my road marshalls, but only get more caualties and bottle out the next turn, even dropping all the loot I have managed to secure, so Kaleb his road marshals gained six pieces of loot.

Offline Braxandur

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Re: A small summer (weekend) campaign - Building a downtown area
« Reply #21 on: July 22, 2013, 09:33:51 PM »
In the third and fourth scenario the gang were fighting an collecting loot in the downtown area of the city.

Kaleb his road marshals met FreekFM his scavengers.

From one side the savages their truck enters a small alley.

A larger truck goes via the main road.

The flamer armed track of the road marshalls has a clear view and waits for a nice opportunity, while gangers start searching for loot on foot.

The big truck of the road marshals in the meanwhile went full throttle trough the city

Can you spot the T-Rex? weird things seem to be going on in this town...

It looks like Godzilla goes for some easy lunch.

The shadowplay by the road marshals does not scare the scavenger  and he shoots straight at the barrel of the heavy machine gun, disabling it and killing the very experienced (and scary) gunner.

Meanwhile the flamer is letting spewing a lot of juice over the scavengers.

More gangers come to the rescue and the road marshals are scared of, leaving 4 pieces of loot for the scavengers.

In the fourth scenario I was a participant and it was warm and getting late, which led to me completly forgetting taking pictures :p
FreekFM his scavengers lost the fight against my marshals, with him ending up with two pieces of loot an me with four.

The road home

In the last scenario the gang were trying to get back home. Each of them had to bring it's loot to the far side of a rolling road table. The loot had to be stashed on vehicles could as such again be lost. The gang had six, six and eight loot counters, so in this battle one could lose or win everything.

The same rules for deployment were used as in the first scenario however, this time the only goal for the gangs was to bring as much loot home as possible.

From far of it can be seen that Kaleb his marshals deploy in the centre, with FreekFM on one flank.

My Roadmarshals start on the other side, with all my loot on one bike, which makes a run for it.

The other two gangs don't want to drive to fast because they can than easily become targets.

Once the "rolling road" starts FreekFM decides to make run for it, while Kaleb his trak armed with the flamer goes in hot pursuit

On the other side my truck and bike try to damage the truck of Kaleb in the hope of obtaining some of his loot, but the truck is barely damaged.

In the background the city can still be seen.

The scavenger truck with spear gun get hit pretty hard by the heavy machine gun and spins out of control, while the truck is set ablaze by the flamer (it's still not sure if this is due to any non sanction smoking behavour by the trucks driver.

The truck sees an opening and goes for it.

Thetruck however is being tailed by a bike with a twin linked uzi and a passener armed with grenades. The bike fails a thrust and collides with the truck. as a result the grenades is not thrown properly, but drops next to the bike, luckily without doing any damage.

The immobile truck aims it's spear gun at the track.

In the meanwhile all loot has been transfer onto the truck of the scavengers and makign a run for it.

The spear gun does some nice damage on the track, while another road mashal van is taking aim with it's heavy machine gun.

The Marshal biker fails to damage the truck at all and it drives of towards home, unstopable by all who tried.

In the end all the truck manage to drive from the table at the far end without any change in ownership in the loot, leaving Kaleb the winner with eight pieces of loot and FreekFm an me a joint second (or last) place with six pieces of loot.

We had a lot of fun and I hope to play many more of such mini cmapaigns in the coming years :)


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