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Author Topic: Saxon Warlords for Saga/Valhalla  (Read 1442 times)

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Saxon Warlords for Saga/Valhalla
« on: November 30, 2014, 12:23:09 PM »
This is the last of the Anglo Danes/Saxons for a while until I get around to assembling and painting the additions units for them but next coming up is someone to fight them. So here are my Warlords for my force, actually I have done two warlords and both are from Gripping Beast. The first one is from the Plastic Saxon Thegns boxset, strangely enough, as are most of the figures that I have used for my Saxon force.

He is one of the two leaders that come with the boxset and I have gone the traditonal leader look with sword in hand, shout encouragement, leading from the front. I have again gone for a bright palette with him, giving him a red tunic and toning this down a bit by having his cloak painted blue and a light blue trim.

Again I have used Little Big Men Studios transfers for the shield and used a red one to match his tunic to unify the look. Also I have given him a more ornate helmet with gold trim and inlays just to pick him out as someone of important and wealth.

I see him as a traditional leader and have go for that more 7th/8th century look of a Saxon warlord rather than a 10th/11th century one that would be fighter the Normans. But saying that he is rather generic so he could be used for that two.

The other Warlord that I have painted is again as I have stated before from Gripping Beast, but this time it is actually one of their metal figures and it is the King Penda, The Last Pagan King set with Penda, his shield bearer and bannerman.

Firstly I have to say I really nice this figure of Penda as there is something very striking about him. Also I like his shield bearer too but the bannermen is the weakest if the three and even then is a good model but it is just me and I think it could of been better.

So back to King Penda, now I know there are no special rules for him, like some other Kings and Heroes in Saga but really I don't mind or care as I simply like the model. As a King I went for more unusual colours and the bluey/green I used to the tunic just shouted out at me to use it. It is a nice colour, bright but overly bright adding a large trim in red and gold set him out from the average run of the mill leaders and heroes. I have also gone for a purple cloak, as is fitting for a King and the helmet is heavily trimmed in gold too. I like the way he is step of a fallen warrior and carrying two severed heads as I think it finishes off the look.

Now to his shield bearer, or bodyguard. Again I really like this figure too as there is something about the way he is standing and the helmet with the mail hanging from it that makes this figure different. I have again gone for a bright colour for his tunic and given him a brighter trim, as is fitting for the King's bodyguard, but is simply in design. But I have put a lot of gold trim on the helmet to make the helmet stand out from the mail shirt and to mark him out as a man of importances. Again I have used a Little Big Men Studio's transfer for the shield, which I think works well.

Now for King Penda's Bannerman. Now before anyone says anything, yes I know it is a Christian banner and not a Pagan one but it was the only one I have and I like it. Also it means I can use this as my force Standard Bearer whichever force I want to go with, Anglo Saxon or Anglo Danes. I have go for a more plainer look for him, but have added more trim to both his tunics and his undergarment too.The banner is again from LBMS and it is a lovely design adding both colour and presence to him and set him off.

For the keen eyed amongst you, you will have noticed that there are now two Viking A frame tents in the background as I have finished the second one. These tents are from WarBases and are cracking bit of kit. I will try and get a better picture of them when I do the Vikings.

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Re: Saxon Warlords for Saga/Valhalla
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2014, 01:38:25 PM »
Very nice paint job on the figures,the bodyguard does look like a tough nut,I think the standard bearer is good too. :)


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