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Author Topic: Stormcloud Attack - an incomplete review  (Read 1373 times)

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Stormcloud Attack - an incomplete review
« on: July 10, 2016, 11:02:38 AM »
This is not a discussion on GW, but a partial review (I have not played it yet) of the 40K flyers game published recently by GW.

The price is reasonable for getting two fliers and the rules. Some 40K models are not as over the top as AoS ones, and I have to admit I always had a fancy for the Chaos Heldrake, so I went ahead and bought this. The discount offered by suppliers (e.g. Wayland) and the £/€ exchange rate at present helped.

You are of course limited to the models found in the box, but you can pick one of a number of paired opponents. As I wanted the Heldrake, I was stuck with the SM Stormtalon - I already own one of these, which I am modifying as it's just too stubby. I could team the two up, although that means converting my newly acquired one as well; but I'm thinking of converting it to an Orky fighter instead, although I'd still probably stick to the rules for the marine Stormtalon.

The models are standard, but you also get a combined decals sheet for the pair with loads of interesting elements, including campaign and kill markings.

You get instructions for assembly, a small set of dice, measuring rules inside the box cover (in case you don't own a tape....! - still, no harm in that) and a surprise - the rules booklet, unlike that of the titans game (a leaflet), is a nice landscape format 82-page one, specific to the 'Faith and Heresy' set I chose, but covering all game rules.

The fluff is not as over the top as one could fear, and is limited to around 10 pages, including art. The next several pages are also fluffy, but I am not dismayed at their inclusion, because after some WD style pics of the model comes a long series of model aeroplane style not quite 3-views showing a wide range of schemes for several chapters and chaossy flavours, not to mention squadron leader and ace markings - quite nice actually, which is not a bad thing seeing there are some 20 pages of this!

The rules come next - these are,I suspect, common to all boxes, although the diagrams do show the flyers included in my set. 14 pages in all. I have to confess I have not read through these yet, but they include the stuff you'd expect, including movement, attacks, flying manoeuvres (with some nicely done black and white sketches of the flers over red movement arrows - attractive, not sure if they're useful; but at least now I know that 40K flyers are sufficiently advanced to carry out manoeuvres which were originally used by WWI biplanes  :D), templates used for the flyers etc.

Then come the scenario pages, 12 pages, including 6 for 2 models (i.e. one per side, as in the set) and 6 for >2 models.
Another 4 scenarios (two for the boxed set, two for more models) are specific to the Faith and Heresy set, it seems.

Four pages are dedicated to campaigns and include pilot experience, as well as faction traits (the SMs get 4 + Grey Knights, the rest have to be happy with one each, oh well....).
Vehicle rules follow, including the Stormtalon and the Heldrake (well, d'oh...) as well as the SM Stormhawk and Stormraven.
Chaos players have to be content with the Heldrake alone. It appears (I know, lots to check, but I DID warn it's an incomplete review) that there is more stuff online, including other flyer rules and individual pilots too.

An appendix for ground attack is included, and the book ends with a pilot record sheet and a summary. A loose sheet summary is also provided.

No table size is indicated - a dining table or floor are recommended ;D

That's it, at least for now.


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